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Extending Your Enterprise with Office 365 and Mimecast


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Extending Your Enterprise with Office 365 and Mimecast

  1. 1. Agenda: • Breakfast & Introductions – 10:00 to 10:30am • Extending The Enterprise With Office 365 – 10:30 to 11:00am • Moving Email To The Cloud… Not If, When! – 11:00 to 11:30am • Q&A Lunch – 11:30 to 12:30pm
  2. 2. WHERE WE WANT TO BE ISN’T WHERE WE ARE TODAY… We all aspire help our organizations achieve more meaningful results
  3. 3. The World Has Gone Mad – For Devices 2005 2013
  4. 4. Office 365 - What is it? Latest productivity services running in Microsoft’s cloud
  5. 5. Office apps on any device Seamlessly switch devices and keep the rich experience using Office Mobile, Office Online, Office for iPad Create professional output even without your own machine, using any browser Get your personalized Office experience on all your devices with Office 365 ProPlus Be instantly productive in a new location by streaming Office to any Internet-connected PC Full, rich Office experience, even offline with Office 365 ProPlus Excel 2013 for PC Office Mobile Office for iPad Office Online
  6. 6. Cloud storing & sharing Enable employees to work remotely, with easy access to documents, reports, policies from virtually any device Avoid delays by ensuring everyone is working on the most current documents on their PC, tablet, or phone OneDrive for Business Enable employees to catch up on mail or use Office even when offline, on their tablet, laptop, or phone Share business files selectively and securely with colleagues, suppliers, and customers Familiar consumer experience makes it easy to use OneDrive for Business app for iOS OneDrive for Business via browser
  7. 7. Social workplace Improve responsiveness by allowing employees to quickly find experts and expertise Extend collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners using a dedicated online workspace Increase executive-employee connect to listen, and drive change using social intranets Create peer and mentor networks for employees to nurture career development Social intranet with SharePoint and Yammer Yammer people card
  8. 8. Accelerate innovation by bringing together the right people from multiple locations Meet virtually face-to-face more frequently with customers and partners without the travel costs Lync HD Video Conferencing on PPI Quickly set up or join conference calls from your Windows, Android or iOS device Add attendees or presenters on the fly with integrated presence Lync Meeting, multiparty conversations
  9. 9. Work in real-time with colleagues to finish a report, sales presentation, or financial plan Accelerate an RFP response by distributing sections to topic experts wherever they are located Stay informed with Exchange alerts and notifications pushed to your device Continue an ongoing conversation with team members or get help, even when you’re traveling OWA for iOS, push notifications Lync Mobile Office for iPad, co-authoring
  10. 10. Office 365 ProPlus Deploy Office fast without giving up control
  11. 11. Customize user notification as well as internal audit reporting For a single data type, create multiple rules based on recipient Integrated compliance experience
  12. 12. "The robust security and reliability that Microsoft was providing with Office 365 was essential—we would not have agreed to a hosted solution without making sure that the State’s data would be secure.” Tarek Tomes, Assistant Commissioner (OET), State of Minnesota
  13. 13. Fast and fluid experience with touch, pen, mouse & keyboard Immersive touch-optimized Windows 8 apps Support for Windows phone, iOS & Android phones Office - on demand, roaming & up-to-date New cloud app development model Enterprise-grade reliability and standards DLP, data retention & unified eDiscovery Reimagined deployment model for Office apps Common management experience across Office 365 Extend Out Of The Office Newsfeeds & microblogging, extend with Yammer Pervasive social capabilities across Office Multiparty HD video & Skype federation Extend Inside & Outside Of Your Organization Extend In A Responsible & Controlled Way Extend At Your Own Pace
  14. 14. 23 Moving Email to the Cloud….. …..Not if, but when!! Steve McKenzie VP Strategic Account +1 781 790 3660
  15. 15. Last time I checked … this was a cloud
  16. 16. Cloud?  SaaS – Software as a Service  PaaS – Platform as a Service  IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service  ….and good ol’ fashioned Managed Services Let’s cut the Marketing Speak
  17. 17. No one set out to design this…. it evolved
  18. 18.  High Availability (HA) / Continuity  Security  Encryption  Data Leak Prevention  Archiving  Backup  Large File Transfer  Stationery  Mobile Access As a result ‘Email’ is more than mail boxes
  19. 19. SAN Inbound Mail Outbound Mail Email File Shares My Documents The Internet
  20. 20. Why? Email is Human Generated Data (HGD)  Contains some of your most PRECIOUS records  It is a CORPORATE MEMORY  That has to SECURED and PRESERVED  Must be made AVAILABLE  Value adding ANALYTICS is coming
  21. 21. Market Analysis (Microsoft) Exchange Mailboxes 2013 On-Premise Cloud-Based 85% On Premise 15% Office 365 / Hosted • Hosted or Office 365
  22. 22. Your options … plus 50% of large enterprises will adopt hybrid cloud by 2017 Gartner - Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Is Next
  23. 23. Current thinking ©2014 Osterman Research, Inc
  24. 24. But change is coming Office 365 Mailboxes 20?? On-Premise Cloud-Based 85% Office 365 15% on Premise • Office 365
  25. 25. Are you tethered to your LAN?  With on premise point solution investments Are you  Struggling with data residency concerns?  Managing complex environments?  Thinking about large data migrations, both to and from?  Worried about security (new targeted threats)?  Concerned about archiving (legal hold and e-discovery)?  Risk Management considerations (BCP and Backup)? If you are a believer …
  26. 26.  High Availability (HA) / Continuity  Backup  Security  Encryption  Data Leak Prevention  Archiving  Large File Transfer  Stationery  Mobile Access Because in ‘the Cloud’ our obligations don’t change
  27. 27.  Legacy Data migration  Interactive backup / archive with residency guarantees (Email, File and Lync)  High Availability (RTO & RPO = 0)  Layered Security – targeted threat protection  DLP and policy enforcement  Large file send and receive with DLP  Encrypted message delivery (user to user encryption)  Mobile (HA and archive access) Mimecast – Office 365 supplement
  28. 28. SAN Inbound Mail Outbound Mail Email File Shares My Documents The Internet
  29. 29. SAN Inbound Mail Outbound Mail or • Secure Email Gateway  Email Security  Email Encryption  Data Leak Prevention  Large File Send • Enterprise Information Archiving  Complaint data store • Email Continuity / HA  RTO & RPO = 0
  30. 30. SAN Inbound Mail Outbound Mail Email File Shares My Documents Inbound Mail Outbound Mail Without Mimecast With Mimecast • Secure Email Gateway  Email Security  Email Encryption  Data Leak Prevention  Large File Send • Enterprise Information Archiving  Complaint data store • Email Continuity / HA  RTO & RPO = 0
  31. 31. High Street Retailer 4,000 users Mimecast chosen for vendor optionality, PCI compliance (Journal Archive), migration and ongoing BCP Auctioneer 1,000 users Mimecast chosen for PCI compliance (Journal Archive), migration, and ongoing BCP Waste Management Company 4,000 users Mimecast chosen to assist with migration to Office 365 by consolidating multiple data sources & BCP UK Construction Company 700 users Mimecast chosen to run alongside Office 365 E3 – wanted compliant archive with litigation readiness and ease of access Natural Language Generation Software Vendor – 100 users Customer wanted consolidation and centralisation of global email data making it easier to port to Office 365 Market Research Company 17,000 users Mimecast chosen for BCP and compliance. Roadside Assistance Customer 360 users Mimecast chosen to consolidate two environments (company merger). Ease of policy management, long term storage and BCP BI Software Vendor 1,600 users Mimecast chosen for migration and BCP. This accelerated move to Office 365 and replaced Silversky for Gateway services Engineering Company 27,000 users Mimecast chosen for real time archiving including journal, ability to send large files, address alteration and stationary to assist with mergers and acquisitions. Recent Mimecast wins on Office 365
  32. 32. Mimecast “The safest and most useful place to store your human generated data” Thank you