Understanding Social Collaboration in Office 365


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Originally presented at #WPC15 in Orlando on 7-13-2015

Since the acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft has taken a leadership position in the social collaboration space. Powered by Office Graph to help connect people, knowledge assets, and collaboration activities is helping businesses to be more productive and drive innovation. In this session, we’ll walk through the social collaboration capabilities available on the Office 365 platform and demonstrate how these capabilities can impact the bottom line of your team, your partners, and your customers.

Learning Objectives:
• Overview of the social collaboration features within Office 365
• Understand how the various features work alone, and together
• Which capabilities are available through each version of Office 365

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Understanding Social Collaboration in Office 365

  1. 1. All collaboration is social.
  2. 2. Content and signals across Office 365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams. Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW
  3. 3. Personalized search results and content curation made possible through Office Graph. Find what is relevant more quickly and easily, and organize it your way.
  4. 4. Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond. Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications
  5. 5. Extends social collaboration to Office 365, Dynamics, and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems. Enables you to participate in social conversations from the tools of your choice
  6. 6. Provides a social newsfeed for teams, and a quick and easy platform for creating internal and external communities Unlocks information silos from email and team sites, democratizes communication
  7. 7. • • • • • • •
  8. 8. Customer testimonials sharing success stories with Enterprise Social Tailored guidance for line-of-business leads: Executives, HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support Educational content on the business value and benefits of Enterprise Social www.enterprisesocial.com Learn how social software can help your business
  9. 9. Scenarios inspire people to work in new ways using Office 365, along with related communication kits to support adoption. A four-step approach to drive adoption supported by downloadable templates and best practices. Featured adoption communities where you can learn from your peers and adoption experts. Helpful resources to learn about other customer stories and special offers to make it easier to get started.
  10. 10. Christian Buckley Chief Marketing Officer and Office 365 MVP cbuck@beezy.net @buckleyplanet /IN/ChristianBuckley Thank you!