Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at PowerPoint 2013 New Features - by Denver IT Consulting Company


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Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at PowerPoint 2013 New Features - Presented by your Denver IT Support Specialists and Technology Consultants at North Star, Inc.


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Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at PowerPoint 2013 New Features - by Denver IT Consulting Company

  1. 1. Microsoft Office 2013Looking at PowerPoint2013 New Features
  2. 2. DENVER IT SUPPORT SPECIALISTSN O R T H S T A R , I N C .Helping your Organization to beMore ProductiveNORTH STAR, INC.Presented byLooking at PowerPoint2013 New Features
  3. 3. As we mentioned in a previous presentationabout Office 2013, Microsoft has moved thevenerable productivity suite into the cloud.
  4. 4. They have also made significant upgrades andimprovements to each of the Office components for whichthey are justifiably admired.
  5. 5. In this presentation wewill look at the changesmade to PowerPoint for2013.
  6. 6. Are you ready to impress,collaborate, and make morepowerful presentations?
  7. 7. PowerPoint 2013 has new tools to help you do thesethings and more.
  8. 8. With new wide-screen themes andvariations, as well as video integration,enhanced imaging and new shapes, youwill be able to create custompresentations that will knock the sox off ofthe competition
  9. 9. Wait, whatcompetition?
  10. 10. Start Screen
  11. 11. The new Start Screen is a Smart Screen,helping you to jump-start the creative processwith a collection of new themes; includingwide-screen themes.
  12. 12. Theme Variants
  13. 13. Now you can choosevariations on your themes withalternative color schemes andshapes, then apply the lookyou like with a single click.
  14. 14. AlignmentGuides
  15. 15. Makes your touch a designer’s touch by aligning shapes,text boxes, and other graphics with text.
  16. 16. Merge Shapes
  17. 17. An ImprovedPresenter View
  18. 18. Will help you stay organized and focused onyour presentation, while keeping youraudience engaged.
  19. 19. Slide Zoom
  20. 20. Allows you to focus the attention of your audienceexactly where you want it by zooming in on adiagram, chart, or graphic with a couple of clicks,and then back zoom out just as smoothly.
  21. 21. Navigation Grid
  22. 22. Allows you to easily change slides – insequence or out – from a grid that only yousee.
  23. 23. Your audience will see only what you’veselected for them to see.
  24. 24. ImprovedCollaboration
  25. 25. With new tools that make iteasier to work with others onthe same presentation at thesame time on different PCs.
  26. 26. What if your collaboratordoesn’t have PowerPoint?
  27. 27. Not a problem. Just project your presentationright to their browser.
  28. 28. Reply Comment
  29. 29. Allows you to place and track comments nextto the text you’re discussing so everyone canreadily see who replied to whom, and when.
  30. 30. SimplifiedSharing
  31. 31. Allows you to save your presentations online to SkyDriveor SharePoint by default with an active internet connection.
  32. 32. This enables everyone withediting and viewingpermissions to see the latestversion through a single link tothe same file.
  33. 33. PowerPoint WebApp Coauthoring
  34. 34. You and your team can work together on the samepresentation at the same time from the desktop orin the browser with the PowerPoint Web App, withan active internet connection.
  35. 35. To discover more about Office 2013,check out ourarticle series at
  36. 36. Please feel free to contact us for your network analysis.THANK YOU!Looking forward to our future collaboration!N O R T H S T A R , I N C .303-552-0018 // www.nssit.comWe invite you to connect with us on:Facebook // Twitter // Google PlusProviding Network Design, Implementation, andSupport for Denver Small Businesses Denver IT Support and Consulting VoIP Business Phone Solutions Managed Services and On-site Support Web Conferencing SolutionsPresentation Designed by Andrea Kalli