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Change republic presentation


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Online platform for social change to connect NGO's with corporate CSR's.
Check out the video here:

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Change republic presentation

  1. 1. A Better World Together! By – Yash Sharma Founder
  2. 2. Contents• What is Change Republic (CR)?• What is it in for Me?• So what do I have to do?• Demo• Success Stories• Some Statistics
  3. 3. What is Change Republic (CR)?• Online Platform for social change
  4. 4. What is Change Republic (CR)?• How do we do that? 1. Provide visibility to Initiatives. 3. Connect those who have resources to those who need them.
  5. 5. What is Change Republic (CR)?• Once you start an initiative, you can : – Connect with like-minded people & organizations – Discuss online the issues at hand – Go on ground and make things happen – Post updates of the impact you make• Promote your initiatives: – Create your followers, reach out to people – On Social Media - FB, Twitter, etc.
  6. 6. What is it in for Me?• We are tying up with Corporates CSRs! – Many companies are joining the myCSR initiative from ChangeRepublic – Companies will install Widgets, create newsletters to define their CSR through ChangeRepublic• These companies are going to: – Define their CSRs through your initiatives – Start new CSR initiatives
  7. 7. What is it in for Me?• Your initiatives will be shown to their employees• Initiatives will be listed on – – Coporates websites or intranets – Newsletters that these companies will receive.• CSRs will connect to you and join your initiatives!
  8. 8. So what do I have to do?• Its simple…• Log on to• Register an NGO Account. Its Free!• Post your initiativesNote : CSRs will start accessing CR from 1st June 2012
  9. 9. DemoStep 1 : Log on to www.changerepublic.comStep 2 : Register an NGO Account. Its Free!Step 3 : Post your initiatives
  10. 10. Success Stories• Naach, Dance Academy and Mithi Software – Over 3 car full loads of clothes donated. – Toys for Orphanage in Lonavala – Books and Stationary for a ZP School in Lonavala
  11. 11. Success Stories• Mithi Software – Donated 3 computers to ZP School• Mayank Verma – Collected and donated of over 250 Engineering books to Friends of Children
  12. 12. Success Stories Toys for Orphanage in Lonavala
  13. 13. Success Stories ZP School in Lonavala
  14. 14. Success Stories Mithi Employees Donating Computers
  15. 15. Success Stories Books and Stationary Donated to ZP School
  16. 16. Some Statisctics• Over 1850 users• 256 NGOs• 9 Corporates• Over 700 initiatives listed!
  17. 17. Last Slide :)• Thank you!• Would love to hear from you! – Yash Sharma – Email : – Phone : 9823046263 –