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Social Media Presentation as Seen at 2012 Convention


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Facilitating Sertoma's Second Century of Service with the use of social media, as presented by Paul Weber and Laura Lake at the 2012 Convention. videos in the presentation are embedded after the actual video slide.

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Social Media Presentation as Seen at 2012 Convention

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FACILITATING SERTOMA’S SECOND CENTURY OF SERVICEPresented by EAG Advertising & Marketing for the 2012 Convention April 28 / Kansas City, Missouri
  7. 7. A POLL:
  8. 8. MEET EAG
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 (or should we say, Social Media 1-Billion?)2.4 Billion: Social Networking Accounts Worldwide800+ Million: Facebook users (recently reached)225 Million: Twitter users70 Million: Wordpress Blogs1 Trillion: YouTube Video Playbacks100 Million: Linkedin users14 Million: Instagram Accounts Created We Hit A Billion!
  10. 10. ARE NUMBERS ALONE IMPORTANT? Not necessarily, but it’s reason for pause and consideration.Can Social Media enhance your mission, increase membership and enhance your fundraising? Absolutely!
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA:WHAT WE HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH TODAY• Introduce three new popular social media tools and review the tried and true.• Ask you to open your minds about possible uses for your club.• Show you new ideas and better ways.• Leave you with best-practices.• Challenge you to take it to the next level.
  12. 12. THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION:DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT… Video can be found here:
  13. 13. OVERWHELMED? LET’S BREAK IT DOWN. Where does social media fit within your club’s communications plans?
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES• Promote the good work of Sertoma• Educate the public on hearing health• Communicate with your constituents• Drive new members• Solicit donations and gifts• Enhance your Service to Mankind – And according to the numbers, Mankind is online.
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGES WHO IS DOING THE TALKING• Trust in advertising has eroded• Old school – organizations & companies doing the talking• New school – everyone is talking about you• Good, bad and otherwise• To achieve your communications objectives you must be part of the dialogue
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA CREATES A PLACE TO ENGAGE AND INSPIRE OTHERS TO TAKE ACTION…• Epic Change used Twitter to raise over $11,000 in just 48 hours to help build a classroom in Tanzania.• Charity: Water raised over $250,000 from 10,000 new donors through the groundbreaking Twestival event. They are also one of the few organizations that have raised over $100,000 via their Facebook Cause Page.• The American Red Cross established a mobile giving program within hours of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti and raised an astounding $32 million dollars.
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN TAKE AN OLD STORY AND FRESHEN IT UPRemember the Old Spice guy? Video can be found here:
  18. 18. AND REACH A NEW AUDIENCE… Video can be found here:
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN TAKE AN OLD STORY AND FRESHEN IT UP• Original Old Spice video launched in February 2010 – 19 Million Viewers• Sesame Street spoof video launched in October 2010 – 9 Million Viewers
  20. 20. SOCIAL WORKS FOR SESAME STREET…Formula: Education + Fun x Silly2• 41 year old organization• Over 600k Twitter followers• Over 200k YouTube subscribers• 495,000 Facebook fans
  21. 21. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM SESAME STREET? • Devoted fans of forty years • Great, high quality content both online and offline • A diverse and evolving audience • Embracing new technology and growing with their followers The secret: Taking past assets, knowledge and passion and bringing it to a new age. What works for them, can work for Sertoma!
  22. 22. LET’S LOOK AT THE COMPONENTS OF GOOD COMMUNICATIONS (through all channels) with your members, constituents, community• Communicate frequently• Let them find more information if they want• Give recipients choice: online, offline, paper newsletters, etc• Be honest, engaging, visual, compelling, inclusive & interactive
  23. 23. NOW, THE COMPONENTS OF GOOD SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS• Communicate frequently• Let them find more information if they want• Give recipients choice• Be honest, engaging, visual, compelling, inclusive & interactive – Yes, it’s exactly the same as it always was – It’s just at a faster pace with more people involved
  24. 24. GET PAST THE NOISESocial Media networks can benoisy. Know how to improveyour signal-to-noise ratio.2.Be remarkable to thecommunity – boring is notallowed3.Timing – Know when yourfollowers are online4.Keep your signal on messageand relevant
  25. 25. WE KNOW THE BASICS…• Start with your website – content is king, without content there is not much to share.• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn work.• Build community. Ask people to get involved, join or donate.
  26. 26. WHERE YOU WERE TWO YEARS AGO.. From 6 followers to over 1600!
  28. 28. FLOURISHING ON FACEBOOK Over 1300 Fans!!!
  29. 29. SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE: FOR YOUR CLUB• Respect all contributors and voices• Don’t control, manipulate or censor (with exceptions)• Be honest, open and sincere• Don’t oversell, just tell and show the good work you do
  30. 30. STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2012• Social media networking is the #1 online activity today.• 84% of survey participants stated their organization is using some form of social media.• 73% of the respondents said social media is “Very” or “Somewhat Important” to their organization’s overall mission and strategy.
  31. 31. TOP MULTIMEDIA SITES IN 2011-2012
  32. 32. TOP SOCIAL MEDIA SITES 2011-2012
  33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Goals and Objectives
  34. 34. MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS How do organizations measure social media success?Tip: While counting is a good way to get started, ultimately it is how you engage and transition loose social connections into supporters or donors that counts.
  36. 36. NEW SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS LAUNCH EVERY DAYIn 2010 it was reported there were anestimated 4000 social media networks.Where do you put your time and energy?•Focus on the top five platforms that havebeen identified. Facebook Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google.•If there is time left and you want to takesocial media to the next level – experimentwith Pinterest and Instagram.
  37. 37. USE MULTIMEDIA SHARING SITES TO TELL THE STORY• Increase the reach of your organization by using multimedia to tell stories.• Posting stories enables others to share, tag and talk about the organization online.
  38. 38. HOW ONE CITY TOLD THEIR STORYNewsweek picked up a story writtenon titled the Top 10Dying Cities and one of those citieslisted was Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  39. 39. RESIDENTS TOOK TO THE STREET TO TELL THEIR STORYThey wanted people to know that their town was flourishing.Roger Ebert called it the “greatest music video ever made.”Video can be found here:
  40. 40. THE RESULTS…• Video went viral reaching 4.2 million views.• Made it to the top 10 most viewed video list on 5/28/2011.• Received huge coverage across traditional media outlets and blogs, greatly increasing their message and reach.• Media impressions roughly estimated at 15 million. Estimated Average CPM of $20, they received $300,000 in media coverage from their $40,000 investment.
  41. 41. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THIS?• Reach and exposure in social media can be achieved with much less investment than traditional media or internet display ads.• Creative and entertaining executions are in demand by consumers and will be rewarded by being shared within the social sphere.• Community outreach can be powerful; there are masses of proud citizens who are willing to contribute for a town, organization, or an industry.
  42. 42. TAKING SOCIAL TO THE NEXT LEVEL• We’re just at the beginning of seeing how social media is impacting how non-profits engage with their supporters and do their work.• As more and more non-profits adopt social media and their practice improves over time, we will no doubt continue see a transformation of the non-profit sector.
  43. 43. PLATFORMS TO PAY ATTENTION TO• Google+• Pinterest• Instagram
  44. 44. WHAT IS GOOGLE +• Google+ is a social network created by Google.• Google+ offers nonprofit organizations many features that won’t find in Facebook and Twitter including.• Google+ is the fastest growing social network with over 90+ million users.
  45. 45. 4 WAYS NONPROFITS CAN USE GOOGLE+•Host Hangouts – (Google+’s video conferencing feature)Hosting a hangout with a key player in the organization or acelebrity will not only create excitement, but your supporters willlove the individual attention.
  46. 46. 4 WAYS NONPROFITS CAN USE GOOGLE+1. Cater to CirclesThink of circles like buckets - they are a great way to target key messengers, rather than bombard non-interested parties. Try organizing circles unique interests, geographical location or even donation history.
  47. 47. 4 WAYS NONPROFITS CAN USE GOOGLE+• Huddle or Hangout with CoworkersHuddle is like a project management tool, that you can access via your smartphone. Think of it as easy conferencing. It connects groups of people via text-based chat. Have a brilliant idea to share? You can share updates with a group by name, email address or circle using the group texting feature of Google+’s iPhone app. Your huddle history is stored in the app, making it easy to connect with your team.
  48. 48. 4 WAYS NONPROFITS CAN USE GOOGLE+• Unite Volunteers in HuddlePicture this, you are putting on an event. You need to streamline communication.Add the names of everyone who has signed up to a “circle” and let the messaging begin.Think EASE and SPEED!
  49. 49. PINTERESTWhat is Pinterest?Think of Pinterest like an online scrapbook.Demographic? 25-44 Year old women –But GROWING!Why Use it? Pinterest generates traffic toyour website because pins link back to theiroriginal source.11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors
  50. 50. PINTERESTHow Can You Use It?Create Pinboards with a specific purpose in mind. All you needare photos and videos. Think campaigns, events, highlightingvolunteers or donors.Pin images that capture the lifestyle and essence of yourorganization while building a community of potential donorsand volunteers who share the same interests.Nonprofits and cause-related organizations can be easilyshared if their story can easily be told through images. It’sabout the stories behind the organization and Pinterestmakes sharing those stories through images easy.
  52. 52. INSTAGRAMInstagram is a free photo sharing program launched in October 2010 thatallows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share iton a variety of social networking services, including Instagrams own.Over 14 million users!Over 150 million photos have been uploaded in total, on average 15 persecond.
  53. 53. WHY USE INSTAGRAM?• Brand Identity - Share what is visually happening behind the organizations walls and on the grounds of your operation.• Connectivity - Fans, users, customers, supporters feel as though they are connected on a personal level to the non-profits that they follow.• Awareness – Utilize Instagram to create awareness of your platform by posting photos of ground operations, events, contests, and office operations.• Advertising -  Advertise by posting photos of new products, campaigns, and exclusive contests that they want to create excitement around.
  55. 55. TAKING SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE NEXT LEVEL MEANS…Think of it this way:People come to social networks to connect with other people.While each non-profit has a unique voice, it’s really all of you— the individuals behind the logo and mission statement —who are the heart and soul of your non-profit.Be willing to share your stories and thestories of those you help. Social media isreally about connecting!
  56. 56. THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TODAY• Paul & Laura can answer specific questions after the second break-out session.• Enjoy Kansas City! 2120 Washington Kansas City, Missouri 64108 816.842.0100