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3. Gokul Prakalp Pratishthan(Konkan Corridor Project)


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3. Gokul Prakalp Pratishthan(Konkan Corridor Project)

  1. 1. Konkan Corridor Project Total Rural Transformation by inclusive integrated development with no change of land ownerships Vasant Gangawane, ( IITB 1965, IIMC 1967 , Wharton USA 1968-1972) Social Work in India since 1972 Gokul Prakalp Pratishthan Panhale(Talluka Lanja) District RatnagiriAshok Saraf (IIT B 1973),Trustee and founder DirectorScience & Technology Park, University of PuneScience & Technology Support for skills development and growth of micro enterprisesPune, India Konkan Corridor Project
  2. 2. Konkan Corridor Project Total Rural Transformation by inclusive integrated developmentProject location :Kokan , Maharashtra, IndiaRatnagiri and Sindhudurga DistrictsScope:117 Village clusters RatnagiriInclusive no change of land ownerships Sindhudurga Konkan Corridor Project
  3. 3. What is a village cluster?Area: Approx 15,000 hectares i.e. 10x15 kmPopulation: ~ 5000 familiesGeographically, a cluster shares a water shed.Administratively, in each cluster Maharashtra state government hasone supervisor and four assistants. Konkan Corridor Project
  4. 4. What does it mean to urbanize one village cluster?Construction of approx. 500 hectares of homes and workspacesAfforestation 4500 hectares of afforestationPeople:5000 local families5000 external migrated familiesFunding to be mobilized: Approx. Rs. 1000 Crore (~ 200 million USD)Constraint: no change of land ownerships Konkan Corridor Project
  5. 5. What do we need to do to urbanize one village cluster? Skills Development Intensive agriculture Farm produce processing Rivers & water conservation Energy & Transportation Industry integrated in global supply chain Education Self administration Konkan Corridor Project
  6. 6. How will we organize and coordinate the project?• Semi government and government agencies in the region• Loosely coupled NGOs – Self Help Microfinance groups coordinated by various support groups, – Farmers Study groups – Vidnyan Gram – Farmer Producer companies – Numerous Micro enterprises – Self Administration Agency created for each cluster – Growth Lab Business incubators, – Agri-tourism cooperatives• RBH in each cluster – managed by land owners companies – created on Magarpatta model• Educational institutes – Schools, colleges, – ITI and other educational institutes in the region Konkan Corridor Project
  7. 7. Konkan Corridor ProjectTotal Rural Transformation by inclusive integrated development Vision, status and action plans Konkan Corridor Project
  8. 8. Skills Development in each cluster• As is: – Traditional skills are on decline – Heavy migration to Mumbai / Pune for skills and livelyhood – Natural resources in region not used• To be: – 10,000 persons trained for vocational skills – Monthly earnings of at least Rs. 10,000 – Managed with web based portal• Action plan: – Apprenticeship program – IT skills for local application Konkan Corridor Project
  9. 9. Intensive agriculture in each cluster• As is: – Small farms, – External investors buying land and displacing people• To be: – 100 Intensive Integrated farms of 50 Hectares – managed by farmers groups – initiated as self help study groups• Action plan: – Agriculture supervisors and asistants in each cluster to work with KCP coordinators . Konkan Corridor Project
  10. 10. Farm produce processing in each cluster• As is: – Small scale individual units• To be: – 100 Farmer Producer companies – Each company associated with a farmer’s study group• Action plan: – Registration and support through Business Incubators – Growth Lab Konkan Corridor Project
  11. 11. Water conservation in project area• As is: – Heavy run off of rain water• To be: – Assured water supply• Action plan: – Subsoil water conservation – Check dams for rivers Konkan Corridor Project
  12. 12. Rivers in project area• As is: – approx. 13 rivers which are flooded in rainy season and dry in summer• To be: – Rivers flow all year around• Action plan: – Rivers trained to flow year around Konkan Corridor Project
  13. 13. Energy• As is: – Low production and utilization• To be: – Renewable: Solar , biomass, wind, bio fuels. Tidal, small hydro, – conventional electricity – muscle power• Action plan: – Small Hydroelectric site to be developed – PPPP for energy production and distribution Konkan Corridor Project
  14. 14. Transportation in each cluster• As is: – Interior areas in hill and on sea cost not well developed – Konkan Rail and highway as main single transportation resource• To be: – Heliport to connect with rest of Maharashtra – Internal transportation with eco-friendly vehicles – Use of sea and river channels• Action plan: – Cluster wise transportation plan – Integrated plan for west coast with multimodal transportation Konkan Corridor Project
  15. 15. Industry in each cluster• As is: – Low level of industrialization• To be: – Small and Micro enterprises in supply chain – assembly and services for industrial goods• Action plan: – Incubation by “Growth Lab” business incubators – IT Services and Innovation Park for new focus areas Konkan Corridor Project
  16. 16. Science Communication in each cluster• As is: – Science Popularization at school level• To be: – Vidnyan Gram • Formed as Section 25 society • Partners living on campus – Science communication center with 20 hectares• Action plan: – Identify stakeholders to build Vidnyangram in each cluster – Establish Prayog Pariwar focused application of science in identified areas Konkan Corridor Project
  17. 17. Self administration• As is: – Nominal autonomy but high awareness• To be: – GIS based Self Administration model• Action plan: – GISDA open source GIS based solution provided by S&T Park Konkan Corridor Project
  18. 18. Knowledge partners• Science & Technology Park, University of Pune – Science & Technology Support for skills development and growth of micro enterprises• IITans and other professionals with the commitment for rural transformation Konkan Corridor Project
  19. 19. Progress• 12th Feb - 18 Feb: Kokan Corridor Week• 18th Feb - 8th March: Jatha from Dodamarg in south Kokan to Dapoli – meetings and presentations at each Taluka level• 14th-15th March: Workshop at Agriculture University Dapoli• Adoption of Cluster concept for All India implementation by India Leadership Konkan Corridor Project
  20. 20. Planned Projects• IT HUB Launch• Resource Training Workshops at Taluka Level• Cluster level resource centers• Development Plan Report (DPR) template preparation for cluster development Konkan Corridor Project