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some of my thinking in day to day observation..nbd

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Tips of my thinking

  1. 1. TIPS OF MY THINKING By Naorem Binita Devi, fromKakching,Manipur. Now faculty member dept. of psy.,MZU
  2. 2. The most importantthing that i kept in mymind is ..."learningthrough struggle, takingout thorns that is goingto stuck...dealing withsnakes aroundme...coping with eyesclosed n concentrate tothe name of Godbecause we aresent ....."...nbd (naoremBinita devi)
  3. 3. Fig. Sun (evening scene)Please think howto bring a peacefulsociety...neverthink how todistort suchprocess...nbd
  4. 4. Fig: Sun sceneDiscrimination exist everywhere.It does nottake place in one particular part of has occurred in each part of thecountry...different point is that one speaksout does not speak out...thinking that from here handling processwill occur but difficult due to the complexityof the human mind...again in anotherviewpoint can give opinion ...discriminationnever is a matter of is a matter of unlearn for ourculture to each is matter ofsomeone wants to test you...etc..NBD
  5. 5. Fig: Forest sceneJourney of life never comein smooth way... issomething like trafficjam..from suchthings...learning takesplace...accept such zig-zag....NBDIf your surrounding isinfluenced by unconsciousprocesses, then you need tobe silent with keenobservation...nbd
  6. 6. Fig. Golconda Fortcriticism is a foundation forknowledge acquisition if youobserve minutely the way howhe or she does....becoz fromhere many idiots can beproduced n how easily he orshe uses the persuasivemessage sothat criticism canbecome a real...Do you observesomething like that?....NBDDosto, Do learn "suffering" isyour habit.... could you feel likethat, that....hope so...karke dekho...nbd
  7. 7. Fig.NBD (naorem binitadevi)If there is any conflict orcontroversialcircumstances due todifferent model ofviewpoint, then therearise formation of values,ethics,n moralvalues....sothatagreement of diff.viewscan be notit?....NBD
  8. 8. Fig.NBD (naorem Binitadevi,Golkonda fort)If we can able to deal withthe root cause of aproblem in a right way...hope a system willbecome better...but tohunt such root cause isvery difficult....due tocomplexity or many factors....NBDSome circumstances taughtsomeone to learn by heartrather than mind .....nbd
  9. 9. Fig. Loukoi Pat, ManipurHow rumours come out?...fromone person and spread to thewhole thatperson has a good circles from his/her groups...first goes to this circlethen,from this circle, startedspreading to their near and dearones...n so on.....n become a liverumour that happen in realway..could you elaborate it...interms of your ownperspectives....nbd
  10. 10. Fig. Juhu Beach (NBD)I view victory in two form:1. right victory; 2. wrongvictory...right victory...wayis long..hard work,determination etcsometimes feel failure onthe way but never allow it isa fail...etc. wrong victorymeans...way isshort..seeking opportunisticbased onsomething...etc..nbd
  11. 11. Fig. NBDsome people are running after thepromotion, some people arethinking about how to bring abetter system, some people arespreading rumours aboutsomeone so that he/she can getmore benefits, some are followingwhat their own groups are saying,some are trying to find morestrategies to get moreopportunity, some people areobserving and noticing how toreduce any controversialcircumstances etc. dosto, addmore...nbd
  12. 12. Fig. NBD (Delhi)please never take thename of anyone when youdo some work and whenyour work has failed again,please do not take thename of thatperson..introspectyourself...and iresponsible?....goodanswer may comeup....nbd
  13. 13. Fig.NBD (HimachalPradesh)Never follow n reactany topic if there islots of argumentsmade by bi-clustergroups...there is noreality...nbdwrong meeting anddisclosing some storymakes you send inlions den....elaboratein your owncontext....nbd
  14. 14. Fig: NBD (Mysore)Monoculturalism vs.Multiculturalism....heremonoculturalism can able toframe someone very easilythan multiculturalism...formulticulturalism...reflectionfrom others come up...but inmonoculturalism...suppressed their wrong doing becausethey are one...good learningtake place...this iscomplexity of manyfactors...NBD
  15. 15. Fig.NBD (Kurukshetra).Sometimes punishment is used tobring a good moral lesson...if couldnot able to learn....more severepunishment is youagree...nbdplease never think that defensivestatement can suppress the hotnews....nbdAdolescents period is one of themost challenging period n all thetime i used to observe culturaldissimilarity from one place toanother place...onefactor...temperament factoretc....takes a major role..for takingup steps how to set someguidelines....nbd (Naorem binitadevi)..
  16. 16. Fig.NBD (Mizoram)Please never thinknorth-east people arediscriminated...i neveraccept such idea....butwrong things have tobe brought justicewithout anylimitation...NBD
  17. 17. Fig. NBD (Chandigarh)Defensive statementis not the way to solvethe is justlike pouring downGhee to the burningfire...So becareful..NBD
  18. 18. Fig.NBD (Lotus Temple)“Now I am not afraid;God always give thesupport of honest andsincere work ofhe/she does; it is mystrong belief now.”NBD.
  19. 19. Fig.NBD (NIAS,Bangalore)“Silence is the best policy if you arein the middle of politics.” NBD “Absorbing skill is the way howto handle a tension arisingsituation. NBD“Experiences are those who triedto manipulate things good way orbad way but Inexperienced arethose who tried to tolerate it”. NBD
  20. 20. Fig.NBD (Kurukshetra)“If any situation cannotcope up, please do notshow any negative way,just avoid it. God iswatching it if you areright.” NBD“If you want to fight anytypes of politics, you haveto suffer a lot; but inlatter, you become win thepolitics.”-NBD
  21. 21. Fig.NBD (Bangalore)“If you are under the framework of politicswhich you do not know, you started showingmany negatives towards others( those playingpolitics),then the politics people together withtried to provoke many things that make youmore aggressive towards them, this meansthat you are totally targeted your career if youdo not use good skills on this moment. But ifyou absorbed everything without reflectingand kept on observing the arising situation andfighting silently in order way. You are one ofthe success person among the politics.” N.Binita Devi.
  22. 22. Fig.NBD (Manipur)“ If a person startedspeaking angrily,something true feelingsand something insecurefeelings are associatedor he or she wasinstigated by externalfactors about somesituations.” N.B.D.
  23. 23. Fig.NBD (Vellore)“ Any wrong person wassaved by the religion factoror community feeling orgroup feelings which makedifficult to bring judgmenton the surface levelespecially in Kali YugSociety”.N.B.D.
  24. 24. Fig.NBD (Guwahati)“Beware of soft-spokenperson who are one of theplayers of politics,something was there he/sheapproached you suddenly ina very sweet manner anddiscipline way”. N.B.D.
  25. 25. Fig.NBD (Kakching)“In any conflictingsituation,please do nottake the opinion of oneside, let’s give chanceto other side also eventhough she or he isvery much junior thanother side.”NBD.
  26. 26. Fig.NBD (Kurukshetra)“A silent aggressor is often trying tocreate a conflict playing someone as anobject who never understood theunderlying plans and policies so that suchsilent angry reaction reinforce anotherbehavior who are in power and make anissue between the power person andobject but later the silent aggressor willtake advantage on such situation.” NAOREM BINITA DEVI.
  27. 27. Fig.NBD (Agra)“If any situation cannot copeup, please do not show anynegative way, just avoid it.God is watching it if you areright.” - NBD“If you want to fight anytypes of politics, you have tosuffer a lot; but in latter, youbecome win the politics.”-NBD
  28. 28. Fig.NBD (Imphal,XIIth )“If you are under the framework of politics whichyou do not know, you started showing manynegatives towards others( those playingpolitics),then the politics people together withtried to provoke many things that make youmore aggressive towards them, this means thatyou are totally targeted your career if you do notuse good skills on this moment. But if youabsorbed everything without reflecting and kepton observing the arising situation and fightingsilently in order way. You are one of the successperson among the politics.” N. Binita Devi.
  29. 29. Fig.NBD (Imphal)“Please do not frame in thearena of political framework ofany of your junior colleaguesas an object, donot make him/her in an issue because theyounger ones are not theproblem creator; she/he is theproblem solver” NBD
  30. 30. Fig.NBD (Mumbai)Circumstances analysismakes me interestingarea in my study…forany incident…eitherpolitical..academic…and someone’s life…but need to know adeep story beforedoing anything.--NBD
  31. 31. Fig.NBD (Kurfri)I never have the intentionto defame someone’s lifebut strong hope to rectifythe wrong things…whiledoing such process, ifsomeone’s name comesup…please forgive…neverthink it is a complain…butthink it is a real story inone’s life.--NBD
  32. 32. Fig. NBD ( Kurukshetra)When you entered anynew cultural setting, youhave better to think thatyou have no experienceand others andeverything is going tolearn from such newcultural aspects, goodpositive coping may comeout.--NBD
  33. 33. Fig.NBD ( athome,Kakching)When you encountered very difficult circumstances,never mind, but think a positive coping, “no one isabove GOD and proceed your daily routine.”The Moment you try to defeat an honest soul,remember that you are entering a wrong step in along run.—NBDUnder wild fire is going on, pliz do not put again anymore ghee..—NBDIf you want to change something, observe carefullythings happening around you and share it in anysocial network.--NBD
  34. 34. Fig.NBD (Zoo,Manipur)If your inner strength is so strong, never fear for maya worldbecause you already reach one level that no one can reach.—NBDSome people are easily influenced by outside forces and some arenot…which one you want to become? Here explanation is alsoneeded.—NBDDo filter out each and statement you listen in one’s society andnever take it suddenly.—NBDGood experiences come to one’s life after passing through amultiple layers of cultural aspects, friends, do you agree?...NBDI come into this world not to disturb someone’s life but to livetogether peacefully.—NBDI observe people who used high defense mechanism, average, andlow…but I dislike those who used high.--NBD
  35. 35. Fig. NBD (Pallelside,Manipur)God is experimentingagain and againkeeping someone in avulnerable conditionand someone isrealizing the taste ofhuman sorrow,suffering in this worldand that gives someoneto serve human beings.—NBD
  36. 36. Fig.NBD (Kurukshetrahostel)When I observe minutely, I learnt that one’sthinking, feeling, acting, reacting are quitedifferent to each other and I am trying to observeage in age-wise level in different cultural aspects.—NBDClose observation is the best way to understandthe ground reality of a problem.—NBDCircumstances makes me able to associate thingsgoing around in latter stage but not in the initialstage in a transparent way.—NBDSome people may think that they never want todefame someone’s career but gone wrongly….asa mistake.--NBD
  37. 37. Fig.NBD (during b.a.)Sometimes in some circumstances inside and outsidemessage are different,, inside message are hiddenand consists of very true message but unable to traceit if not observe minutely…outside message is veryeasy and it is open to everyone and form rules basedon such outside message but may contain manywrong information also.—NBDCircumstances have to be checked very carefullywhen a person has been frame at a particular timeand place.—NBDWhen I expose one stimulus in different culturalaspects, the response of the individuals are quitedifferent but it does not mean that similarity doesnot take place…you know better than me.--NBD
  38. 38. Fig.NBD (Kurukshetra,students’ home)Some of Indian States are based onmonoculturalism- do you agree?...NBDWhen I encountered the behavioral pattern ofdifferent ethnic groups, I felt that system isgoing to be difficult to change because somepeople never want to accept for wrongdoingsbut use different ways of self-monitoringattitude towards others to displace andremain the system as usual.—NBDDo you think that moral lesson and itsapplication in one’s society to bring a betterjudgement?...NBD
  39. 39. Fig. Taj Mahal (Agra)My observation is based on parallelprocessing.—NBDTake others mistake as your own andobserve carefully.—NBDWhen I applied Kohlberg’s moraldilemmas in one of my ongoingobservation, I could not fight back anycircumstances but can inform undersome agreement.—NBDIt is better to develop the habit oftolerating any type of politics in youngerage and observe carefully the way ofplaying if you want to master such typeof politics in near future.—NBDIf someone understands each and everysteps of any ongoing circumstances byhis/her senses, no need to worry.--NBD