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Corruption questionnaire proposed by Naorem Binita devi from Kakching,Manipur...want those questinos answers from each corners of the they speak about corruption about their native place etc..nbd

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Corruption from nbd

  1. 1. 1CORRUPTION FROM NBD (Naorem Binita devi)’S POINT OF VIEW:E-mail: or or binitadevi@hotmail.comM-9612155464Before I write about corruption, I want to keep some open-ended questions for the corruption. It isvery simple question, and you can give the answer as you experience about corruption: 1. Do you think that corruption has meaning? Elaborate your answer. 2. What is corruption? Give your definition of corruption. 3. How does corruption take place? Your opinion please. 4. Is there any function for corruption? Write those function if any in your mind. 5. Do you think that corruption take place in many layers? Could you elaborate it? Please do it. 6. How do you analyze corruption? 7. What are those consequences and its impact on individual, family, society as a whole? 8. Do you think that shouting or fasting can remove/reduce corruption? Your opinion please. 9. What type of corruption do you listen very frequently? Elaborate it. 10. Could you give any example of corruption you had seen in your life?
  2. 2. 211. What type of vision can you see when the corruption is dominated in one’s society? Please share your views.12. If someone offers you money for doing some of his/her work in an efficient manner, do you take that money?13. If one of your colleagues started taking bribe, and he/she wants you to take the bribe, what would be your response at that point of time? Could you elaborate it in your viewpoint?14. Had you heard such story,i.e., a person wants to get the job but without giving money he/she will not get the job. The person does not have money and he arranged money taking from others and giving interest for that. but unfortunately the person did not get the job. The money he had given to the authority never return back but at the same time he has to give the interest of taking money from others. After reading this story, What would be the mental condition of the person? or anything else you can infer from this short story?15. What are those strategies to remove/reduce corruption in each layers of level in your own views?16. Do you think that once the corruption is reduced, system will be improved? Your opinion please.17. What are those corruption you had seen in your own state, your locality etc? could you share it here?18. Could you become an initiative person to bring your state/locality a corruption free-state?19. What are those initiative strategy to reduce/remove corruption in your own state/locality? Please suggest.20. What kind of corruption you had frequently heard from your state/locality? Please share.21. As we know that corruption takes place in different layers, so what type of punishment do you favour for such layers? Could you elaborate in your own way?
  3. 3. 322. Sometimes, someone framed another person to become a corrupted person in front of others but actually she/he is not the one. Do you observe such type of discourse in one’s society/one’s National level? Please share.23. Please share about the corruption you had frequently or knew about your locality, your state, your country?24. Do you think that corruption can be eradicated just like polio?25. Do you think that conditional way of corruption bring a system failure? ( here conditional way of corruption means one group did corruption work but another group knew about it and it is going to bring it public but earlier group want to save their prestige and fame what they earn, so they started dealing with another group, if your group did such work and if they knew it, they also remain quite even though they want to bring it in public.26. If anyone of your family members caught for corruption, Do you want to use defensive statement for your family members? share your view.27. When you are involved in any kind of corruption work, do you try to bring it in larger context blaming and framing someone who is responsible for this work? Please share and be honest when you give the answer.28. When your community members are working in a circle way and you come out as a corrupted person, do you try to use defensive statement using your own community members? please be honest while giving answer.29. If someone gives you huge amount of money and that money is entitled for another person and this person never claim for his/her money, do you take such money? If not, what would you say to someone?30. Do you think that corruption is related to any implementation work that was sanctioned by Government of India?31. If you are working in any sector i.e., private, public, Government etc, what are those corruption scenario that are going to handicap the system in near future?
  4. 4. 432. Do you introspect yourself before doing any corruption related work in one’s country?33. Do you ask yourself, “am I corrupted person”?34. If someone narrates about another person’s bribery case, do you process the information or do you believe it suddenly? Elaborate it.35. If some group of people are trying to frame a person, do you think that corruption is going to take place and in what way? Elaborate it.36. If some group of people are totally corrupted and you know it, how do you deal with them?37. Do you agree that corruption takes place in different form?38. While you are doing some work with your colleagues, some amount of money is in the form of percentage comes in your side, do you call it as a corruption? Elaborate it in your own way.39. Do you think that insurgency/underground people are also corrupted people?40. We heard, “ it is very difficult to remove corruption but it can be reduced in any way.” What would be in your opinion in this statement?41. If some people started getting opportunity in their way (in wrong way), why do they indulge such activity and do you call such activity as a corruption?42. Some groups of corrupted people taught a person in a corrupt way. Do you agree such statement? Elaborate it in some context .43. How do you fight corruption in a peaceful way? Share your own opinion.44. When a corrupted people use the defensive statement again and again, how do you feel at that moment? Share your views.45. When a group of people did some corrupted work, they started doing such work again and again thinking that they can win and save their prestige, fame etc. but their way of doing such work is so unethical to another person and at last they could not able to save their so called prestige, fame. After reading this paragraph, what suggestions do you want to give these group of people?
  5. 5. 546. If the corruption is not taking place in money from, what are those forms of corruption you have in your own view? Share here.47. If some group of people are trying to use your name in a corrupted way, what is your reaction at that point of time?48. Imagine one moment, if your name has come up in the corrupted list which you never knew it but some groups of circle people framed you in this way, how do you rectify such things?49. Do you think that your community members or your colleagues are corrupted to you?50. If some group of people influenced you in a wrong way but initially you followed what they said, latter you realised whatever they are saying is false, if you surrender also, you started thinking about your power, prestige, fame, if not surrender, then lots of blame come to you…like agitation in countrywide that was influenced by from another external, it means that you are being targeted to defame your power, prestige, fame. Here what would be the suggestion for that person? whether he/she surrender or not?51. Do you want the word corruption?