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Dream from the point of nbd1

  1. 1. DREAM FROM THE POINT OF NBD By Naorem Binita Devi Kakching,Manipur
  2. 2. Slide:1• Dream is some sort of activities while we are sleeping. Earlier i never gave attention about dream. But sometimes it gives me a thinking process “why and how does dream come while someone is sleeping”. What message the dream is trying to say and what is the connection to one’s real world. I never search the meaning of dream at earlier time. Sometimes, dream which i dreamt come into the reality. For instance, once i dreamt about existing building of rice mill in front of my house. The place at that time is garden. Now the rice mill building exist in front of my house. Latter when the rice mill existed, i told my parents that i saw rice mill building in my dream. Likewise something i dreamt and came it latter but i did not give any attention on this matter.
  3. 3. Slide:2• I started giving thinking about dream since 2004. But this time also i did not search it out what is the latent meaning of my dream.• But sometimes i am surprised what the dream wants to give the message from one line.• “do not go that place.” “call back from that place, saying to my parents”. Latter in my dream i changed their direction.• In reality situation, the investigator joined as an adhoc- lecturer at one Institution on 8th January 2004.• My first teaching experience gave me a lot of things to do in my life. It gave me a foundation to analyse the dream again and again. It gave me the foundation to explore dream in one’s workplace situation. It gave an inspiration to construct theories of dream how does it occur, how to interpret, why such dream comes in one’s life, how does it connect to real life situation, etc.
  4. 4. Slide:3• Dream has a meaning. If you minutely remember your dreams to your waking life, you may come up one point that yes it says something. Dream relates to past events (based on workplace) that leads to present story and again it predicts one’s future life.• Dream is some sort of activities which can be shown to the dreamer with some form of symbols that are difficult to decipher but it can give meaningful interpersonal conflictual situation or one’s form of tension situation if one gets the meaning of the symbol. It gives recall experiences when one awakes from the sleep. Sometimes you find very strange situation after having been recall your dream state. You may forget your dream also. As i think it is one reason people neglect to study the dream. Researchers found that dreams which we could not remember belong to deep sleep. Those who can easily remember dream occur in REM sleep.
  5. 5. Slide:4• Dream is a journey like an explorer tries to find out new things in unknown place. In doing so, hard work, determination, patience, individual’s ideas, coordination etc are needed. If you observe and think one moment, an explorer who wants to explore unknown jungle or mission to unknown place, what they do? Many strategies may come up to find their goal.• They try to collect many ideas and strategies from different expert people or those who are very idealistic in such area.• If you go to the jungle, on the way, you may stuck by many thorns but you do not allow to enter the thorn inside your body, why? You know the answer; give yourself.
  6. 6. Slide:5• Likewise, if you dreamt of bad dreams,i.e.,nightmare, instead of remaining on bad mood, try to find out what is going on around your waking life situation. Please do not shallow such fear of nightmare you had seen last night, otherwise what happen?• Thorn which you did not allow to stuck in your body to enable you work again in the jungle give a meaningful life to the person.• In the same way, nightmare that you seen in last night will not allow to change in your mood in waking life. Instead, search it out what is going on around so that it gives you an interesting exploration in your dream.• What i want to mean is : explore, discover, solve the situation, enjoy, share to other and encourage about dreams how to interpret it.
  7. 7. Slide:6• I accept that dreams are unconscious state as given by Sigmund Freud. When you see any dream themes like falling down from hill, climbing, broken teeth, throwing stone to you, attacking you with knife or gun, chasing you, catching fish, seeing God, seeing death people and saying something to you, etc. Such themes give you a different mood when you wake up in the early morning. When you dreamt of very bad dream like your mother or father died, or you involved a major incident, what do you do when you open your eyes? Might be you remember you own God and you feel anxiety whenever you go out from the home.•
  8. 8. TYPES OF DREAM ACCORDING TO NBD:• SIMPLE DREAM : sometimes dream come without any warning, simply seeing your friend after a long time like that.• NAHEBA DREAM ( DREAM BEFORE DEATH) : In Meitei community, we used word “NAHEBA” meaning dream before death. Here terrible dream is associated to the dreamer. It hardly take place. In such dream a very different sound is associated from the dreamer. If she/he can remember the God’s name, he/she can overcome the dream. But in such dream period, external people knew that the dreamer is under the period of “NAHEBA.” The person who heard such sound, he/she has to wake up the dreamer by touching the dreamer’s body. If you observe, the moment you touch the body and bring the dreamer in the waking sate, he/ she used the word of God. ( hey Ishwar). I encountered such dream in my mother. i wake up her from such dream period by touching the body.
  9. 9. Continue:1• MANGLONTABA DREAM ( DREAM WITHIN THE DREAM): Manglontaba dream is also associated in the Meitei community dream. Here sometimes we ourselves narrate our own dream to ourselves while sleeping. It is considered a bad thing in our community.• LAUGHING DREAM : Laughing dream is related to the someone tries to laugh you when you are facing a problematic situation in real life and it also shows that there is another way which the dreamer want to go in another path if the problematic situation is very tense.• EROTIC DREAM : It is related to someone’s fantasy towards their love one in real life situation but express such desires in one’s dream for wish fulfilment.• WARNING DREAM : It relates to dreamer’s real life is entering in wrong way which can lead him/her in a vulnerable position but the dreamer does not know what is going on in their real life. In such case, the dreamer dreamt of “do not go that place.””or call him/her back from that place.” Etc.• INTERPERSONAL DREAM : Interpersonal dream is related to the one’s working with others in real life situation. Here the dreamer dreamt of their relation in bad or good ways.
  10. 10. SOURCES OF DREAM:• Anxiety, tension, and stressful situation in one’s life : According to me, anxiety, tension and stressful situation is a source of dream. Under such situation, a dreamer dreamt of attacking you, throwing stone to you, unable to climb up, seeing nightmare etc. When you are such situation, you have a sense of insecurity in your relation, worry with someone etc.• Pre-plan activities imposed by the external to the target person unconsciously : Pre-plan activities is associated in the workplace relationship. When a new employee enters to the workplace but other already worked their never want him/her. In such situation they plan some act to remove the young employee. In doing such activities they kept young employee as a target person for their goal. But the target person remains all the time in tension situation. He/she unconsciously react toward them. then, they started doing bullying attitude toward him/her. Whenever such act done by them it happen in front of others. So the target understand that he/she is wrong but she/he could do anything. Such condition gave him/her an anxiety arousing situation that leads to dream. It is partly associated with the first one but different intensity.
  11. 11. Continue:1• Cluster effects to the target person : It is same as above. Here forming two groups but it is unknown to the target person; here sometimes giving moral support and at the last moment the two groups become one to gain their own separate goal; in such withdrawing and attaching nature gives the target a tense situation and it leads to dream.• Realising one’s problem in real life situation and ready to give guidance to him/her: When someone face the real life situation that brought a wide known regarding the problem, people started talking in the real life situation to solve the problem. Because the problem is associated to someone. Sometimes you see different figure in your dream it means that the problem what the person is facing is understood by the other people. That is why such things are also a source of dream; because they want to help you.
  12. 12. Continue:2• Interpersonal conflictual situation focused to the dreamer : Interpersonal problem is a problem in day to day life at the workplace at the form of politics. When your are under the politics, you are just like a football. People tries to use you to gain their opportunity. If you do not speak out also, it shows that you are speaking. Such politics brought you a headache and sometimes you aggressively react to them. such confusion, headache,chaose, belief system etc. brought you a source of dream.• Desire to wish fulfilment: sometimes the source of the dream relate to wish fulfilment. You want something in real life but you did not get it ; it shows in your dream.
  13. 13. THEORY OF DREAM ACCORDING TO NBD: INTERPERSONAL PRE-PLAN THEORY TO THE TARGET PERSON:• At the workplace, people possessing different educational background, different age-group, different status, different cultural aspects etc, working together under one rule and regulation. In such working atmosphere, minor sector of the workplace kept themselves their policies and strategies under common understanding to bring welfare of the workplace. Their common understanding was kept objectively by other minor sector of the workplace and if in case found, they together try to bring in true way.• While doing such process, many conflictual situation was involved i.e., not wanting to bring true way, wanting to bring their own opinion on the way that leads to crisis situation to the another one.
  14. 14. Continue:1• If in case, now, imagine, true way came and kept someone at the workplace disregarding their opinion. But those opinion was neglected, then they together tried to make shaping the someone on true way. In trying to shape, they may form cluster group and such cluster group keep someone in anxiety/tension situation. If someone is under tension/anxiety situation then dreams of fear factor was associated to the someone ( here as a target by the neglected people). So, according to me, the dream is shaped by the external pre-plan act by the bi-cluster groups to the target person; here the pre-plan act involve to remove the target person but the target never knew their plan; he/she unconsciously react toward the pre-plan act people. On the other hand, pre-plan act people kept him/her in an anxiety/tension situation through the help of bullying attitude.
  15. 15. RELATING DREAM TO WAKINING LIFE ACCORDING TO NBD:• Associate dream to the earlier existing situation at the workplace or other in one’s life;• Associate dream to the present existing situation that is related to the past situation at the workplace or other in one’s life;• Associate dream message or dream content to the future in one’s life at the workplace or other;• Associate dream theme to the nature of struggle in one’s waking life;• Associate dream symbol to the past deed or work you put but fruit shall come later in one’s waking life;• Associate dream theme to the nature of one’s interpersonal relation to the waking life situation;• Associate dream theme to what exactly happen in day to day life in one’s spouse, son, daughter, and family members, neighbours and relatives;• Associate dream theme to what exactly one wants to be in real life situation;• Associate dream theme to what others are really to help in your day to day struggle in waking life.
  16. 16. In my analysis part i want to ask question regarding the dream to the dreamer:• Do you remember the whole dream?• What are you doing in the dream?• What are others doing on the dream?• What symbols did you see in your dream?• The symbols that you seen in your dream, have any meaning in your own way?• Are you involved in any conflictual situation in the dream?• Had you heard any message from the dead people?• Do you feel fear after the dream? Say what type of dream.• So, one can ask questions about the landscape, interpersonal relation to the dream, erotic feeling, etc.
  17. 17. Continue:1• After having been collected the reports from the dreamer, i try to find out the past, present and future aspects of the dreamer.• For example, if the dreamer comes dream from the external influences due to workplace conflictual situation or pre-plan act from the external, the following questions can be used to decipher the meaning and used as a therapeutic technique.• Are you worked earlier in real life?• What is the past condition in the post before you entered the place?• What is the other’s relation to the earlier person who worked here before you joined it?• Do you have any good support from your side?• What is your relation to your colleague?• Are they supportive?
  18. 18. Continue:2• Do you share your feeling of dissatisfaction to your colleagues?• Do you have any interpersonal conflict to them?• Do you hear any bullying attitude towards you?• What you want to be from this workplace?• What is your desire towards them?• IF IN CASE , IF YOU APPEAR ANY EXAM,IN THE PAST BUT THE RESULT WILL NOT COME OUT, THEN DREAM RELATED QUESTION IN REAL LIFE SITUATION: ( crossing bridge, climbing, falling etc.):• Did you appear any exam?• Did you have any tension/anxiety? ( external, internal, or interpersonal)• When i analyze the dream i try to find out the dreamer real life situation in detail in day to day life, past and what he/she wants to be i.e., desire factor.•
  19. 19. Author’s Name:• Naorem Binita Devi• E-mail: binitaji@yahoo.co.in• binitadevi@hotmail.com
  20. 20. THANK YOU,ALL