Racism inventory 33 questionnaire


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Racism inventory 33 questionnaire

  1. 1. RACISM/ETHNIC QUESTIONNAIRE DEVELOPED BY NAOREMBINITA DEVI (FROM KAKCHING,MANIPUR). NBD (naorem binita devi)E-Mail:binitaji@yahoo.co.in or binitadevi@hotmail.com or naorembd@gmail.comM-9612155464, Address: Kakching khongnang lam teiba pareng,kakching,Manipur.SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Please fill up the following statement:Name : --------------------------------------------------Age : --------------------------------------------------Community : Meitei=1/Muslim=2/Naga=3/Kuki=4/Nepali=5/Punjabi=6/Tamil=7
  2. 2. Mizo=8/others=9,( if you belong to others identify and write=--------------) ( )Religion : Hinduism=1/Islam=2/Christian=3/Buddhism=4/Sikkism=5/ others=6 ( )Sex : Male=1/ Female=2 ( )Place of birth : Village=1/ Town=2/Rural=3/Urban=4/ others=5 ( )Category : ST=1/SC=2/OBC=3/ General=4/ others=5 ( )Marital Status : Married=1/ Unmarried=2 ( )EducationalQualification : Matriculate=1/Intermediate=2/Graduate=3/Post-Graduate=4/ M.phil=5/Ph.D.=6/ others=6 ( )PresentResidence : Village=1/Rural=2/Urban=3/Others=4 ( )Occupation : Govt.Servant=1/Private=2/Self-Finance=3/ Others=4 ( )Family Structure: Nuclear=1/Joint=2/Others=3. ( )INSTRUCTIONS: Some statements (Total=33) are given in the following pages followed by ‘Yes’, or‘No’ responses. These statements are based on racism and ethnicity. Please read carefully thedefinition of racism and ethnicity and give the answer for the following statements and choose oneanswer either ‘yes’ or ‘No’ by giving star mark (*) in the front of the response to which you feel.Please try to respond all the statements. There is no time limit but try to finish as soon as possible.Racism: The term ‘race’ or ‘racial group’ usually refers to the concept of dividing human intopopulations or groups on the basis of various sets of characteristics. The most widely used human
  3. 3. racial categories are based on visible traits (especially skin colour, cranial or facial features and hairtexture), and self-identification.Ethnicity: It is related concept to race. It represents social groups with a shared history, sense ofidentity, geography and cultural roots which may occur despite racial differences. They may seethemselves as British, Asian, Indian, Punjabi, etc., at different times and in different circumstances.Migration: Migration includes people move for different reasons across different spaces. A migrantcan be a person who moves to another city or town within a nation, a refuge who crosses aninternational border to escape religious or political persecution, a jobseeker who moves to anothercountry for better economic opportunities, a slave who is forcibly moved, or a person displayed bywar or natural disaster. Migration occurs under different conditions.Now please answer the following questions: 1. I belonged to one racist/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 2. I have very good relation with other racist/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 3. Sometimes I feel that my ethnic group is more superior than other. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 4. I think that racism/ethnicity conflict bring health problems to one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 5. I did good work for the welfare of inferior ethnic/racist group in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 6. I accept that racism/ethnic group is socially constructed. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 7. Religion is a major factor in shaping one’s racism/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 8. Language is a role in shaping in one’s racist/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( ) 9. I have observed many trauma of racism/ethnic group crisis in one’s society.
  4. 4. Yes ( ) NO ( )10. Sometimes I have negative attitude towards the ethnic/racist group. Yes ( ) NO ( )11. I think that there is a solution for racist/ethnic crisis in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )12. I feel that past racist/ethnic crisis has a more vulnerable causal factor in the future crisis in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )13. I prefer to live together different racist/ethnic group under one roof. Yes ( ) NO ( )14. Sometimes I feel that due to negative feeling from other racist/ethnic group enhance you to make your own group separate from other. Yes ( ) NO ( )15. I think that racism/ethnic group is a major role in the integration of one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )16. I behave aggressive attitude to other racism/ethnic group if they did not respect my self- identity. Yes ( ) NO ( )17. Sometimes I feel that I can suppress the Superior racist/ethnic group after integrating your inferior group. Yes ( ) NO ( )18. I like to have an open-minded thought regarding the racism/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( )19. My parents belong to different ethnic/racist group. Yes ( ) NO ( )20. Sometimes I feel that racism/ethnic have a narrow-mindedness regarding one’s culture, language, religion and self-identity.
  5. 5. Yes ( ) NO ( )21. I feel that people think that their racism/ethnicity is best one among the other in the world. Yes ( ) NO ( )22. I have seen any effect of racism/ethnic crisis in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )23. I feel afraid of superior racism/ethnic group in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )24. I feel good when you work among the different racist/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( )25. I think that awareness of one’s racist/ethnic can remove racist/ethnic hatred feeling toward one another. Yes ( ) NO ( )26. I think that racism/ethnic has human right issue in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )27. I think that migration has also a problem in racist/ethnic conflict in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )28. I feel that you have been discriminated from the superior racist/ethnic group. Yes ( ) NO ( )29. I think that prejudgment toward another ethnic group is a problem in one’s society. Yes ( ) NO ( )30. I think that effects of racists/ethnic group are anxiety, depression, aggression etc. Yes ( ) NO ( )
  6. 6. 31. I feel that different ethnic group existing in one’s society is good for the cultural exchange to each other. Yes ( ) NO ( )32. I like to be only one ethnic group in one’s society for the development of its value in the world. Yes ( ) NO ( )33. I like to be multi-ethnic groups in one’s society for the development of common cultural platform to reduce the tension in the world. Yes ( ) NO ( ) After having answered all the statements either Yes or No, Please give opinion regarding the racism/ethnicity and how to reduce the racism/ethnicity crisis in the world.(about 100 words).