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Hnrs 177 midterm ppt

  1. 1. “The CivicResponsibility of Teaching” By Rachel Borowski HNRS 177: Biotechnology & Art
  2. 2. CONTEXT Ideas from RSA Animate “Changing Education Paradigms” (Week 1) Our education system was designed and conceived for a different age (The Enlightenment & The Industrial Revolution) Right now is the most stimulating period EVER But we are boring kids with systems of increasing standardization, specialization, and separation in schools
  3. 3. The ADHD Epidemic 9% of children (ages 5-17) in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD There are no blood tests or other neurological markers for ADHD – in fact most children are merely diagnosed based on “behaviors [that] are normal variants in childhood temperament … which manifest in ADHD-like symptoms.” Instead of training their children to behave better, or searching for other learning, emotional, or medical problems, parents (and teachers) often request ADHD medicine to help them control their children Is this the big problem?
  4. 4. The Problem We are anesthetizing over three million children with Adderall and Ritalin to get them through school every day
  5. 5. Possible Solutions? Instead of “deadening” children to the world, let’s wake them up! Let’s provide a system of education with a standard curriculum as well as a variety of options to help students explore new areas that interest them and get them excited about learning Let’s provide more funding for art in schools – after all, students perform best when they are engaged, and all of their senses are fully “alive”!
  6. 6. My Solution Traditional state-mandated curricula (reading, writing, math, science, history, etc.) in public elementary, middle, and high schools four days a week The fifth day (I propose every Wednesday) will be a designated “Expanded Education Day” This consists of the following …
  7. 7. Teaching: A New Civic Duty All Americans will have the option to choose between “Jury Duty” and “Expanded Education” when they are summoned Those who choose “Expanded Education” will be assigned to a school where they can teach on any subject for the day Presenters will be asked to bring in visual aids, tell personal anecdotes, and find other ways to engage students
  8. 8. Benefits of this System: Opportunity for adults to actively engage and educate the youth of our nation Opportunity for students to explore new careers, hobbies, etc. Weekly “rest day” for teachers to recharge and work on new lesson plans New opportunities for the personal, professional, and civic growth of students New systems of learning geared towards the skills and interests of each individual student
  9. 9. Conclusion In conclusion, I propose a day of “Expanded Education” in all public schools once a week. This will be organized as an alternative to the civic responsibility of jury duty. It will be a great opportunity for average Americans to engage students with real-world knowledge (on a wide variety of topics) and offer a more personalized education to every child. This will allow for the personal, professional, and civic development of students. And it will also allow teachers a day to recharge and prepare better lesson plans for their classrooms. Although this is not a complete “cure” for the pitfalls of our current education system, I believe it is an innovative and intriguing step in the right direction. That direction is one of active engagement and interest-oriented curricula in schools.
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