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Turing wwii


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Turing wwii

  1. 1. John Buccheri Volume I Issue 41 ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER Est. 1908 Wednesday, June 23, 1942 Price 5¢ WWII: Germany’s Codes Cracked Speech Encipher Turingery Spoils Turing-Welchman in the Works German Plans Bombe DeliversIn a mission codenamed Although a physical Previously unable to decisively“Delilah”, a handheld, voice machine has yet to be decode German messagescommunications device has created, Alan Turing has through their Enigma system,been in development at the uncovered a manual English logician and computerSecret Service’s Radio method in which the s c i e n t i s t A l a n Tu r i n g h a sHeadquarters in Lorenz cipher can be collaborated efforts withBuckinghamshire, England. broken. Nicknamed mathematician GordonLooking to electronically “Turingery”, this process Welchman in an attempt toencipher speech, Allied is derived from a code- alleviate this pressing issue.researchers have been breaking strategy known Serving as a more effectiveworking tirelessly to create a as wheel breaking, which version of the Polish’s creation,product for long-distance use analyzes imprint The Turing-Welchman bombe isoverseas. As of yet, the imperfections from active currently an integral part of thetransmissions have been cams on the wheels of the Allied attack on Axis cryptology.unable to pass military German encryption Now two years since the firsttesting, but leading machine. The Allies are installation on March 18, 1940,researchers are confident this now capable of translating there are now over 50 intechnology will be perfected the Germans’ encoded operation throughout the US andbefore the conclusion of the messages produced by the Western Europe. Governmentwar. If implemented, this SZ40 and SZ42, two of officials estimate that as many asdevice could their often used rotor two hundred could be created to stream cipher machines. meet the needs of the war.
  2. 2. Luke Eisenhardt
  3. 3. Comics Nancy Tu My Potential Fun List: More Water Amusement: ü Hack into Power Plant and power ü Destroy infrastructure substation ü More hacking fun to produce: ²  Shut down the plant ²  Release the untreated ²  Infect with software sewage! virus ²  Shut down of plant ²  Change settings to destroy equipment ²  Clogged and backed up ²  If nuclear power plant: sewers release radiation! ²  SEWAGE SPILL!!! Drinking Water Hoopla: ü Contaminate water sources ü Contaminate cleaned water with bacteria, virus etc. ü Release unpurified water ü Hack into control system ²  Refer to left for list of fun things to do with a hacked system! Oh the options! Thank you Alan Turing! Alan Turing
  4. 4. Rachel Borowski
  5. 5. John Buccheri Volume I Issue 41 ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER Est. 1908 Wednesday, June 23, 1942 Price 5¢ WWII: Germany Invades Boston Soldiers Fighting Emergency Draft German Coding Domestically Expected Baffles AnalystsIn a shocking turn of events, Still crippled from the As a result of US cryptologists’Germany and the Axis attack on Pearl Harbor by inability to create an efficientpowers have begun invading the Japanese on December mechanical machine designed tothe United States within its 7th, t h e m i l i t a r y i s “crack the German code”, theown territory. Only six struggling to maintain Allies have continued to use themonths after declaring war sufficient soldiers to Polish bomba kryptologiczna.with President Roosevelt and combat the German forces Originally seen as an short termthe nation, Germany has both domestically and solution to a larger, loomingbegun sending troops to their abroad in Western Europe. problem, the Polish bombe haspost held in Boston in With over 5 million had limited effectiveness inpreparation for a potentially soldiers deployed overseas translating the cryptic Germanwidespread attack on all and 200,000 Americans Enigma. Without the ability tomajor cities in the Northeast. killed in action, the armed decode secret messages intendedMost detrimental to the US forces may need to call for the eyes of Axis powers only,military’s chances of upon another military the United States has been unsurefending this attack is that draft. If such is the case, of their enemy’s plans for boththey have been completely men between 18-45 will the immediate, as well as longunaware of such an invasion await to hear if they are term future ahead. Analysts argueto be in the works, leaving called upon to defend their that without an improved versionthe military scrambling for country. In the meantime, of the Polish bombe, the USsoldiers and supplies while anxious mothers will pray military could inadvertently walkan inevitable series of attacks at home for peace. into a war-conceding onslaught.looms ahead.
  6. 6. Luke Eisenhardt
  7. 7. Comics Nancy Tu My Potential Fun List: More Water Amusement: o Bombing? o Bombing? o Burn it down? o Spit in the cleaned water? o Try to push it down? o Deposit fecal matter into o Hope it fails? cleaner water? o Hope people get sick? Drinking Water Hoopla: o Bombing? o Spit in the water? o Urinate in the water? o Hope it explodes? Great, now what can I do? Hope? John Doe
  8. 8. Rachel Borowski