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Jung e 177_final


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Jung e 177_final

  1. 1. Compilation of Weekly Blogs Eric Eugene Jung Neuroscience, B.S. | Class of 2014 Spring 2012 Honors Collegium 177: Biotechnology and Art Professor Victoria Vesna Jung 1
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  19. 19. Closing Remarks:As this class comes to a close, it is amazing to look back on the variety of topics we explored throughout these tenweeks. The distinction between art and biology is no longer as clear cut, and many examples in our daily lives todayincorporate both. From being more aware of what kinds of foods I am eating, to daydreaming about what kinds ofrobot technologies will be reality in the future, the marriage of biotechnology and art is a truly fascinating subject thatI want to delve deeper into. This class also taught me that science can actually have a frightening aspect to it, and thusmust be approached with caution. While there are many benefits that can come out of extensive research, there isalso the possibility of ethical dilemmas, security issues, and the loss of a sense of self. Therefore, by pursuing sciencenot just as a quest for facts but also by looking at the whole picture, aesthetically and artistically, we may be able tocome to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the exciting possibilities in our future. -Eric Jung Jung 19