Corruption there is only one solution


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Curruption, corruption, one solution.

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Corruption there is only one solution

  1. 1. Corruption: There is only one solution. <br />Wild thoughts! Comment, criticise, condemn, but at least react!We must have independent institution like FBI(USA), or even KGB. Members committed to save the country at any cost by any means, wrong or right. A strong and independent committee for public grievances is very much in order. Kashmir "an issue" created, Division of states in the country on language basis(No Hindi Please), Vote banks on religion base, Creation of East Bengal and then Pakistan, politicians like "M"s ( a road block for future of India), Mumbai for Marathi? Conversion phenomenon in Orissa, Ram-setu an issue (Who was Ram? – Ex-CM of Tamilnadu), Policy of Reservation, there are N- numbers ofissues.Where is our India? This region of mother earth belongs to "Bahubali"s of 3M (muscles, money, and mind manipulators). Chanda for election is the biggest source of Black money. We all know exchanges of suitcases during elections where money is coming from centre, brought by senior politburo members of all political parties. After all what is kept in Swiss banks, a ready to use money; is not it? What a lovely seen we have witnessed where MPs were for Sale? The case should have been investigated when it actually occurred. Now after 3 years, what is the advantage of investigation? Can we punish any participant of the case? By the way whom we have ever punished? Lalu Yadav – fodder case, Telgi scam, Unit trust share – Bharat Shah ( I may be wrong) scam, G-2 scam, Kalmadi – CWG games, Adarsh building case, Ambumani Ramdas, Ketan Desai, and many more. Oh! Yes, they are removed from one place and moved to another. Jail like Tihar is now first class guest houses. In jail you are safer, outside you may be killed. (I think we should ask Sahabuddine a MP from Bihar)<br />Bravo our politicians who can allow surplus grains and sugar to get rotten in open field, but will not distribute it to poor people at cheaper rate. They are strong enough to withhold onions, grains, and sugar as and when they feel like. <br />I can keep on & on.<br />How many Supreme Court’s judgements are executed within time frame? Courts keep on reminding local governments for action and by the time something should happen the judge get retired or the government changed, or the officers get transferred. Cases of Afjal Guru and Kasab are pending indefinitely. In this country where a known dacoit has become a Member of Parliament, someday Afjal or Kasab may ask for the same! <br />I suggest, the President of the country should also be nominated and elected by judges of the country rather than politicians – so that he can take independent action as and when required. Judiciary should never be suppressed even in presence of Emergency for internal security – where local police man becomes a judge and take brutal action without any answerability. I have read many books on imposition of Emergency last time and settlements of personal grievances by police and politicians. <br />Justice delayed is justice denied. You may say judges are human and can make mistakes. But in fact judges are above human beings ( Panch Parmeshwar – Jumman Shekh and Aglu Choudhary). <br />Only one solution. Right or wrong?We must have a totally independent judiciary with new and all powerful body like F.B.I.(Public grievances committees0. F.B.I. with agents like 007 – having licence to kill, under the command of honest independent judiciary is the only answer.<br />In continuation of my previous reply, I want to clarify my statements.The democratic government is dependent on maintenance of "Law & Order" situation, without any discrimination.<br />The Law is the responsibility of Judiciary and Order is the responsibility of IAS or IPS. The Judiciary is independent but the IAS and IPS & all like IFS etc. are under the cover of politically elected "parliament". There are no eligibility criteria for voter and to be voted. This parliamentary body decides the order situation. They make Laws & Clause. The Administrative agents act only as an executioner of the order mostly under the influence of politically elected Bahubalis.<br />Here is the root cause of all corruption. Here is the Fault. If our administrators are given power to execute the orders of judiciary directly, most of the problem of this country will be solved. You will have a dedicated cadre of people of high intellect on which a common man can be dependent.In the present scenario we really feel the "election" as a social burden. Any party wins anywhere in the country, nothing changes. If any good happens, it is by some politician only. The ground workeris always forgotten. So I strongly recommend that we must act to dissociate the IAS lobbyfrom politically elected body. We have to make both parties answerable, and accountable. There should be strict punishment if anyone of them found guilty on any account. Incentive and punishment are fundamentals of good governance. The previous Chief justice of India Mr. Balkrishanan is now under scrutiny for wealth more than income. Justice Dinanath awaiting trial. Political appointment of judges will always have problems of favouritisms (a form of corruption). <br />Selection of Judges and even High court & Supreme Court judges must be very strict. It must be the toughest examination even more than IAS, IFS, IPS, and other administrative post examinations. I even don’t mind if we keep a Gestapo check on them. We do this for most of our politicians, then why not for these judges and administrators.<br />As a right for information, I want to know about the number of family members of Indian Administrative Services, settled outside India. It should also include the numbers of politician’s family members settled abroad. For these people health of India has no meaning. The word “Patriotism” carries no meaning as their future has already been secured outside India.<br />