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  1. 1. TOPIC- Introducing electoral reforms to reduce the influence of money and muscle power in politics TEAM-G.KARTHIK,C.H.KARTHIK,L.LPRAVEEN,P.PRANEETH,R.V.B.TEJARAM
  2. 2. “You should be the change you wish to see in this world” -Mahatma Gandhi causes • Misuse of money and muscle power • Criminalisation of politics • Non-Serious Candidates in Political Parties The election at present are not being hold in ideal conditions because of the enormous amount of money required to be spent and large muscle power needed for winning the elections. The major defects which come in the path of electoral system in India are: money power, muscle power, criminalization of politics, poll violence, booth capturing, communalism, castism, non-serious and independent candidates etc
  3. 3. We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate. -Frank McKinney "Kin" HubbardCriminalization of Politics: During the election period, newspapers are usually full of information about the number of criminals in the field sponsored by every party. The reason of the criminals behind entrance to politics is to gain influence and ensure that cases against them are dropped or not proceeded with. They are able to make it big in the political arena because of their financial clout. Political parties tap criminals for fund and in return provide them with political patronage and protection. Muscle Power: Violence, pre-election intimidation, post election , victimisation, most of the riggings of any type, booth capturing both silent and violent are mainly the products of muscle power. These are prevalent in many parts of the country like Bihar, Western Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. and this cancerous disease is slowly spreading to south like in Andhra Pradesh, Criminalization of politics and politicalisation of criminals..
  4. 4. "Great thinkers think inductively, that is, they create solution and then seek out the problems that solution might solve." -Joey Reiman TPI (TERM PERFORMANCE INDEX) SUGGESTED ELECTORAL REFORMS  TPI ,term performance index ,is the survey made by separate governing body.  It makes a survey on the promises made in the manifesto versus the promises that were fulfilled and sets a average TPI value
  5. 5.  The committee comprises of IAS officers, doctorates and whose identities are kept veiled.  This committee is independent and the officers in it are elected by the election commission.  Officers identities are kept veiled so that they cannot be compelled from being bribed.  This survey is made based on the ruling party’s manifesto .  This independent governing body sets up a average TPI value.  This implies the view and intention of political party towards public.  The political party with lesser TPI value is not eligible for contesting in its upcoming elections .  The political party which couldn’t reach the average TPI value may be considered as its failure in serving the public. The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. TPI-committee -Adlai E. Stevenson
  6. 6. How it works…  A candidate before contesting in election should need to participate in a debate between the public and their representative of that tenure.  Here, they will be questioned about the progresses and developments that were made are brought during his tenure.  Their properties will be scrutinized from their starting to the end of tenure, whenever they are questioned, as per RTI Act.  They need to fulfill the public needs at any time, as they are their representatives.  From this, the public comes to know about the progress and developments brought by representatives during their tenure.  Even a non-ruling party candidate is also questioned in the debate, about their service to public  The people’s representatives of that tenure will be given a rating through the debate, and TPI-value they have achieved in that tenure. Rome was not built in a,never expect the change to happen so requires patience.
  7. 7.  In case, if any representative is found to be involved in any corruption or belongs to a criminal background, then their cases should be solved quickly with the help of fast track courts  Law should be made in such away that all elected candidates, once contested or once an elected representative fall under this category of law. They will be under direct prosecution for instant justice, and once convicted, they are not allowed to participate in the election.Also,the people convicted previously are also not allowed.  Judges of fast track or instance justice should be put under vigilance  Also, a small amount of budget is provided to these courts from the election commission  The Election commission should be given a more autonomous position and should be answerable only to certain authorities.  Finally, the ruling party gets a particular TPI-value for their tenure of 5yrs  Depending on this TPI-value and average TPI-value prefixed, the people will decide whether the party can contest in election the following year.  The above procedure may be considered as a modification for REPRESENTATION OF PEOPLE’S ACT. Role of Fast track courts and Election commission History is gossip but scandal is gossip made tedious by morality. -Oscar Wilde
  8. 8. RIGHT TO RECALL “The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” -Thomas Jefferson  "Right To Recall (RTR)" is a proposed law in India that would allow voters to recall their candidates before their term ends and request Election Commission for fresh elections.[1]  Proposed by a Non Registered group called Right to Recall Group this law will reduce corruption and give more power to the citizens.  At present, there is no provision in the Indian Constitution or in the Representation of People's Act-1951 for the recall of a duly elected member. In India, provision for recall exists at the level of local bodies in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Through this decision the power is given directly to the electorate if two-thirds of the registered voters of a particular constituency sign a petition, the government can take steps for removal of the corporator.  Presently those who are elected once for five years, barring exceptions, do not turn to their respective constituencies and lose the confidence of the electorates. Many of them do not dare to stand for the same constituency. It has been observed that some of the elected representatives remained silent spectators in their respective Houses throughout five years. Under this extenuating position, electorates are helpless and wait for up to five years to make a change. Thus, this is shear wastage of time and money, besides hampering the development in their respective constituencies. The exact process and form of a recall election varies in different countries.
  9. 9. “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” -Abraham Lincoln  To cleanse the Indian political system, work load of Election Commission does not matter. But after the hard work done by the Election Commission, if we get a representative having impeccable character this is not a bad bargaining in the existing system. It provides the electorate the power to remove the elected representatives who fail toper form their role in a satisfactory manner and who grossly neglect their duties.  These are the landmark reforms in our electoral system and if introduced at the state and national levels, these would go a long way in strengthening one of the features of our democracy which is in peril today. ALLOTMENT OF 5% OF SEATS FROM EACH INDIVIDUAL POLITICAL PARTY CONTESTING IN ELECTIONS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO CANDIDATES WHO ARE ECONOMICALLY BACKWARD There are many such reforms suggested by various institutes and organizations like—  Restriction on the Number of Seats from which One May Contest  Compulsory Maintenance of Accounts by Political Parties and Audit thereof  All Officials Appointed in Connection with Conduct of Elections to be included in Clause (7) of Section 123  Appointment of Appellate Authority in Districts against Orders of 10 Electoral Registration Officers
  10. 10. CONCLUSION AND REFERENCES  Finally a mature electorate is the only guarantee for a real democracy. If voters will shun the criminal, the corrupt, the political grasshopper, or, will not be deceived by false promises of free food, clothing, free electricity and so on, but realize that they are electing a government for themselves and not exercising a patronage in favor of their kith and kin, their neighbour or members of their caste or religious fraternity.  We have vain gloriously boasted about our unity in diversity which is an illusion. When the American Constitution was framed, there was no American Nation. There were settlers from all parts of the Globe. But they welded themselves into a Nation. There must be a national endeavor to build an Indian Nation based on equality and fraternity. REFERENCES‎‎,+ELJ+paper,+Reforming+India's..‎ › Opinion › Lead‎