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Better Elections For A Better India

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  1. 1. POLL REFORM INDIA © www.pollreformindia.com
  2. 2. Every Citizen of India wants it to be Free from “3C’s”- C for Communalism, C for Casteism and C for Corruption. Most of the People who represent us follow either of these 3C’s, So we need to get rid of them and elect better people. Electoral Reforms is the answer to the problem. © www.pollreformindia.com
  3. 3. You Pick up candidate of any party, Candidates are selected on the basis of their Religion ,Caste, Money and Muscle Power, instead of qualities like Education, administrative skills etc. The Electoral Process which helps in running the whole country is full of loopholes and need radical reforms. This also results in massive corruption.   © www.pollreformindia.com
  4. 4. Every Political Party should select their candidates not on the basis of Religion or Caste, But on the basis of his/her qualities and work. If a political party uses ‘Religion or Caste’ during Election Campaign and selects candidates on that basis, then a strong law must be in place against such parties, In fact they should be derecognized. © www.pollreformindia.com
  5. 5. Criminalisation of Politics This is one of the most important reasons for the falling standards of our polity. To prevent muscle power in politics, a strong law should be in place and every political party should have the moral responsibility to stop such elements from entering into their organisation.   © www.pollreformindia.com
  6. 6. Constitution is Supreme.  The Election Commission of India has time and again proposed Electoral Reforms, But the Political System has not implemented these reforms.  संविधान सर्वोच्च है  | भारतीय निर्वाचन आयोग ने  कई बार चुनाव सुधार प्रस्तावित किये है , पर राजनितिक तंत्र   इन सुधारों को लागू करने में  कामयाब नहीं   हुए   है  | © www.pollreformindia.com
  7. 7. This Campaign urges the Government to implement those reforms as soon as possible. ‘Poll Reforms India’ would Create Better Governance and would immensely benefit the image of Indian Politicians यह अभियान सरकार से इन प्रस्तावों को जल्द लागू करने का आग्रह करता है | ‘ चुनाव सुधार भारत ’ बेहतर शासन प्रदान करेगा और इससे भारतीय राजनीतिज्ञों की छवि में भी सुधार आएगा | © www.pollreformindia.com
  8. 8. POLL REFORM INDIA MAJOR PROPOSALS © www.pollreformindia.com
  9. 9. ‘ None of the Above’ Option on Ballot Paper © www.pollreformindia.com
  10. 10. State Funding of Elections © www.pollreformindia.com
  11. 11. The Campaign Material must be allotted by Election Commission , according to a fixed quota. © www.pollreformindia.com
  12. 12. The Election Commission should bring a provision which makes it mandatory for candidates to declare atleast 3 tasks for ‘Social Service’ which they have undertaken and have benefited the society by that. © www.pollreformindia.com
  13. 13. Candidates with Criminal Charges which has a punishment upto 5 years must be disqualified to fight an Election. Politically motivated cases must be checked by courts © www.pollreformindia.com
  14. 14.   Political Parties be legally required to get their accounts audited annually. TMC AIADMK JD (U) INC © www.pollreformindia.com
  15. 15. Misuse of religion/caste by political parties can be questioned in High Courts during elections   © www.pollreformindia.com
  16. 16. More stringent punishments for Electoral Offences such as Bribing Voters. Right Now Fine is Rs 500 (1920 Act) © www.pollreformindia.com
  17. 17. Candidate should be barred to contest if he/she fails to lodge electoral expenses © www.pollreformindia.com
  18. 18. Legal action in a court of law be taken if a candidate shows a false affidavit © www.pollreformindia.com
  19. 19. Only a candidate who is a member of a political party for at least 3 years must be given an election ticket.   © www.pollreformindia.com
  20. 20. In the context of Right to Education, The Election Commission should make a mandatory educational qualification, minimum upto class 12 for candidates standing in elections. © www.pollreformindia.com
  21. 21. Every Seat should be declared a “Women Seat After 2 Elections. There should be minimum 33% Women Reservation © www.pollreformindia.com
  22. 22. These are some basic Electoral Reforms which “Poll Reform India” is proposing. To Join the Campaign- Visit: www.pollreformindia.com © www.pollreformindia.com
  23. 23. Our Aim: If we want to dream of a society, free of 3c’s (Communalism, Casteism and Corruption) then we would like to see these provisions implemented in letter and in spirit , so that we can create Mahatma’s India. © www.pollreformindia.com
  24. 24. JAI HIND © www.pollreformindia.com