Byke Workshop with Bangalore Bykers Club


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Presentation we use at the Byke Workshops we do at the various Corporates, Apartments, Colleges, etc.

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  • Ok. Although the presentation stated that its about surviving a bicycle commute in Bangalore, that was just to pique your interest. I would like to change it to “How to Enjoy a bicycle commute in Bangalore” My Name is Rohan and I am representing a community of over 600 bikers in the city many of which regularly commute by bicycle.
  • average child has a shorter life expectancy than his parents inactivity and obesity are compromising out health global warming is threatening our future congestion is eroding our patience and mobility
  • I want you to commute cause I want a better Bangalore for myself. I want to be able to peacefully ride in the city without all you guys sitting all by yourself in your air conditioned cars whizzing past me spewing out pollution.
  • Save Time - For most city commutes, a bicycle gets you there faster: door to door.Save Your Body - Riding to work helps you get fitter as you go about your daily business. Cycling therefore tends to be a more sustainable route to staying trim than, say, making time to visit the gym.Save Your Brain - The endorphin-enducing ride to work makes you more alert. The ride home helps you wind down.Save the PlanetSave Money - Compared with using public transport or running a car, biking is very cheap. Poll states they save atleast Rs 2000 per month
  • these are again numbers drawn up by asking the biking community. We have a few real numbers out there of folks who regularly commute on a bicycle. And its astounding that in most cases folks seem to be moving faster on their bicycles . For most city commutes, a bicycle gets you there faster: door to door.
  • Safety on the bicycle is a common question. And the best part is most folks who commute on the bicycle think its safe whereas all the rest think its not ! We recently asked the biking community how safe they felt on their bicycles while commuting. A majority of which were neutral. (The really safe is me :D ) Im sure if you put out a similar survey for motorists the numbers saying that their commute is unsafe is going to be higher than this. The Jist - bicycling is safe. So lets get that excuse out.
  • This is to give you an idea of the kind of distances folks commute on a daily basis. Distance, slopes and bad roads are things of the past with a good bicycle. These bicycles take all this in their stride and give a consistent good ride.
  • The bicycle is extraordinarily efficient in both biological and mechanical terms. It is the most efficient self-powered means of transportation in terms of energy
  • These are some issues most bikers deal with
  • Einstein apparently thought about his famous equation E=mc(2) when he was on a bicycle The wright brothers used to own a bicycle shop and that knowledge played a major role in the first airplane Bush - well. Bush rides a bike :)
  • Byke Workshop with Bangalore Bykers Club

    1. 1. Byke Workshop with the Bangalore Byking Community
    2. 2. How Much??? Please switch off your mobiles or silence them and think about how much you spend on them.
    3. 3. It's not my problem! Imagine an ambulance amidst this with you and your loved ones. On an average a Bangalorean loses an hour in traffic each day! Check this presentation
    4. 4. What's in it for me? The average American will spend almost a full work week in traffic, according to a new study by the Texas Transportation Institute. The 38 hours per year the average commuter spends stuck in their car every year means 26 extra gallons of gas and $710 per person. Source: -in-traffic.html
    5. 5. What's in it for the Organization? Mass Trasnport Solution
    6. 6. Flabulous or Fabulous? Weight-loss programmes? Honey, do I look fat? Love handles? Old Clothes? Foodie? Age? If you can't think straight blame it on your genes but if you can't fit into your jeans...
    7. 7. So what are we talking about? Anup at 88 Kilos!!!
    8. 8. Yet Another Example Says it all! :))
    9. 9. 5 Good Reasons • Save time • Save your body • Save your brain • Save the planet • Save money “Each morning I wake up torn between the desire to change the world and to enjoy it.” One can always enjoy it a little responsiby Be an agent of Global Cooling! :)
    10. 10. Fat se Fit Fatafat! • Cardio exercise comes for free – ur heart smiles... • No mental stress – what's that? • You feel good – gr8 actually! • Immunity – say good bye to medical bills! • Endorphin inducing ride to work makes you more alert. • Ride home helps you wind down – sleep like a baby! :) • Chuck RSIs / Spondylitis / Arthritis out of ur dictionary! • The water intake shoots up which is good Be a cardiac patient or a _possible_ road kill. The choice is ur's! An article on Bupa.
    11. 11. Adam's Ale – What's yours? You lose about 3-4 litres of water everyday! How much do you take in? If you are not the optimal temperature is 10°C to 15°C taking around 4-5 litres of water in any form you are dehydrated. Coffee/Coke/Tea don't help!!! Source:
    12. 12. Just Chill... The optimal temperature Is 10 to 15 degrees centigrade. the optimal temperature is 10°C to 15°C
    13. 13. How Safe? • Cycle Reacts faster to your reflexes. • Impact at 30-40 kmph • Accident Stats o o o Pedestrian accidents: 44% Cycle accidents : 5% Source:MoU A detailed article – Is Cycling Safe on Indian Roads?
    14. 14. Percentage Share of Accidents Source: Road Accidents in India 2009
    15. 15. Source: Road Accidents in India 2009
    16. 16. Saving the 'Buck' (Pun intended) I spend my money on Bykes, Burgers, Pizza & Donuts! What about u? Your average expense on : • Fuel per year • Medicines annually • The gym annually • Vehicle Maintenance An article on how some techies saved $3000 in a year Switching to byking!
    17. 17. The Fast and NOT so Furious! :) • Bangalore traffic o o o o 21 km in 55 mins (Ravi) 11 km in 30 mins (Rohan) 6 km in 12 mins (Pramod) 4 km in 15 mins (Siva) • Average: 22kms/hr (any other mode?) ( however fictitious the numbers may look, they are all accurate ) Look at the extensive study here done by Manoj. Another article here.
    18. 18. Smile your way through...
    19. 19. Slipping through... Slip through the traffic like it didn't exist! :)
    20. 20. How can I cycle so much? • • • • Kiran Kumar does 60 km Renny does about 52 km Ravi does about 43 km Rohan does about 22 km They cycle each day and enjoy it too! (not fictitious, still actuals)
    21. 21. Fun is it? Its all about having fun! :) ( not fictitious, still actuals )
    22. 22. Beating the Pollution... • Breathe through the nose • Get a pollution mask • Fly through junctions Srini sporting the mask says people won't mess with you with that look! ;)
    23. 23. No Buts! (pun intended) • Stinky • Bath – get it done! • Deo’s • Swim • Pollution • Sun Tan/Burn – “Mera complexion!” • Mugging / Eve teasing • Traffic, congestion n safety • The saddle is too tiny and my ... hurts!
    24. 24. Issues? • Tired - Not as much as in your car (Stressed) • Time - Commuting and Gyming at the same time. You actually save time • Rain - Mudguard or just enjoy it • Fit - I am not fit enuf - let me get fit first!
    25. 25. Real Issues? • Parking • Lack of respect on the road • Social mindset towards a person on a bicycle • Lack of knowledge of what a good bicycle means • No cycle lanes – who needs them anyway? See some of the activities of RAC-F in this area
    26. 26. Kick start err pedal up! • • • • • • • Daily routine - Commute to Work Get a biking partner - Do it now Good bike - Flaunt it ☺ Put on your favorite music Join the community Rent a byke and test it Seek help on the forum
    27. 27. Mera wala byke Hybrids – Bergamont – KHS Ultra – Specialized – Trek, Kona, Bianchi, etc Mountain bikes – KHS Alite 150 – Trek 3500, 3700, 3900 & Trek 4300 – Merida Sub 10, 15, 20, 40, etc – Btwin Rockrider 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, etc – Scott Aspect Series Road bikes (Good bikes start only over 30K) – Hero Hawk & BSA Mach < 5K – Btwin – Trek, Merida, Scott, etc Check how to pick a bike? Get a generic bike that allows you to do a lot more stuff! :)
    28. 28. Beware of BSOs and... Source: Source: Why NOT to buy a BSO?
    29. 29. Right Frame Size – A Must! Your Height (foot, inches) Your Inseam Length (inches) Bike Frame Size (inches) Bike Frame Size 4'11" - 5'3" 25” - 27” 13” - 15” S 5'3" - 5'7" 27" - 29" 15” - 17” S/M 5'7" - 5'11" 29" - 31" 17” - 19” M/L 5'11" - 6'2" 31" - 33" 19” - 21” L 6'2" - 6'4" 33" - 35" 21” - 23” XL Find the frame size you need using this frame size calculator. A more detailed sizing table is available here.
    30. 30. And the saddle height? You’ll be most efficient if your seat is the right height and your knees and balls of your feet are in line. Your knee is bent at around a 25 to 30 degree angle. Too low. It will make it harder to pedal. If you want to travel a long distance, it will soon become tiring. Too high. Your knee is locked. For step-by-step instructions, visit this site. There are various techniques to set the saddle height check here. To calculate bike fit check this.
    31. 31. Ooh Aah Ouch! Back Posture – Core Engaged! Check this presentation.
    32. 32. Ankling & Feet Posture Foot position A useful resource on bike fitting can be found here. One on pain points.
    33. 33. Gear Shifting wrt Chain
    34. 34. Some Famous Bykers The CEO of Philips & BIAL. ➢ VP, Accenture, India ➢ ➢ Founder of Cadem Wright Brothers CTO of Strand life Sciences ➢ Many many more! :) ➢ Stars on Bikes! ➢
    35. 35. Why not? • • • • • • Others are doing it Safer Greener Healthier Cheaper More fun Just get your BumsOnTheSaddle TM
    36. 36. The man the machine... • 18 eggs a day, on Wednesdays bikes to Mysore and back and to Mysore and back. • 600 Kms in 24 hours • Runs to Mumbai and cycles back in 22 days. Samim Rizvi
    37. 37. Lies, damned lies and statistics! Transport Mode share Bangalore Intermediate Public Transit 7% Cars 8% Walk 26% Walk Bicycles 2 Wheelers Public Transport Cars Intermediate Public Transit Bicycles 7% Public Transport 35% 2 Wheelers 17% While 5600 BMTC buses transport about 40 lakh people daily, 20 lakh cars carry about 25 lakh people! So much for Car Pooling...
    38. 38. Ad for Car Pooling – How bout Cycling?:)
    39. 39. Make a style statement! Photos taken from
    40. 40. Byke Workshops Be an agent of chnange - Spread the Byke Flu - contagious just like a Smile! :)
    41. 41. Byke Maintenance Workshops Byke Clinics to deal with the Byke Flu! :) << THEN BOTS, Decathlon Stores, etc. Doing workshops on basic maintenance - BMWs NOW >>
    42. 42. BOTS University Visit there happening blog!
    43. 43. Critical Mass Visit the blog
    44. 44. Do you have it in you? BBCh
    45. 45. BSA Tour oF Nilgiris “The 900km+ bicycle ride called the Tour oF Nilgiris (TFN) is the longest organised bicycle ride in the country with the highest participation. A quick introduction to the TFN can be found in Wikipedia. Also, visit the site
    46. 46. Tandem Trails ➢ ➢ ➢ A very enthusiastic group of cyclists who are keen to promote cycling by conducting weekend Cycling Trails. They also offer customized cycling tours and corporate group Trails. Organized Trails to exotic locations like Chikamagalur, Coorg and Waynad so far and more to come. There is more!
    47. 47. References 1. - a cool group to join 2. - learn about bike safety 3. a forum to discuss bikes 4. - watch cool videos 5. - a NGO promoting byking 6. - for race enthusiasts 7. - a lot of useful information 8. - a 900+ km tour of the Blue Mountains 9. - donate your old bike for a student
    48. 48. References ➢ ➢ Stores – – –!contact/c24vq – – ➢ Touring – - organized tours – - organized tours – - one of the better tours ➢ Rentals - ➢ Second Hand bikes -
    49. 49. ?