Survey Results - London Cyclists


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The results of a survey, asking 170 cyclists about their cycling habits and how they would improve cycling in London.

The survey forms part of a project to design products to encourage more people to cycle in London.

Note - this is not an official survey

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Survey Results - London Cyclists

  1. 1. Design can encourage more people to cycle.<br />A survey of 170 cyclist in London<br />© Lee Washington <br />
  2. 2. How do you find cycling in London?<br />Enjoyable but occasionally frustrating, scary and dangerous especially for novice cyclists.<br />Great, very enjoyable. Once you get past the initial &apos;fear&apos;, which puts most people off.<br />excellent cycling city - Flat, and generally don&apos;t have too much trouble in traffic<br />It&apos;s terrible.<br />I like the buzz<br />Usually fun, sometimes scary...<br />good fun for the most<br /> Love and hate relationship.<br />Very rewarding.<br />fast and congested<br />Exhilerating. Probably for the wrong reasons.<br />Fun, Thrilling, a necessity and a hobby.<br /> Atrocious<br />Very exciting.<br />since cycling I have a renewed appreciation for the city<br />Fun, Frustrating, Dangerous, Enjoyable, Fast, Economical<br />
  3. 3. How safe do you feel?<br />75% feel safe<br />25% feel unsafe<br />
  4. 4. How safe do you feel?<br />I feel safe but there’s nothing you can do about potential idiot drivers.<br />I feel everyone on 2 wheels in London is inherently unsafe.<br />There are some proper bastards out there<br />Drivers don&apos;t seem to realise how vulnerable cyclists are<br />safe, but only because I am careful<br />as soon as you feel safe, you&apos;ll be in trouble<br />riding regularly its not a question of if but when you will be involved in an accident. all you can do is minimise risk as much as possible.<br />If car drivers/coach drivers and taxi drivers were more observant and/or considerate I&apos;d feel very safe.<br />its not true that a cyclist is totally safe, even the most street wise ones<br />I ride defensively, trying to anticipate problems, so *usually* feel in control of the situation<br />Getting more dangerous thanks to other rubbish cyclists. <br />I&apos;m a decent rider. Drivers, peds, other cyclists are the problem!!!!<br />
  5. 5. How often do you ride in London?<br />89% everyday<br />6% a few times a month<br />3% at weekends<br />2% a few times a year<br />
  6. 6. How far do your commute?<br />43% commute five to ten miles <br />35% commute more than ten miles<br />20% commute one to five miles<br />1% commute less than a mile <br />
  7. 7. Have you ever been involved in an accident?<br />61% have had an accident<br />the following causes were given,<br />52% car<br />15% pedestrian<br />8% car door<br />6% taxi<br />5% van<br />4% bus<br />3% rider error<br />2% motorbike<br />2% pothole<br />1% another cyclist<br />
  8. 8. Where do you store your bike when at home?<br />59% in my house<br />16% garage<br />14% shed<br />7% in my garden<br />2% on my balcony<br />1% bike stand near my home<br />
  9. 9. Have you encouraged a friend to also cycle?<br />85% of cyclists have encouraged a friend to cycle<br />
  10. 10. What did you tell them about cycling in London?<br />That it wasn&apos;t as bad as it seems in the media<br />I lied. I told them it was safe, fun and it was good for London and them.<br />It&apos;s great fun an the best way to see our wonderful town<br />its health by stealth<br />It&apos;s faster, healthier, more reliable and not half as unsafe as it looks.<br />That is was a question of when not if an accident will happen so minimise risks.<br />don&apos;t be intimidated by cars! the roads belong to cyclists just as much as cars.<br />It&apos;s quick<br />Piece of cake!<br />To be as visible as possible.<br />Told them it can be scary to begin, but you get used to it. <br />I lied, I told him he would get more sex.<br />Just do it!<br />Be careful of drivers in south London<br />Don&apos;t. Ride a bike nearly anywhere else, but in London get the tube and the bus, &apos;cos the motorists there are simply malicious.<br />Not as bad as people say.<br />It sucks, worst place for cycling in Europe.<br />Ride like you drive: assertive, fast and as if everyone&apos;s out to kill you. Which they are.<br />
  11. 11. What are the downsides of cycling?<br />32% having my bike stolen<br />19% being sweaty<br />17% lack of cycle parking<br />17% carrying a lock <br />10% carrying a helmet around<br />6% no where to put my bike in my home<br />
  12. 12. How would you improve cycling in London?<br />21% more education and training<br />19% improved cycle lanes<br />17% change the law to benefit cyclists<br />10% more parking<br />7% limit or ban HGVs<br />6% fewer vehicles<br />3% reduce bike theft<br />
  13. 13. How would you improve cycling in London?<br />manhole covers/grids with asphalt on for grip, and level with the road surface<br />reduce speed limits, remove cycle lanes,<br />I&apos;d ban lorries from entering the central zone.<br />create more incentives for more people to cycle. larger and more comprehensive cycle lanes.<br />there are special TV ads for motorbikers, why not us?<br />Decrease HGV presence.<br />Get more kids on bikes - more cycling to school<br />Reduce/Remove lorries in central london. THE most important matter in cycling in London right now.<br />Helmets save lives, worth making more people aware of that for sure.<br />safer places to lock your bike where there is security.<br />more cycle lanes<br />No HGVs and more facilities for Cycle Sport in General.<br />change drivers (the general public&apos;s) attitude and awareness of cyclists<br />Education, Education, Education (drivers and cyclists).<br />Stop passing laws like allowing cyclists to go the wrong way up 1 way streets. It causes resentment.<br />proper cycling lanes. safe places to keep the bike like mini sheds (some stations have these).<br />