DCMI/ASIS&T Conference Roundup


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Presented as part of the MCN 2010 Conference Roundup (http://mcn2010.pbworks.com/Conference+Round-up)

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DCMI/ASIS&T Conference Roundup

  1. 1. •  @dublincore   •  #dcmi10   •  Proceedings  Available   h8p://dcpapers.dublincore.org/ojs/pubs   •  A8endance   –  Library,  informaBon  science   –  Industry   –  InternaBonal   •  Conference  rotates  between  Asia,  North  America  &  Europe   –  Next  Year,    Europe  TBA  
  2. 2. •  DCMI  Highlights     – Community  is  acBvely  struggling  with  the   necessity  of  the  DC  Abstract  Model  and  its   relaBonship  to  RDF   – ImplicaBons  for  the  DC  ApplicaBon  Profile   specificaBon   – Focus  on  “linked  data”  and  implicaBons  for  DCMI   recommendaBons  
  3. 3. •  Papers   –  The  Case  for  Implemen0ng  Core  Descrip0ve   Embedded  Metadata  at  the  Smithsonian   Christensen  &  Dunlap       –  The  One  to  One  Principle:  Challenges  to  Current   Prac0ce   Steve  Miller   –  Building  Metadata  Applica0on  Framework  for   Chinese  Digital  Library:  A  Case  Study  of  Na0onal   Digital  Library  of  China   Yunyun  Shen,  Long  Xiao,  Ying  Feng    
  4. 4. •  Posters   –  Towards  a  Premodern  Manuscript  Applica0on  Profile   Sheila  Bair,  Susan  Steuer     –  Universal  Access  to  Cultural  Heritage  Material:  The   Europeana  Resolu0on  Discovery  Service  for   Persistent  Iden0fiers   Lars  G.  Svensson   –  Crea0ng  Collec0on-­‐Level  Metadata:  A  TELDAP  Case   Study     Hsueh-­‐hua  Chen,  Chiung-­‐min  Tsai,  Ya-­‐Chen  Ho    
  5. 5. •  American  Society  of  InformaBon  Science  &   Technology  (ASIS&T)   – h8p://www.asist.org   – Established  in  1968   (formerly  the  American  DocumentaBon  InsBtute)   •  ASIS&T  and  MCN  have  held  a  joint  meeBng  in  the  past   – Conference  proceedings  published  by  the   AssociaBon  of  Computer  Machinery  (ACM)  Digital   Library      (but  many  can  be  found  in  individual   authors’  websites)  
  6. 6. •  @asist2010     –  #asist2010   –  In  conjuncBon  with:   •   the  InternaBonal  Conference  on  Knowledge  Management  (ICKM)   –  Workshops  like  GeNng  Started  with  Business  Taxonomy  Design     •  Dublin  Core  Metadata  IniBaBve   •  Four  tracks:   –  InformaBon  User/Behavior   –  InformaBon  Retrieval   –  InformaBon  Systems,  InteracBvity,  Design     –  Knowledge  Management  (industry)   –  InformaBon  in  Context  (economic,  cultural,  policy)  
  7. 7. •  Museum  Highlights   –  Beyond  Size  and  Search:  Building  Contextual  Mass  in  Digital  Aggrega0ons  for   Scholarly  Use   Carole  Palmer,  Oksana  Zavalina  and  Katrina  Fenlon   –  Digital  Cultural  Collec0ons  in  an  Age  of  Reuse  and  Remixes   KrisBn  R.  Eschenfelder  and  Michelle  Caswell   –  Explora0on  of  Adop0on  of  Preserva0on  Metadata  in  Cultural  Heritage   Ins0tu0ons:  Case  of  PREMIS   Daniel  Alemneh  and  Samantha  HasBngs   –  How  Historians  use  Historical  Newspapers   Robert  Allen  and  Robert  Sieczkiewicz   –  ImageSieve:  Exploratory  Search  of  Museum  Archives  with  Named  En0ty-­‐ Based  Faceted  Browsing   Yiling  Lin,  Jaewook  Ahn,  Peter  Brusilovsky  and  Daqing  He   –  Rule  Categories  for  Collec0on/Item  Metadata  Rela0onships   Karen  Wicke8,  Allen  Renear  and  Richard  Urban  
  8. 8. •  Papers  (con’t)   –  Katz  Out  of  the  Bag:  The  Broader  Privacy   Ramifica0ons  of  Using  Facebook   Shannon  Oltmann   –  How  and  Why  Scholars  Cite  on  TwiTer   Jason  Priem  and  Kaitlin  Light  Costello   –  Triggering  Memories  with  Online  Maps   S.  Tejaswi  PeesapaB,  Victoria  Schwanda,  Johnathon   Schultz  and  Dan  Cosley     –  Ques0ons  are  Content:  A  Taxonomy  of  Ques0ons  in  a   Microblogging  Environment   Miles  Efron  and  Megan  Winget  
  9. 9. Future  Events   •  ASIS&T  InformaBon  Architecture  Summit   March  30  -­‐  April  3,  2011   Denver,  CO   h8p://iasummit.org   •  Annual  MeeBng   October  7-­‐12,  2011   New  Orleans,  LA   •  Also  check  out  regional  chapters  for  events   h8p://asist.org/sigschapters.html