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Clothing and fashion


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Clothing and fashion

  1. 1. Clothing and Fashion inAncient and ModerntimeBy: Toktam Movassagh
  2. 2. Ancient MesopotamiaAncient Mesopotamians made their clothes fromnatural resources usually from wool or flax whichthey grew and harvested.The density of the clothes showed which seasonit would be worn in.The rich wore more expensive types of theclothing with the same style as the poor
  3. 3. Men wore skirt-like garments that tied at thewaist and they either shaved clean or had longbeards and hair.Women wore gowns that covered them fromshoulders to ankles with the right arm andshoulder left bare. They had long hair, usuallybraided or wrapped around their heads.Both men and women wore earrings andnecklaces.
  4. 4. Ancient EgyptClothing in Ancient Egypt was mostly made fromlinen which is woven from fibers of a flax plant.Wealthier people often wore garments of whitetransparent clothes.Practical loincloths and simple tunic dresseswere worn by workers but Egyptians oftenworked naked and servant girls sometimes onlywore belts.
  5. 5. Both men and women wore eye makeup and lipmakeup as well as black wigs made from wool orhair.The wealthy and the poor must wearrings, necklaces, and ear studs made from goldor beads.Egyptians would carry around their sandals andwear them only if needed.
  6. 6. Ancient GreeceLittle sewing was required for Greek clothing.Pins and folds created different designs andbeautifully spun fabrics as well as embroiderytrims showed quality.All wealthy Greeks wore makeup from colouredearths and berry juices.
  7. 7. Greek men wore very little clothes or none at all.In hot areas or events, men would often becomenude because it seemed practical.Unless a women was a dancer or aprostitute, they would have to be decentlycovered. Rich women had to cover their headsand lower faces in public to show the respectthey needed.Men and women usually were barefoot but woresandals in rough areas.
  8. 8. Modern CanadaClothing in Modern Canada is mainly made fromcotton, nylon and wool.Modern Canadians wear shoes inside and outbut because of the many mixed cultures inCanada, it is respectful to take off shoes insidewhich has now caught on in most Canadianhomes.
  9. 9. Women mostly wear skirts, dresses, pants and t-shirts during the summer time and sweaters andjackets during winter.Men mostly wear t-shirts, shorts and pants duringthe summer time and sweaters and jacketsduring winter.
  10. 10. Ancient RomeRomans mostly wore the toga, the tunic and thestoola and mostly used wool, cotton and silk asthe types of material they were made from.Accessories such as the brooch and breech wereused to hold the clothing together and decoratethe clothing as well. They used dye, eitherimported or made from local naturalsubstances, to give colour to the clothing.Roman clothing spoke for a personsgender, social statues and language.
  11. 11. Roman women mostly wore tunics and simplestola’s. Roman girls often wore white tunics wornbelow the knees secured with a decorative belt.Men and women usually wore more than onelayer.As with many other ancient cultures, the decipherbetween rich and poor was based on the type ofthe material used to make the clothing eventhough the styles may be similar.
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