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  1. 1. By: Téa Stuit
  2. 2. - The Civilizations developed in Mesopotamia near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers between 3000 and 300 B.C.E Developed impressive skills for making clothing. - They know this because evidence of this is still on sculptures and pottery - Earlier civilizations wore animal skins to protect themselves from the environment. - But the Mesopotamians figured out how to use wool. - Wool was the most commonly used fabric for making clothing.
  3. 3. - Mesopotamians had the most advanced sewing skills of their time. - Although no colour patterns were ever found they used dyes, beads and embroideries to make their clothing even more beautiful. - The women in Mesopotamia would wear long dresses made out of silk with lots of jewellery. - The men in Mesopotamia would wear skirts made out of leaves.
  4. 4. - Ancient Egyptians would wear light clothes made from linen. - Linen is made from flax which grew along the Nile River. Men -Men would wear rap around skirts that where tied with a belt. -Rich Egyptian men would wear very fine linen that was almost see through. Women -They wore full length straight dresses with one or two shoulder straps. -Rich Egyptian women decorated their clothes and wore jewellery and headdresses.
  5. 5. - Ancient Egyptians would also wear jewellery to show their wealth - They mostly went barefoot but wore sandals for special occasions - Egyptian men and women would wear makeup and they would use henna dye to dye their nails
  6. 6. - The ancient greeks would use wool to make their clothes in the winter for warmth and they used linen in the summer - They died tunics and cloaks in bright colours - They decorated clothes with geometric shapes they used these shaped to represent their city-state - Some clothes though where left plain - The rich would buy jewellery. Everyone made jewellery it was a very popular hobby.
  7. 7. - The main type of clothing that men would where was a tunic called a chiton. - Chiton’s where big pieces of cloths held together with pins at the shoulder with a belt at the weights - The main type of clothing women would where is similar to men but unlike men the dresses always went down to the ground . - Most greeks went barefoot but if they needed shoes they put on leather shoes or boots. - Wealthy people had coloured outfits instead of white.
  8. 8. - Canada for most of the year is a cold country so people wear warm clothes - Things like boots, jeans, jackets and much more - Canada is a multicultural country and all people wear different things - Also in Canada it can get quite cold in the winter and people wear things like snow gear and snow boots - In the summer though people in Canada wear basically the same thing as people in America.
  9. 9. Clothing of the inuit was mostly made out of animal skins and furs. They usually would wear many layers of clothing as protection from the cold weather caribou skin was the most common choice for clothing because it provided good insulation and was relatively light usually the init wore clothing with two layers of caribou skin they also sometimes used sea mammal intestines instead of hides because they provided more resistance to water
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