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Fashion clothing


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Fashion clothing

  1. 1. Fashion - Clothing
  2. 2. Fashion - Clothing Some brands Mens clothing (winter) Men’s clothing (summer) Accessories for menWomens clothing (winter)Women’s clothing (summer) Accessories for womanSome fashion magazinesSportswearA fashion photographer
  3. 3. Some brands
  4. 4. Men’s clothing (winter)Hoody Bonnet Jeans Gloves BootsCoat Scarf Suit
  5. 5. Men’s clothing (summer) ShoesShorts T-shirtPolo shirt Shirt Sun glasses
  6. 6. Accessories for men Belt Sun glassesWatchBracelet Beret Cap Tie
  7. 7. Women’s clothing (winter) JeanRaincoat s Suit Scarf Jacket Gloves
  8. 8. Women’s clothing (summer)Skirt Dress Blouse Suit Bikini Slipper
  9. 9. Accessories for woman Bra Rings Headba ndNecklace Hooks Wristband
  10. 10. SportswearTraining Tennis shoes, Polo shirt andsuit Cap, bag … trainers Cleats Socks
  11. 11. A fashion photographer The Spanish Eugenio Recuenco is consideredone of the best fashion photographers of today.His work is immensely creative, visually stunningand technically impeccable. He is ordered by thebig advertising agencies to produce images for thecampaigns of the best brands in the world offashion. He has photographed for Diesel, Mango,Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Vuitton, etc... Currentlyhe works exclusively for Vogue.