Olympics 5


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Olympics 5

  1. 1. From Port Richey to Sochi Athletes and Events By: Jennifer and Katelyn
  2. 2. American Kelly Clark Event: Snowboarding Olympic Awards:2 gold medals Hometown: West Dover, VT Sarah Hendrickson Event: Ski Jumping Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT Olympic Awards: None, this is her first Olympics!
  3. 3. Japanese Mao Asada Event: Figure Skating Olympic Awards: 1 Hometown: Nagoya Yuichi Onda Event: Cross Country Skiing Best Finish: 12th place Hometown: Tokyo
  4. 4. Jamaican Winston Watt Event: Bobsled Hometown: Birthday: 8-12-1967 Marvin Dixon Event: Bobsled Hometown: Kingston Birthday: 3-9-1985
  5. 5. Russian Slava Voynov Event: Hockey Age: 24 Fun Fact: Slava plays for the LA Kings! Yulia Lipnitskaya Event: Figure Skating Age: 15! Fun Fact: Yulia is homeschooled!
  6. 6. Curling • Curling is one of 4 Winter Olympic events held indoors • Curling is a 514 year-old sport that originated in Scotland • Curling is like a strategic version of shuffleboard that is on ice
  7. 7. Ice Skating • Figure skating can be done in pairs or by yourself • Speed skating is a race of who can finish a certain number of laps first • Speed skating consists of sprints and long-distance
  8. 8. Ski Jumping • Each athlete jumps twice, and the skier with the farthest jump wins • The only American to win a ski jump gold medal was Anders Haugen in 1924 • Skiers can ski at 60 mph and can fly farther than the distance of a football field • Women’s ski jumping was only added to the Olympics in 2011
  9. 9. Biathlon • Germany has the most gold medals in the biathlon • The biathlon consists of a course of skiing and shooting at targets • There are many different distances for the Olympic biathlon
  10. 10. Hockey • Hockey is a game in which 2 teams hit a puck around an ice rink • The object of the game is to have one team hit the puck into the other team’s goal more than the other team • Hockey gear can weigh up to 20 pounds!
  11. 11. Luge and Bobsled • Equipment: Bridge, gloves, grips, helmets, kufen, pod, raci ng suit, shoes, steel runners • They have no brakes on the sleds, so they only rely on steering! • Luge is the French word for “sledge”
  12. 12. Skiing • The skiing events are: cross country, alpine, freestyle, snowboard, Nordic combined, and ski jumping • Nordic combined consists of ski jumping and cross country skiing • The cross country course is 30 kilometers
  13. 13. Resources • • • • • • • • http://www.ussnowboarding.com/athletes/kelly-clark http://www.olympic.org http://i.nbcolympics.com/athletes/athlete=15082/index.html http://whoislog.info/profile/yuichi-onda.html http://jamaicanbobsled.com http://www.nbcolympics.com http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/4549/ http://www.infoplease.com/spot/winter-olympics-curling.html