Ice skating


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Ice skating

  1. 1. Ice Skating:My Favorite Pastime
  2. 2. Contents:• It’s Fun!• Great Exercise• Skating on the Canal
  3. 3. It’s Fun!• Great in groups or as a solo activity• Fresh air and nature sounds – what can be better?Fact:Louis Rubenstein (of Montreal) becamefigure skating “Champion of the Universe”in Russia, 1890 (Canadian Museum ofCivilization)
  4. 4. Louis RubensteinImage from
  5. 5. Great Exercise• Ice skating has less impact on joints than other aerobic activities like running, and it improves balance and increases endurance• Builds bone, raises your heart rate and works your upper arms and shouldersFact:One hour of recreational ice skating burnsapproximately 600 calories an hour(Associated Press, 2005)
  6. 6. Going SkatingImage from
  7. 7. Skating on the Canal• Over 7 kilometres from Dows Lake Pavilion• Change huts and snack stations at various locationsFact:The Rideau Canal Skateway is the worldslargest naturally frozen skating rink(Ottawa Tourism)
  8. 8. Rideau Canal SkatewayImage from
  9. 9. Summary• It’s Fun!• Great Exercise• Skating on the Canal
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