Olympic Games


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The given presentation discuss such topic as Olympic Games. Little is said about history and evelopment of the Olympics. There is a little bit of mythology, olympic symbols...More attention is given to winter Olympics and namely games in Sochi 2014.

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Olympic Games

  1. 1. Olympic Games Malaki M. 3lm3
  2. 2. Issues to discuss… • What is the mother country of the Olympic Games? • To whom were Olympic Games dedicated? • What are the Olympic Symbols? • What is the motto of the Olympic Games? • To what period of time the first Olympic Games can be traced to?
  3. 3. Historical Background • 776 BC – the year the Olympic Games were held • Close connection with Gods and religion • Were decreed to be banned in 393 AD by Emperor Theodosius as “pagan cults”
  4. 4. Historical Background • Women were first allowed to participate in 1900 at the second modern Olympic Games. • Because of World War I and World War II, there were no Olympic Games in 1916, 1940, or 1944. • Stockholm 1912 saw the last gold medals made entirely from gold
  5. 5. Games and Religion • were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult of Zeus • Had secular character • Were aimed to show the physical qualities and evolution of the performances accomplished by young people • owed their purity and importance to religion
  6. 6. A little bit of mythology… • The beginning of the Olympic Games is concerned with the oldest myth of Heracles. Zeus Cronus
  7. 7. A little bit of mythology… • The demigod Heracles staged Games in Olympia in honor of Zeus. Heracles Olympia
  8. 8. Victory Ceremonies Olive Tree Wreath kotinos Palm Branch Red Ribbons
  9. 9. Symbols of the Olympic Games • The Flag 5 interlocking rings represent 5 parts of the world : Americas Africa Asia Australia Europe
  10. 10. Symbols of the Olympic Games • Olympic Flame Symbolized the death and rebirth of Greek heroes. There was no torch relay in the ancient Olympics .
  11. 11. Symbols of the Olympic Games The Olympic Motto
  12. 12. Symbols of the Olympic Games • Olympic Medals
  13. 13. Symbols of the Olympic Games • Olympic Anthem Olympian flame immortal Whose beacon lights our way mblaze our hearts with the fires of hope On this momentous day Olympic light burn on and on O'er seas and mountains and pla Unite, inspire, bring honor To these ascending games
  14. 14. Symbols of the Olympic Games • The Olympic Oath an oath to commit to competition in sport within the rules without doping. First taken at the  1920 Summer Olympics by the athletes, this was expanded to the judges at the 1972 Winter Olympics, and at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, to the coaches.
  15. 15. Symbols of the Olympic Games • Olympic Emblem
  16. 16. Symbols of the Olympic Games • Three Olympic Pillars: Sport, education, culture
  17. 17. 2014 Winter Olympics • • • • 22nd Winter Olympics 7 to 23rd of February, 2014 Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia First Olympics in Russia since USSR breakup of 1991
  18. 18. 15 Sports of the Winter Olympics • Ice Sports :bobsled, luge, skeleton, figure skating, curling.
  19. 19. 15 Sports of the Winter Olympics • Alpine, Skiing and Snowboarding Events: alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding.
  20. 20. 15 Sports of the Winter Olympics • Nordic Events: biathlon, ski jumping, Cross-County skiing.
  21. 21. Sochi Olympics Budget: rumors or truth.. • Originally budgeted at US$12 billion • Real budget expanded to over US$51 billion • It surpassed the estimated $44 billion cost of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing as the most expensive Olympics in history.
  22. 22. Something interesting… • Sochi will be Americans first trip to the Soviet side of the planet for the Olympics. • Each medal weighs between 460 and 531 grams and takes 18 hours to produce. • The Olympic Village in Sochi will host
  23. 23. The start and finish line of the Olympic torch's path to Sochi.   • The torch will travel 40,300 miles on its way to Sochi • means of travel: car, plane, train, Russian troyka and even a sleigh pulled by reindeer.
  24. 24. Keep in mind.. 2014 7 th of february 20:14 by Moscow tiMe