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UrbášEk, JelíNek T Hrosiada


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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UrbášEk, JelíNek T Hrosiada

  1. 1. Hrosiada A sport competition in the basic school Hrochův Týnec
  2. 2. • Hrosiada – sport competition was on 16th October, Thursday • The weather was cold. • The 7 teams participated there. • There were 4 disciplines: jumping to lenth, running, relaying, throwing.. • Our school Hrochův Týnec was a winner in running. • A lot of candy for sale was there. • Pupils from our classrom and school were like audience. • They admired sportsmen. • There were funny disciplines too: for example riding a bike among the bottles and so on. • Our schoolmate won this cycling. • At the end of Hrosiada was the awarding ceremony, where the prizes were awarded. • And at the end of this competition we all went home. • It was a very interesting day.
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