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Olympics 4


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Olympics 4

  1. 1. Power Point
  2. 2.  The United States has the most medals all time in     Snow boarding having 19 and 7 gold. Switzerland and France are 2 and 3 having 9 and 8 medals. Shaun White is one of the best snow boarders in the United States. Two other top Olympic snowboarders, are Greg Bretz and Trevor Jacob. They will be competing to win the gold.
  3. 3.  For the country that has the most medals, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland are 1,2 and 3  Canada has 8, Switzerland has 5 and Sweden has 4.  Curling is a sport in which you glide a large, round stone and use brooms to push the stone into the desired marker.  The round stone is made out of granite.
  4. 4.  Switzerland has the most bobsled medals all time with 30.  Germany has 21 and the US has 20.  Bobsledding is a sport in which a team goes into a sled and races with other teams.  Steven Holcomb was the pilot of the “Nights Train” and helped capture the USA first gold medal since 1948.
  5. 5.  Austria has the most alpine skiing medals this year with 2.  Germany and Italy both have 1.  Alpine skiing is just down-hill skiing.  Bode Miller is aiming to be the first American Alpine skier to compete in 5 Olympics.
  6. 6.  Athletes that compete in the ski jump ski down a big slope and jump the farthest they can go.  Norway has the most ski jump medals of all time with 29.  Austria has 23 and Finland has 22 medals.  Nick Alexander finished first in the USSA National Championship.
  7. 7.  The US has 2 medals this year and Canada has 1.  It is used in a half pipe.  Nick Goepper faced geographical obstacles during his childhood.  He is a good freestyle skier and this is his first Olympics.
  8. 8.  Norway, France, and the Czech Republic all have 2 medals in the Sochi Olympics.  How it works: first competitors must ski five laps, four of which they must shoot targets with a .22 caliber rifle.  Tora berger is good at what he does.
  9. 9.  Hockey is a sport in which there are 5 players on each team.  You have to try and score a puck in the opponents goal.  Canada and the US are good hockey teams having 18 and 15 medals all time.
  10. 10.  Short track is a competition conducted on a 111 meter track on an international size hockey rink.  The skaters race in packs not pairs.  One of the best short track competitors is Viktor Ahn, who won the bronze in this years Olympics.
  11. 11.  Speed skating is the sport of competitive racing on specially designed skates, typically on an oval track.  Straphan Groothuis is one of the most well known speed skaters in the Olympics.  The Netherlands has 10 medals.  The Republic of Korea has 1 and Russia has 2.
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