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Filipa, 12M (EJR) researched about different ways to live our sexuality and used this ppt to inform and quiz her classmates.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Sexual Orientations0 Heterosexual0 Homosexual0 Bisexual0 Asexual0 Pansexual0 Object sexual orientation0 Ego-dystonic sexual orientation
  2. 2. Question timeWhich of the previous sexual orientations did you knowabout?Do you think there is some kind of “cure”?
  3. 3. History TimeHomosexual behaviour travels way back to ancientcultures, such as the Egyptian, the Greek or the Mayan.But, as old as it may be, untill not so longago, homosexuals where were denied several jobs andseveral social rights.
  4. 4. Question timeIs being a homosexual that hard nowadays?
  5. 5. Homosexuality in OUR realityAlthough homosexuality is accepted in ourculture, there’s still a lot of prejudice concerning thismatter.For a lot of people homosexuality represents a sin or adisrespect for decent conduct.
  6. 6. Question TimeWhat motivates people’s anger towards homosexuals?Does seeing two gay people kissing disgusts or troublesyou?
  7. 7. Hate generates…0 Isolation0 Low self-estem0 Depression0 Suicide
  8. 8. Question timeWhat would you do to solve this problem?How can victims defend themselves? Where can theyget support?
  9. 9. LGBTLGBT (originaly LGB) stands forLesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transexuals, Transvestis andtransgender.It is a powerful organization which promotes severalsocial movements and help for those in need of it.
  10. 10. What about OTHER realities?Several countrys countries consider homosexuality tobe a crime.Consequences:0 Paying a fine0 Community service0 Jail time0 Death sentence
  11. 11. Question TimeWho as has it worse?Though…is that enough to stop complaining?
  12. 12. Question timeWhat does being anything other than straight impliesimply? How does it affect someone’s life emotionally?
  13. 13. Controversial Topics0 Gay Marriage0 Adoption by gay families
  14. 14. Done by:0 Filipa D, 12M