Heavy metal culture


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When challenged to research about a topic that would never get covered in the English classes, Rodrigo chose the Heavy Metal Culture. Here is the ppt she used on her presentation to the class.

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Heavy metal culture

  1. 1. Where, When, How… …and Why?
  2. 2. CLASSICALWagner and the octobassBLUESA melancholic sound from the oppressed Deep South ...
  3. 3. Devil’s Note: the tritone – Bb(Portuguese translation: sí bemol) in the blues scaleLyrics: rebellion and liberation or extreme violence?Sound: massive loudness
  4. 4. Which band was first labelled as Heavy Metal?Alice CooperBlack SabbathBlue CheerDeep PurpleLed Zeppelin
  5. 5. Early Metal and Early PunkYear : mid 60’s to mid 70’sBands: Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin The Ramones, Sex Pistols ..
  6. 6. Heavy metal (often referred to simply as metal) – a genre of rock music developed in the late 60’s and early 70’s, mainly in the U.S. and in the U.K.The first Heavy Metal bands created a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, fast and complex beats, and a powerful sound.
  7. 7. As soon as Metal surfaced, the criticism started.The majority didn’t react well to the lyrics, thelooks and the atittude . They where wereconsidered disrespectful, rebelious, repulsive,horrible and even Dangerous.It was called “unsophisticated music forunsophisticated people”.
  8. 8. A new culture appears - The “Headbangers”(a.k.a. Metalheads)Who where were they?Why did this music ment mean so much to them?How did they act?What did they look like? .
  9. 9. P.M.R.C. (Parents Music Resource Center)  The Filthy Fifteen  Suicide and violent behaviour .
  10. 10. The 21st century “Boom of genres” – New wave of American metal, Folk metal…Difficulties that still persistThe non ending criticism
  11. 11. Rodrigo O., 12M (ESJR)