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  1. 1. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGYMINI PROJECTTITLE: Watch and review “BeautifulBoxer”.Review and summarisearticle/s on sexual orientation.Study on LGBT in Malaysia context
  2. 2. OUR GROUP MEMBERS….Nur Hidayah bt Abd RazakD20121057613Nur Arfah bt Ra’ilD20121057703Siti Nur ‘Atikah bt Mior AzizanD20121057612Siti Aida bt Abu BakarD20121057619Nurshaira Aisyah bt IsmailD20121057675
  4. 4. SYNOPSIS OF STORYInspired by a true story, this drama from Thailand tells the story of NongToom (Asanee Suwan), who was born in a small community where hisfamily struggled with poverty, and Nong Toom himself was the target ofbullies who made fun of his delicate nature. From his early childhood, NongToom felt more like a girl than a boy, and when he encounters a transsexualfor the first time, he comes to the realization that he also is a womantrapped in a mans body. While Nong Toom is not by his natureaggressive, one day he is forced to fight a bully to defend one of hisfriends, and he discovers he has a natural talent for kickboxing. Nong Toombegins training with a skilled kickboxing coach, Pi Chart (SorapongChatri), but despite the best efforts of Nong Toom and his best friend Pi Bua(Natcha Bootsri), the secret of his unorthodox sexuality leaks out. To hissurprise, Pi Chart accepts Nong Toom as he is, and boxing promoter Pi Mo(Somsak Tuangmukda) embraces his lifestyle as a marketable gimmick, asthe fighter now battles his opponents while wearing makeup -- and winsmore often than not; however, Nong Toom begins to alienate his newfollowing when he declares that his embrace of womens clothing andmakeup is not a joke and that hes saving his prize money to one day have asex-change operation. While Beautiful Boxer was based on the life story ofThai kickboxing champ Nong Toom Prinya Charoenphol, the fighter himselfdid not actively participate in the making of the film.
  5. 5. CASTAsanee Suwan as Nong ThoomSorapong Chatree as Pi ChartOrn-Anong Panyawong as Nong ThoomsmotherNukkid Boonthong as Nong Thooms fatherSitiporn Niyom as NatKyoko Inoue as herself (female Japanesewrestler)Sarawuth Tangchit as Nong Toom (as a boy)Keagan Kang as Jack the reporter
  6. 6. REAL “LADYBOY” IN THIS STORY IS :Parinya Charoenphol, a Muaythai boxerwho underwent a sex change operation tobecome a woman.As a child, she was already aware of herfemale gender-identity. After a short periodas a Buddhist monk, she started to train asa boxer, and eventually joined a boxingcamp in Chonburi. Her goal was to makeenough money to support her poor parentsand to pay for a sex-change operation.
  8. 8. MORAL OF THE STORY : nature vs nurtureIn this story what I can relate is the desire of Nong Thoom tobecome a woman is very strong even he know that he willfaced many difficulties from other people because of hisdecisions. He got his satisfaction by becoming a woman. Is itnature or nurture?? hardworking and responsible human have right to choose what better in their life. there are 100 ways solutions for 1 problem. don’t ever give up when have problem.
  10. 10. DEFINING SEXUAL ORIENTATIONBY GAIL S. BERSTEIN, PH.D Sexual orientation - a classical example of away to categorized people that is both widelymisunderstood and controversialOur culture is one that is both obsessed withsex and phobic about it Scientist & scholars - there is no oneuniversally accepted definition Homosexual - an adult whosefantasies, attachments and longings arepredominantly for persons of the same gender Heterosexual – are those for whomfantasies, attachments and longings arepredominantly for persons of the opposite
  11. 11. Bisexual – are those with fantasies,attachments and longings forpersons of both genderThis definitions distinguishesbetween orientation and identityOrientation – definitions applied toothers for scientific and scholarlypurposesIdentity – what we call ourselves,to the identity we each have as agay, lesbian, bisexual, orheterosexual person
  12. 12. SEXUAL ORIENTATION DISCRIMINATION : YOUR RIGHTS BY BARBARA KATE REPA (NOLO) Sexual orientation discrimination includes beingtreated differently or harassed because of yourreal or perceived sexual orientationFederal Law  There is no federal law that specifically outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the private sector.• Local Law  Many cities & counties prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in at least some workplace  Visit the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund website at
  13. 13. Gender Identity May Also be Protected State without specific statutes, courts have sometimes interpreted other antidiscrimination statutes, like those protecting individuals based on their gender, to include gender identityCompany Policies Prohibit such conduct & often provide disciplinary guidelines for dealing managers who discriminate, up to & including termination of employmentOther Laws Harassment Assault Battery Invasion of privacy Defamation
  14. 14. LGBTcontext in Malaysia
  15. 15. GAY CASE IN MALAYSIAWritten by Sean Yoong date 8 Jun 2012in the•The gay couples who are known as Nyeo Boon Lin had married with PhineasNewborn III.•Nyeo Boon is a Malaysian born. He is aChinese man.•Phineas Newborn III is an African-American.•In this case, Phineas Newborn IIIhad been a husband to Sean Yoong.•They had made their wedding in Malaysia, a year after their wedding in New York.•In the reception was found that small, heart-shaped chocolates wrappedChinese-language notes that translated into “God loves gays”.
  16. 16. DURING THE WEDDING DAY OF NYEO BOON LIN AND PHINEAS NEWBORN III They never shy to show that they are a gay couples.
  17. 17. LESBIAN CASE IN MALAYSIASources from Singapore’s zb Sunday newspaper on 31 July 2011 onpage 22 had write about: Lesbian wedding between Thomas, 29 and Apple, 27.Before they make decision to get married, they had dating together for two years.Thomas is a woman. But she had changed to be a man and be a husband to Apple.They had done the wedding reception at Batu Pahat, Johor.Although they had married, but still the marriage is not legally recognised as Malaysia has no provision for same-sex marriages.
  18. 18. THE WEDDING BETWEEN A MAT SALLEH MAN WITH THE LAST MALAY MAN (LELAKI MELAYU TERAKHIR)• Ariff Alfian, a malay man is a medic student in Ireland.• His studies was sponsored by Petronas scholarship.• Firstly, Ariff Alfian was reported missing by his familybecause there was eight years no news from him.• But then his family was get the news that he was getmarried with a Dublin man known as Jonathan.•During his wedding, Ariff Alfian was wear a baju melayusuit, complete with samping and tanjak.
  20. 20. THE SYMPTOMS The gay symptoms The lesbian symptoms Have a muscular body and  Attracted to women. like to show their body by  Besides their female wearing v-neck and companions, they will sleeveless clothes. distance themselves from Prefer tight and light- other women. coloured clothes.  Like to hang out, have Attracted to men. meals and sleeps in the Like to bring big handbags company of women. similar to those used by  Have no affection for woman when hanging out. men. Sources from Malaysiakini that had been write on Thurday, 13 Sep 2012 and the symptoms had been told by the Education Ministry
  21. 21. BISEXUAL DEFINITION• men and women who achieve sexual or erotic attraction to members of both sexes• According to Oxford Dictionary(2001), bisexual is sexually attracted to both men and women.• In psychology,it is referred as the state of being emotionally or sexually attracted to persons of either sex. Usually, but not always, the bisexual person engages in sexual activity with partners of both sexes.
  22. 22. BISEXUAL IN MALAYSIA CONTEX• In Malaysia, bisexual is one of top issue and have been practice by most teenagers.• However, it is reported less as most of subjects were less prepared to report their current feelings than similar feelings during puberty.• Bisexual rights is largely unrecognized in Malaysia, same with Lesbian, Gay and Transgender.• As Islam is Malaysia official religion, social attitudes towards the LGBT community are also shaped by Islam• As Malaysia continues to develop, support for LGBT increases, even there is NGO for LGBT which is Seksualiti Merdeka or Independent Sexuality
  23. 23. TRANSGENDER DEFINITION• A general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to vary from culturally conventional gender roles• the state of ones gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching ones assigned sex (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex). It is normally related with cross-dressing.
  24. 24. TRANSGENDER IN MALAYSIA CONTEXT• Malaysia have long had traditions for the open expression of transgenderism and transsexualism. These are institutionalized in various ways (such as the Hijra in India) in the these cultures.• Various forms of open social transition have long existed, even though they conflict with the religious beliefs and in almost cases relegate the transitioners to incredibly low social status.• Recently the plights of the large numbers of transgender and transsexual women in Malaysia have come to the attention of an increasingly open-minded and pragmatic government.
  25. 25. • A survey was taken in order to estimate their numbers. The survey estimated that there are 50,000 "transsexuals" who are living as women in the country - a country having a population of about 8 million males over the age of 13. This number includes those who have socially transitioned (TG transition) and in smaller numbers of those who have undergone SRS (TS transition).• However, the number of transgender in Malaysia undoubtedly smaller than in the West.• Mak Nyah, Pondan and Bapok is the nickname for transgender• They are labelled as “third sex” and still fighting for the rights to be called as women.
  26. 26. • Most of them involve in entertainment, make-up artist and even as sex workers.• Example of transgender: Fatine Young
  27. 27.  Fatine Young is also known as Fatine Marissa. She was a make-up artist. Born Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari, she was married to Ian Young in June 2009, three years after they had met in Kuala Lumpur in Aug 2006. Fatine is 36 and a pre-op transgender.
  28. 28. MALAYSIA OBJECTED TO LGBT RIGHTS IN ASEAN RIGHTS CHARTERWritten by Clara Chooi in The Malaysian Insider onTuesday, 27 Nov 2012:• Datuk Seri Najib had objected to inclusion of LGBT rightwhen signing ASEAN’s first human rights charter recently.• Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin saying, Malaysia could not acceptprinciples that go againts the order of human nature.•
  29. 29. THANK YOU 