Mindshifts: Computers in Libraries 2014


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Changing how we think AND how we do is the key to driving culture change in libraries. We can learn a lot from startup thinking.

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  • I'd love the version with the fancy animations. We use Macs and Keynote, and could buy the fonts. My email address is mark.mcguire@otago.ac.nz Dropbox or similar would also work. It would be great if I could show your pres to my class and talk about the event.
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  • Thanks! I love typography - can't help it! Whenever I get the chance to do a fun deck (i.e. without bullets) I take it. SWTOLib was a great time - hopefully, more libraries take up the charge (even if they just provide space for other hackathons and pitch competitions they'd learn a lot). Glad you can use the SWTOLib for your class... it has fancy animations too, but I used Keynote. If you have a Mac and Keynote, I'd be happy to send you the version (you'd have to get the fonts too - but they're cheap).
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  • Excellent presentation. It's great to see a well considered use of typography and colour. I caught a link to the #SWTOLib event and followed the links. Love the Hub idea that won first place. I can imagine this kind of event taking place in libraries across the world. I'm currently working with students in a 300-level course who are investigating the future of our university library. I'll certainly use the #SWTOLib event as a discussion starter. We have an 'Audacious Business Challenge' here in Dunedin, but this kind of pitch-your-startup approach isn't used in the classroom. Could work, though. I'll make sure my students see your presentation (as much for the design as for the ideas!). Thanks very much for uploading it here.
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Mindshifts: Computers in Libraries 2014

  1. 1. @mjdelia MIND SHIFT#CILDC
  2. 2. how we think
  3. 3. how we think creative problem solving
  4. 4. how we think deep dive experiences
  5. 5. how we think adjacencies
  6. 6. how we think yes,and... not yes,but...
  7. 7. how we do
  8. 8. how we do build measure learn
  9. 9. how we do prototype and pitch
  10. 10. how we do minimum viable product
  11. 11. how we do getoutof your building
  12. 12. how we think how we do +
  13. 13. how we think bottlenecks roadblocks frustration
  14. 14. how we do lackof insight innovation
  15. 15. how what>
  16. 16. startup thinking Creatingunderconditions ofuncertainty Think like a Startup [white paper]. Brian Mathews, 2012
  17. 17. developers designers bizdevs
  18. 18. pitch formteams demo
  19. 19. mentors judges prizes
  20. 20. 35librarians 25developers 10designers
  21. 21. libraries government companies
  22. 22. HUB librarymaterials+ communityresources
  23. 23. spacevalet mobileapptohelp findstudyspace
  24. 24. raisinreaders earlyliteracyappto rewardreading
  25. 25. stickybookmarks platformtomark eroticbookcontent
  26. 26. @mjdelia thankyou#CILDC