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Socially Collaborative Adult Learning


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Published in: Self Improvement
  • Hi Mr Andrew

    Thanks so much for the sharing of your experience, and methods.

    I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday evening.

    Best regards

    Wong KE

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  • it's very useful for me, thank you for sharing.
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Socially Collaborative Adult Learning

  1. Socially Collaborative LearningHow to leverage on social media for Adult Learning 2.0
  2. Andrew Chow  Founded  Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd since 1994 . Ideas & Concepts since 2002  Table For Six since 2008  Education : Thames Valley University, UK  Business Awards  STB Business Award – Most Innovative Marketing Initiative award 2007  Spirit of Enterprise 2008  Successful Entrepreneur 2010  Spirit of Service 2012  Certification : NLP Practitioner & Certified Life Coach  Forte  Life Coaching  Public Relations Strategy  Social Media Strategy  Personal Branding  Professional Affiliation  Approved NCSS Training Provider  WDA ACTA-certified  Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore
  3. Socially Collaborative Learning: Adult Learning 2.0• Creative Leverage• Learning Lifestyle• Reflective Learning• Learning Community• Takeaway• Book Recommendation
  4. Creative Leverage
  5. Crowd Sourcing Creative Leverage
  6. Crowd Sourcing Creative Leverage
  7. Crowd Sourcing Creative Leverage
  8. Crowd Sourcing Creative Leverage
  9. Technology Creative Leverage
  10. Technology Creative Leverage
  11. Technology (Hologram) Creative Leverage
  12. TechnologySecond Life! Creative Leverage
  13. Content Different Format!Creative Leverage
  14. User ContentWhat Content do People want to have? Creative Leverage
  15. CuriosityContent that revealsSECRET Creative Leverage
  16. Against All OddsContent aboutDavid beating Goliath Creative Leverage
  17. Small is Beautiful. Big is AdvantageContent that reminds us thatwhat we do matters Creative Leverage
  18. SensationalismContent that has unexpected twists Creative Leverage
  19. New DiscoveryContent that challengesour assumption Creative Leverage
  20. TransformationContent thatInspires us to action Creative Leverage
  21. Learning Lifestyle
  22. A Desire to be Connected Learning Lifestyle
  23. Share as You Learn Learning Lifestyle
  24. Have a Good Eye for Visual Learning Lifestyle
  25. Assume a New RoleEducators are not teachers but Agent for Change Learning Lifestyle
  26. Reflective Learning
  27. Fun-filled Quiz for Assessment Reflecting Learning
  28. Social Gaming : Social Competition Reflecting Learning
  29. Journal : Out. Blog : In Reflecting Learning
  30. Join or Organise Meet up Groups Reflecting Learning
  31. Learning Community
  32. Global Citizens Learning Community
  33. Article Sharing & Collaboration Learning Community
  34. Join one?Learning Community
  35. Create your own? Learning Community
  36. Takeaway
  37. What is it in for me? #1 - What? #2 - So What? #3 - Now What? What is it in for me?
  38. #1 - What?• Predictable – I know _________ is going to happen!• Possible – I dream that _________ will happen!• Probable – I will make sure _________ happens! What is it in for me?
  39. #2 – So What?Invest in Yourself!Knowledge is Free, Insight is Invaluable What is it in for me?
  40. #2 – So What?Talk to Younger People the older must learn from the younger What is it in for me?
  41. #2 – So What? Be InnovativeDon’t even think outside the box! There is no box! What is it in for me?
  42. #3 – Now What? Build Your Brand Are you a Rock Star?You need personality in your program and participation What is it in for me?
  43. #3 – Now What? Be Relevant Always LearningHaving many years of Experience doesn’t make you an Expert What is it in for me?
  44. #3 – Now What? Crowd Source EverythingYou can’t do everything on your own.Build a team out there without being a leader What is it in for me?
  45. Book RecommendationAbundance, the Future is Better than You Think - Peter Diamandis A New Culture of Learning Douglas Thomas & John Seely What is it in for me?
  46. Social Media 247 Launched : late Oct 2012 Pages : 328 Author : Andrew Chow Retail : $32.00 (including GST) Everything you need to know about Leveraging on social media for Business success Pre Order – Only $25.00 including delivery What is it in for me?
  47. Thank You!