Creative Thinking for small business


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How small business can use creative thinking as their edge

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Creative Thinking for small business

  1. 1. Creative Thinking: Your Edge
  2. 2. disintermediation social media web 2.0 what’s free agent nation next??? solopreneurs virtual assistants SOHO knowledge workers + HOHO portfolio careers O digital age project-based work
  3. 3. Does your business have the bits in place to thrive in 21C?
  4. 4. AGSM's The Leader magazine: 'Innovation - in 2009 it's not just a word to be bandied about. The economy is forcing us to get creative. Innovation could be just what we need and it could be very good for business.'
  5. 5. Recent Harvard Business blog: 'It's the single biggest error firms make in times of crisis: repeating the past. When the world around you is undergoing discontinuous change, repeating yesterday's mistakes is the quickest path to decay and dissolution.'
  6. 6. 'Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.' Ed McCabe
  7. 7. Produce practical + original ideas Turn potential → performance Differentiate your business Seize opportunities Encourage innovation Solve problems Plan better Increase productivity Focus on the essentials  
  8. 8. Left brain, logical, linear thinking is essential in business. (It's 'in the box' thinking...)
  9. 9. The left brain is about: words numbers logical thinking sequences rational thinking analysing being objective looking at parts
  10. 10. But for 21st century success you also need right brain, creative, big picture thinking. (That's the 'out of the box' bit...)
  11. 11. The right brain is about: rhythm colour imagination daydreaming spatial thinking intuition holistic thinking synthesising being subjective looking at the whole
  12. 12. It’s about using your whole brain, not just one side or the other...
  13. 13. Most of us aren't trained to think creatively in schools or workplaces.
  14. 14. Creative thinking is natural + quite easy to tap into... with a few tips + tricks.
  15. 15. Challenge yourself Cultivate ideas Four Cornerstones make be Connections Curious
  16. 16. Be Curious
  17. 17. What is that?
  18. 18. Make Connections
  19. 19. Try Something (Anything) New make connections:
  20. 20. MIND MAPPING
  21. 21. ©Tony Buzan
  22. 22. Challenge Yourself
  23. 23. challenge yourself: Take Risks
  24. 24. challenge yourself: Question Assumptions
  25. 25. ©Bob Eberle, cited by Mind Tools Limited Scamper
  26. 26. Substitute: components, materials, people Combine: other products, services, functions alter, change function, use part Adapt: of another product or service increase or reduce scale, change Modify: shape, materials etc Put: (to another use) Eliminate: remove elements, simplify Reverse: turn inside out or upside down
  27. 27. Cultivate Your Ideas
  28. 28. cultivate: Give Ideas Time to Grow
  29. 29. Dreamer Realist Critic
  30. 30.
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  32. 32. Don't go back to sleep...