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Creating a Culture of Innovation (in Libraries)


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My slides for a short talk on creating a culture of innovation in Libraries delivered at the ARL Membership Meeting in Washington, DC (Oct 8, 2014). Observations fall into three categories: Platforms, People and Practice - with a dash of Persistence. Note: I'm not sure if the slides will make sense on their own!

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Creating a Culture of Innovation (in Libraries)

  1. 1. Creating a Culture of Innovation: M.J. D’Elia Creating a Culture of Innovation M.J. D’Elia University of Guelph ARL Membership Meeting Fall 2014
  2. 2. Learning Commons & College of Business and Economics
  3. 3. 5 years ago > Restructuring 5 years ago > restructuring
  4. 4. Innovation = Core value innovation = core value
  5. 5. Innovation = 1980s innovation = 1980s
  6. 6. Core value vs. Core practice core value = core practice
  7. 7. Internalizing innovation How might we internalize innovation so that it becomes part of our DNA?
  8. 8. Learning = doing learning = doing
  9. 9. innovation boot camp experiments entrepreneurship startup thinking startup weekend: libraries Experiments
  10. 10. In the water... in the water
  11. 11. Creating a Culture of Innovation Practice People Platform Platform, People, Practice
  12. 12. Alternative Presentation Title Creating a Culture of Innovation from a middle manager at some Canada Thoughts on university up in
  13. 13. Platform Platform: Sub-section
  14. 14. Platform Platform: Examples budget allocation project approval/oversight innovation incentives celebration + recognition
  15. 15. Plans vs. Models plans v. models
  16. 16. built on assumptions plans assumptions become facts plan becomes static library-centric Poor planning Process
  17. 17. plans productivity measured against the plan Plans: Productivity
  18. 18. “No plan survives first contact with its customers.” -Steve Blank First contact: Steve Blank
  19. 19. based on observations models assumptions get challenged models are dynamic client-centric Models
  20. 20. Models: Productivity productivity is measured models by performance
  21. 21. predict the future build the future v. Predict vs. Build
  22. 22. Example: Innovation Fund Innovation Fund
  23. 23. Remove barriers How might you remove organizational barriers to innovation?
  24. 24. People People: Sub-section
  25. 25. People: Examples attracting/retaining talent People vision + motivation user experience collaboration + co-creation
  26. 26. test the product test the problem v. Product vs. Problem
  27. 27. Problem-solution fit problem-solution fit
  28. 28. “There are no facts inside the building, so get outside.” -Steve Blank Get outside
  29. 29. Example: The Listening Project The Listening Project
  30. 30. Creative Confidence How might you enhance creative confidence in your organization?
  31. 31. Practice Practice: Sub-Section
  32. 32. Practice Practice: Examples foster experimentation share insights borrow methods fail faster
  33. 33. Pilot projects vs. iterative design pilot projects iterative design v.
  34. 34. Build-Measure-Learn build-measure-learn
  35. 35. “The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else.” -Eric Ries Learn faster
  36. 36. Example: Research Help Desk Research Help Desk
  37. 37. Celebrate experiments How might you celebrate the experiments that are currently happening in your organization?
  38. 38. Practice People Platform Platform, People, Practice
  39. 39. Persistence Persistence
  40. 40. Researchers Researchers
  41. 41. Researchers observe phenomena state hypotheses design an experiment collect data draw conclusions Scientific method
  42. 42. Researchers Repeat Researchers Repeat
  43. 43. Library as Lab What would happen if you viewed your library more like a lab? What would you learn?
  44. 44. Thank You M.J. D’Elia @mjdelia Thank you