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Who Moved My Cheese
Who Moved My Cheese
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Whuffie Workshop at Best Buy

  1. whuffie workshop tara ‘missrogue’ hunt
  2. plan o’action #1 - introduction (1hr) #2 - whuffie (1.5hrs) #3 - application (1.5hrs)
  3. #1 introduction
  4. what do people think of brands?
  5. liar pants on fire
  6. 38% trust business to do what is right 18% trust advertising 20% believe what they hear from news 42% believe in ghosts 76% believe in miracles stats from: MediaPost04, Edelman 09, Sacred Heart University Poll 2008, ADWeek dec09
  7. discuss name a brand you trust 100%. do you feel they always deliver on their promises?
  8. what are people doing on social networks?
  9. twitter 18m + estimated ‘users’ 57% women men have 15% more followers 66% under 25 yrs old 85% tweet <1x per day 1.1% tweet >10x per day 75% all Twitter activity comes from 5% of users 94% of Twitter users have <100 followers 0.68% of Twitter users have >1000 followers 92% follow <100 others stats from: eMarketer Aug09, Harvard Study June09, Brian Solis Oct09
  10. facebook >350m + estimated active ‘users’ 57% women 70% outside of the US 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week Average user has: 130 friends >55 minutes each day on FB >25 comments on FB each month ‘Fans’ 2 pages each month Member of 12 groups >500,000 active applications >1M developers stats from: Brian Solis Oct09, Facebook public Statistics Jan10
  11. mobile 4B mobile phones worldwide 65M active users accessing FB thru mobile devices Ppl who use mobile devices are 50% more active on SNs ~20% of tweets come from mobile devices 4B mobile phones represent 59% of the world’s population 100% SMS, 92% browser, 71% MMS, 63% camera 15% of mobile phones are smartphones Mobile content is worth >$71B stats from: Facebook public Statistics Jan10, Sysomos Jun09, Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009
  12. social networks SN’s more popular than email (67% - 65%) Women are more active in most SN’s (avg 53%) Social networks are more popular than porn Social networks are likely to overtake search soon Amount of time spent on FB increased 566% in 09 stats from: Neilsen Mar09,
  13. Why people are on social networks Total Keep in touch with friends 75% For fun 55% Keep in touch with family 41% Invited by someone they know 30% Keep in touch with classmates 30% Keep in touch with business network 5% Job searching 4% Business development/sales 3% Searching for new hires 1% Other 4% stats from: eMarketer Jul09
  14. discuss what are your own SN habits? how are you using them? how much do you know about your customers’ SN use? not just what they are saying about you, but in general?
  15. KIDS TODAY...
  17. 69% of online 12-24 yr olds own a laptop 91% of American teens are online (PEW 2008) 69% of American teens have broadband at home (PEW 2008) stats: November 2009
  18. 12-24 year olds spend an average of 7.1 hours per day on video-based entertainment... stats: November 2009
  19. 59% have video capable media players 65% have watched a <10 min clip in the past month (23% watched 60min show) 80% watch video on digital media players 52% watch TV with their laptop almost all of the time (70% are IMing, texting to share TV events with friends) 66% watch TV online stats: November 2009
  20. 59% would rather get rid of cable TV than the internet stats: November 2009
  21. connected to friends to the internet mobile delivered to me nomadic on-the-go now stats: November 2009 convenient instant
  22. DESTINATIONS stats: November 2009
  24. what does all of this mean?
  25. #1 DISPERSE! it’s no longer about traffic or driving people to a destination. it’s now about driving yourself to people.
  26. discuss how can you drive to where people are?
  27. #2 CATALYZE! you are not really the point. it isn’t about your customers loving you, it’s about them loving themselves and one another more because of you. but they may not know your role. that’s okay.
  28. discuss list 3 ways you can help people connect.
  29. #3 SIMPLIFY! remove every single barrier possible between the customer and what he/she wants. make it faster, easier and, gosh darnit, anywhere!
  30. discuss what are the current barriers between your customers and what they want?
  31. break
  32. #2 whuffie
  33. cory doctorow
  34. nice networked notable
  35. reputation etc. influence accomplishments bridgingcapital bonding access 2 ideas/talent access 2 resources reciprocity social capital of your friends
  36. ping!!!
  37. nice networked notable
  39. d’uh
  40. Jon Brawn wants to be your friend! you have 10 friends in common accept ignore
  41. Alex Karen April Jon Brawn Cori wants to be your friend! Oshun you have 10 friends in common Shira accept ignore Christian Alex Gina Bill
  42. I ‘Googled’ TM you
  43. discuss have you Googled yourself? your company? other than you, who is talking and what are they saying?
  44. genY rejects brands who ‘court’ them and instead prefers to pull in the brands that resonate with them and their values. info: GEN BUY, Yarrow & O’Donnell 2009 (Wiley)
  45. 18% but advertising doesn’t do it
  46. 89% expect to be able to interact with brands. stat: WebProNews Oct09
  47. how?
  48. whuffie factor
  49. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  50. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  51. marketing b4 the internet
  52. lalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalala...
  54. individual special unique...
  55. trusted friends
  56. stop talking
  57. start listening
  58. Jeff is an awesome nice guy.
  59. “ DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES. Put that in your Google and smoke it Dell! Jeff Jarvis
  60. E D LL L H EL
  62. discuss identify what tools exist for listening. how do you listen? what do you do with what you hear?
  63. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  64. most businesses are community tourists
  65. telltale signs of tourism: “these natives have quite the life! mañana, baby!” “s/he spends her whole day socializing and having fun on twitter/facebook! wish I could get paid for that!” “when you cut through all of the ‘inane babble’, there are some valuable posts on twitter.”
  66. value disparity
  67. discuss identify the values that are part of online communities that business doesn’t share? does your business share these values? if no, why not?
  68. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  69. BO- RING
  70. the cult of apple
  73. notability means... 1. you deliver on your promises...and then some 2. you make a difference in people’s lives 3. you connect people + experiences together 4. you bring joy to the everyday 5. you put people in charge of their experience 6. you make lives easier
  74. discuss discuss a notable experience you’ve had (can be with a business or personal relationship).
  75. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  76. chaos is scary
  77. much to fear
  78. much to gain
  79. luck 1. lucky people follow their intuition 2. lucky people balance rationality with gut instinct 3. lucky people go out and meet new people and expose themselves to new situations 4. lucky people see the positive side of situations 5. lucky people are more relaxed and open from scientific study by Richard Wiseman: The Luck Factor 2003
  80. discuss how far can you start to err to the side of openness rather than security?
  81. measure
  82. numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers quantity numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers
  83. stories stories stories stories stories quality stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories
  84. meaningful numbers havestories
  85. discuss do you currently look at qualitative as well as quantitative measurements? which ones? how do you report on these?
  86. turn the be part create bullhorn of the amazing around community experiences embrace find your the higher chaos purpose
  87. the gift economy
  88. generosity abounds in online communities
  89. but so does reciprocity...
  90. the more u give
  91. the more u receive
  92. whuffie credits
  93. deposits examples: helping someone solve a problem attending community events showing real interest in what someone else is working on using your network to do something good for the community demonstrating you implement people’s suggestions
  94. withdrawals examples: asking someone else for a favor promoting your own events or sales asking for an introduction to someone in their network (intro up) acting competitively name dropping pitching someone
  95. discuss what deposits are you making on a regular basis. what is the balance of your whuffie account? discuss more ways to make deposits.
  96. break
  97. #3 application
  98. exercise WHO IS OUR CORE CUSTOMER? WHAT DOES S/HE VALUE? 15min exercise
  99. exercise WHY WOULD S/HE CARE TO USE OUR PRODUCT WITH ALL OF THE CHOICES OUT THERE? (5 solid reasons - narrow it down to 1 core) 15 min exercise
  100. exercise WE ARE CREATING A CULTURE OF __________. (fill in the blank - related to #1 & #2) 15min exercise
  101. exercise HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THIS CULTURE? 15min exercise
  102. exercise WHAT CAN YOU GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY? 15min exercise
  104. q&a
  105. big ups Douglas Pollei Chris Heuer Kristie Wells Brad Smith Tracy Benson Jim Roots Andy Santamaria
  106. tara ‘missrogue’ hunt 514-679-2951 twitter: @missrogue skype: sanfranrogue
  107. images from: (unless marked from + AVATAR screen from 20th Century Fox)