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Automation of Socialization


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This is a presentation I gave at the DMA 2010 conference in San Francisco. The description of the session is: The challenge of social media is in how to make being personal cost efficient, and the solution is in the creating and relying on the right methodology. In this session, Jeff Hilimire introduces a new process called OFFER (Optimizing Facebook For Earnings and Relationships) that virtually automates successful outcomes.

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Automation of Socialization

  1. 1. The Automation of Socialization Presented by: Jeff Hilimire, Chief Digital Officer Twitter: @jeffhilimire - Blog: -
  2. 2. Agenda Who, me? 1to1toMany Why’s Facebook so dang important? How can you use it to grow your database and (GULP) generate revenue! Introducing O.F.F.E.R. Tips to embracing social and emerging technology
  3. 3. Who we are One of the nation’s largest independent agencies, Engauge is forging a new agency model dedicated to total engagement among people and brands. Chaired by Stan Rapp Total Engagement Make your brand a living brand. Be a magnet not a megaphone. Become iDirect. Achieve 1to1toMany. Engauge Our name is a rallying cry, an ethos that drives accountability and measurement across the entire organization for each and every client and campaign.
  4. 4. Who, me?
  5. 5. And that’s a 1-year-old That’s an iPad
  6. 6. That’s me at the Columbus, OH airport And that’s my 3-year-old And that’s at our house Facetime in Atlanta
  7. 7. That’s a 5-year-old might be smarter than me I think he
  8. 8. Introducing the marketing of the future: 1to1toMany
  9. 9. Embrace this concept: YOU are the least credible person to be talking about YOUR company
  10. 10. The MOST credible person to be talking about your company Your Your Company Customer
  11. 11. Still not convinced?
  12. 12. 84% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends 70% trust online recommendations from complete strangers Only 5% of consumers trust advertising Source: “Your brand: At risk? Or ready for growth? Alterian Whitepaper, 2010
  13. 13. ple m E xa y an M 1to 1 to A
  14. 14. 500+ Million Users
  15. 15. Yes, that says 83 MILLION
  16. 16. 100 Million Mobile Users
  17. 17. 1. China 2. India 3. facebook If Facebook were a country 4. United States it would be the world’s 5. Indonesia 3rd largest 6. Brazil 7. Pakistan 8. Bangladesh
  18. 18. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  19. 19. Age of facebook users! 13-17! 35 +! 18-24! 25-34! Source: Facebook!
  20. 20. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in the U.S.
  21. 21. per day! per month! Sends 8 friend requests! Invited to 3 events! Becomes a fan of 2 Pages! spends >55 minutes on Facebook! Clicks Like button 9 times! Writes 25 comments! has 130 friends! The average facebook user!
  22. 22. Time for an exercise: # of Facebook Fans you have: 12,000 x # of friends average Facebook user has: 130 Total reach of your Facebook Page: 1,560,000 25
  23. 23. Growing your database
  24. 24. Grow your social connections through: Engagement Couponing/Offers Advocacy Programs
  25. 25. Grow your social connections through: Engagement Couponing/Offers Advocacy Programs
  26. 26. Grow your social connections through: Engagement Couponing/Offers Advocacy Programs
  27. 27. This couponing program took the page from 0 fans to over 100,000 fans Fan Appreciation Pint Giveaway captured user data through promotion registration form oncein less than a month the page. After consumers became a fan of submitting the form, fans could share the promotion with friends. E-mail opt-in rate for this promotion was 70%
  28. 28. Grow your social connections through: Engagement Couponing/Offers Advocacy Programs
  29. 29. Case-mate Facebook Page Growth Launched 8/11/10 Wednesday, September 29, 2010
  30. 30. Monetizing Facebook
  31. 31. Loyalty, coupons and specials Loyalty program integration Email sign up Specials Coupons Cross channel promotion
  32. 32. What’s on the page: Menu, Store Locator, Downloads, Photos, Videos, Specials, Product Launches, Store openings Chick-fil-A was the first restaurant re staurant argest Over 3,000,000 page on Facebook to hit 1 million fans! Now the l No. of fans: ok page Facebo
  33. 33. Chicago Premiere Event • Facebook Fans in Chicago were invited to a Premiere Event in downtown Chicago • The event was to kick-off Chick-fil-A opening locations in the Chicagoland area
  34. 34. Ustream • Fans on Facebook could watch the Chicago event live via Facebook-Ustream • Chat w/ other fans across the country • Viral component - fans comments seen by their friends
  35. 35. Countdown to Spicy! • Limited-release trial locations, reservations thru Facebook • Built an app for the Spicy launch 1.2 million reservations • Shared with other Operator Facebook Pages • Change content before, during, & after the campaign
  36. 36. Introducing O.F.F.E.R. Optimizing Facebook For Earnings & Relationships
  37. 37. Initial O.F.F.E.R. research shows... - 85% became a Facebook fan because they love the brand; 68% because they love the product(s) - 32% of the Facebook fans stated they liked being a fan for new product information and promotions - Over 12% more traffic to a retail location vs. non-Facebook fans - 2% of the Facebook fans had NOT been a customer until AFTER they became a Facebook fan - Go to to sign up to receive the research when its complete
  38. 38. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn getting started So m e tips to e mbracin g social
  39. 39. Make Shareability a Priority
  40. 40. Do you really want to 52 be an “immobile” brand?
  41. 41. Thanks! Go to for a copy of this presentation | @jeffhilimire