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Yes, I DO Mind the Gap

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Yes, I DO Mind the Gap

  1. yes, I do mind business, online communities and cultural tourism the gap
  2. this isn’t a talk about social networks
  3. A. because most business values don’t align with community values.
  4. 18% trust what they read in ads to be the truth. info: ADWeek dec09
  5. 21% of employees are truly engaged in their work info: Towers Perrin Global Workforce Survey 09
  6. 38% trust business to do the right thing info: Edelman 2009
  7. 42% believe in ghosts info: Poll Harris Interactive 2009
  8. 76% believe in miracles info: Poll Harris Interactive 2009
  9. 89% expect to be able to interact with brands. stat: WebProNews Oct09
  10. how?
  11. most businesses are community tourists
  12. telltale signs of tourism: “these natives have quite the life! mañana, baby!” “s/he spends her whole day socializing and having fun on twitter/facebook! wish I could get paid for that!” “when you cut through all of the ‘inane babble’, there are some valuable posts on twitter.”
  13. there’s subtext in them there tweets
  14. “Eating a fennel salad with miso dressing. Nom nom.” subtext “I care about my health, so I eat well.” “I want my friends to admire my good eating habits.” “I would like to connect to other vegetarians.”
  15. “Meeting up with @friend123 and @friend321 (@Club Fun)” subtext “I would love more friends to come and join us.” “I’m keeping track of where I go out and with who.” “Where I go and who I hang with may tell you a little about who I am.”
  16. Multiple tweets at multiple times of the day... subtext “I’m lonely.” “Hear me. Value me. Connect to me.”
  17. you are what you tweet sorta!
  18. twitter 18m + estimated ‘users’ 57% women men have 15% more followers 66% under 25 yrs old 85% tweet <1x per day 1.1% tweet >10x per day 75% all Twitter activity comes from 5% of users 94% of Twitter users have <100 followers 0.68% of Twitter users have >1000 followers 92% follow <100 others stats from: eMarketer Aug09, Harvard Study June09, Brian Solis Oct09
  19. social networksSN’s more popular than email (67% - 65%) Women are more active in most SN’s (avg 53%) Social networks are more popular than porn Amount of time spent on FB increased 566% in 09 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week >500k FB Apps made by >1M developers >100k iPhone apps, downloaded >2B times stats from: Neilsen Mar09, Facebook public Statistics Jan10,
  20. Why people are on social networks Total Keep in touch with friends 75% For fun 55% Keep in touch with family 41% Invited by someone they know 30% Keep in touch with classmates 30% Keep in touch with business network 5% Job searching 4% Business development/sales 3% Searching for new hires 1% Other 4% stats from: eMarketer Jul09
  21. huge opportunity
  22. value disparity
  23. big communities business freakin gap
  24. Why is it that managers are so willing to the idea of a acknowledge company dedicated to timeless human values and so unwilling to become yet practical advocates for those values within their own organizations? - Gary Hamel, Wall Street Journal 01/13/10
  25. “You've gotta stand your ground for freedom, beauty, truth, and love.” the Bohemians
  26. truth
  27. beauty
  28. freedom
  29. love
  30. it is no coincidence that the companies that espouse human values are the darlings of online communities.
  31. I ‘Googled’ TM you 2nd most mentioned brand on twitter - after Starbucks - with a 97% neutral to positive sentiment rating*. * from
  32. 2,200 attendees. 64% of laptops at Le Web were apple. 1,008 iPhones.
  33. “Craigslist gets more traffic than either eBay or eBay has more than 16,000 employees. Amazon has more than 20,000. Craigslist has 30.” sept 2009, wired magazine
  35. values community
  36. 1. generosity 2. stories>stats 3. agility 4. compassion 5. authenticity
  37. generosity abounds in online communities
  38. but so does reciprocity...
  39. the gift economy
  40. the more u give
  41. the more u receive
  42. deposits examples: helping someone solve a problem attending community events showing real interest in what someone else is working on using your network to do something good for the community demonstrating you implement people’s suggestions
  43. withdrawals examples: asking someone else for a favor promoting your own events or sales asking for an introduction to someone in their network (intro up) acting competitively name dropping pitching someone
  44. measuring like it matters
  45. numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers quantity numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers
  46. stories stories stories stories stories quality stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories stories
  47. meaningful numbers havestories
  48. ACTION! +
  49. embracing the chaos is scary
  50. much to fear
  51. much to gain
  52. luck 1. lucky people follow their intuition 2. lucky people balance rationality with gut instinct 3. lucky people go out and meet new people and expose themselves to new situations 4. lucky people see the positive side of situations 5. lucky people are more relaxed and open from scientific study by Richard Wiseman: The Luck Factor 2003
  53. a story about wisdom
  54. rules are guidelines and not substitutes
  55. improvising is a form of art.
  56. real life is full of ambiguity.
  57. Q. how can we teach wisdom and these abilities to everyone instead of increasing the number of rules?
  58. the new Turing test
  59. “any action that prioritizes rules, protocols, logic, efficiency, procedures or any other type of pre-set guidelines at the cost of relationships or compassion towards other human beings indicates robot.”
  60. people authenticity robots
  61. but only when those robots exhibit treasured human emotions: love, compassion, remorse, generosity, etc.
  62. Q. so why the heck do we have to go and get all evil robot so much of the time?
  63. instead of a personal brand, why not get a personality?
  64. I ‘Googled’ TM you
  65. liar pants on fire
  66. de-robotize
  67. I told you this wasn’t a talk about social networks
  68. social world which we are ALL a part of...
  69. When we value money over human beings and then add technology, I get nervous.
  70. yes, I do mind the gap
  71. tara ‘missrogue’ hunt 514-679-2951 twitter: @missrogue skype: sanfranrogue
  72. images from: (unless marked from + AVATAR + Wall-E )