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Key Elements for Building an Engaging, Useful and Sustainable Website


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In this presentation, you'll learn the key elements that are essential for creating an engaging, useful and sustainable website. Initially, this deck was created for the Better Business Bureau to their business owners. It was presented on March 11, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

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Key Elements for Building an Engaging, Useful and Sustainable Website

  1. 1. Websites for Small Business = Profit Understanding Essentials to Build an Executable Plan Michael Vaughn March 11, 2015
  2. 2. Michael Vaughn Senior Technologist User Experience Specialist Entrepreneur Public Speaker Family Guy Cubmaster, Pack 416 On a Fitness Journey Steering Committee, UX
  3. 3. Engaging | Useful | Sustainable Key Elements Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  4. 4. Know Your Audience Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  5. 5. User Experience (UX) graph provided by
  6. 6. User Experience Toolkit Examples Persona Exercises User Journey Mapping User Stories Usability Testing Surveys and Research Mockups/Prototypes Wireframes
  7. 7. Create Your Brand Guide The Heartbeat of Your Organization
  8. 8. Brand Guide Elements Logo and Proper Usage Color Palette Font Types Mood Board Product Logo and Proper Usage Embossing Elements Special Guest Company Messaging
  9. 9. Company Brand Guide Example
  10. 10. Tell Your Story Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  11. 11. What’s Your Story?
  12. 12. Build Your Website Roadmap Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  13. 13. RoadMap Essentials Budget Short/Mid/Long Term Plan Staff/Outsource to Build Staff/Outsource to Maintain ROI Indicators Control Book
  14. 14. Key People User Experience Graphics Designer Technical Resource SEO Specialist Web Designer Social Media Specialist Web Admin Brand Specialist
  15. 15. Choose Your Technical Tools (Wisely) Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  16. 16. Content Management System (CMS) File Server Hosting Provider Email Marketing Campaign Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Analytics Special Guest Key Essentials Key Additions
  17. 17. Formulate Your SEO Strategy Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  18. 18. Create Your Social Media Plan Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Social Media Plan Short/Mid/Long Term Goals Local/Regional/Global Staff/Outsource Control Book Care and Feeding Approach Campaign Roadmap Special Guest
  21. 21. Assemble Your Content Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  22. 22. Core Elements Copy (Text) Images Audio Marketing Material Video Contact Information Blog/Newsletter
  23. 23. Images Evoke Emotion, Text Requires Discipline
  24. 24. Engaging | Useful | Sustainable Putting it All Together Engaging | Useful | Sustainable
  25. 25. Corporate Branding Social Media Mobile | Web | User Experience Michael Vaughn Senior Technologist User Experience Specialist Public Speaker @mcvaughn /michaelcvaughn/ Salesforce