Texas Association of Enterprise Architects Kick-Off Meeting


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Texas Association of Enterprise Architects Kick-Off Meeting

  1. 1. Texas AEA Chapter Kick-Off Meeting January 30th, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Welcome Address 2 What is the Association of Enterprise Architects? 3 Social
  3. 3. Welcome!
  4. 4. Thank You!
  5. 5. All of your hard work
  6. 6. Our Steering Committee President VP Events Mike Venkat Walker Nambiyur VP VP Secretary Community Bill Cason Dave Gibson
  7. 7. Thank You to our Sponsors
  8. 8. Why a Texas AEA Chapter It just makes sense Key Market: Community impact to the one of the fastest growing markets. Texas growing twice as fast as the rest of the country and dominating the Forbes’ top ten list for “Best Cities for Future Job Growth” (with 7 cities in top 10) w/ Austin rated the #1 Growth city in the country it is clear this is a key market to attach to. Access: AEA membership has a prestigious status among not only enterprise architects but also senior decisions makers. You get direct access to this community. Scale: With a base of 7000 AEA members in Texas this provides an opportunity to talk to a broad set of influentials through many communication channels such as: meetings, special events, email, web and online meetings. Amplification: Providing any leadership in this forum amplifies the position of the company. Strategic Collaboration: With access comes opportunity to have direct access and collaboration with key influentials in major corporations. Thought Leadership: Opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership in Enterprise Architecture and related topics.
  9. 9. Agenda 1 Welcome Address 2 What is the Association of Enterprise Architects? 3 Social
  10. 10. What is the Texas AEA Chapter?
  11. 11. What is the Association of Enterprise Architects? AEA is a non-profit professional association providing a world-wide professional organization for Enterprise Architects with over 40,000 professionals. History 2007: Launched 2008: Merged with Global Ass of Enterprise Architects 2010: Acknowledge certifications 2010: Merged with Journal of Enterprise Architecture Over 45+ chapters representing 120 countries. Goals Model of Profession Knowledge Exchange Industry Focus Trends Working Groups
  12. 12. Simply Put… This is Your Professional Network of Peers Created by you, for you Delivered locally Agnostic Forward looking
  13. 13. Texas AEA Vision
  14. 14. Providing a Career “Safety Net” #1
  15. 15. Advance Your Career • Increase salary and promotion prospects • Job postings access for members • Better job satisfaction • Helps you succeed in today’s competitive job market • Peer recognition • Part of an elite community
  16. 16. Your Personal “Bat Phone” #2
  17. 17. An Expert Network #3
  18. 18. Power of the Network • Access to an exclusive community with resources, knowledge, information & skills • Part of an exclusive profession • Local and global networking • Improved job effectiveness • Keep abreast of EA practices & standards • Generally accepted EA practices • Encourages job satisfaction
  19. 19. Build Actionable Bodies of Knowledge #4
  20. 20. 8 Years of Enterprise Architecture Proven Practice! Peer-reviewed international quarterly publication Members can download pdf versions from 2005 to 2013: https://www.globalaea.org/?page=JEA All members are welcome to submit articles via the AEA site [Here]
  21. 21. Increase Your Value! #5
  22. 22. Drive our Profession NOT just Follow #6
  23. 23. Events & Monthly Meetings
  24. 24. Events and Meetings Events • Occurs monthly in regions Less formal 2 – 4 hours Focused around members issues w/ local presenters Special interest group activities (SIG) Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting • • • Event Monthly Meeting Event Monthly Meeting Event Monthly Meeting Event Monthly Meeting Fiscal Year Monthly Meeting • Occur quarterly in regions Full day events Highly impactful content and invited national luminary speakers External speakers & thought leaders Monthly Meeting • • • Monthly Meetings Event
  25. 25. Opportunities for EA’s Monthly Local Regional Annual Marquee (Austin) Learn about new ideas, thought processes Network and Mind Share with larger EA Community Learning/CIP Credits (?) Network some more Present/Share Regional Learn about best practices from Regional Public and Private Sector Entities Present, Share & Network Lead the Conversation General Lead the monthly event Network Special Interest Learn and Drive Industry Though Processes Foundation to Lead the Monthly Regional Events Directly contribute in development of next gen standards and processes
  26. 26. Communities
  27. 27. Special Interest Groups It is all about community Networking: Local meetings to discuss issues, solutions and opportunities. Sharing: Trends, lessons learned and challenges. Collaboration: Online interactions to share experiences, success stories, strategies, etc. Special Interest Groups: • Government and Academic • High Tech • Consumer and Retail • Transportation • Music and Entertainment • Gaming
  28. 28. Join Us!
  29. 29. We have on more opening… VP Content Strategy You?
  30. 30. Agenda 1 Welcome Address 2 What is the Association of Enterprise Architects? 3 Social
  31. 31. Social
  32. 32. Thank You!