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Supporting Entrepreneurs - Eric Schmidt, EventBank


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2017 MACE Annual Conference presentation from Eric Schmidt of EventBank.
Entrepreneurs can become key contributors in your community when you provide the right mix of membership benefits. As a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in China’s Board of Governors and entrepreneur himself, Eric L. Schmidt will share how to craft a strategic plan that increases participation and delivers ample value for entrepreneurs on small budgets.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs - Eric Schmidt, EventBank

  1. 1. Eric L. Schmidt Co-Founder & CEO Understanding Key Contributors with Small Budgets: Entrepreneurs as Members of Chamber Communities
  2. 2. Mark Duval
  3. 3. What is successful engagement? A marketing strategy that directly involves your target audience and lets them participate in the evolution of your brand or brand experience.
  4. 4. What makes entrepreneurs valuable community contributors? Tenacity Confidence High Adaptability Desire to Learn Passion
  5. 5. China Entrepreneurs Established to share personal experiences and resources to support entrepreneurship in China. Began with monthly gatherings of 20 - 30 people.
  6. 6. Entrepreneurship in China is taking off. In 2000, revenues earned by Chinese state-owned industrial enterprises and those earned by non-state-owned private enterprises were roughly the same. By 2013, total revenues at state-owned companies had risen just over six fold, while revenues in the non-state sector had risen by more than 18 times.
  7. 7. We continued to build our community. Strategically incorporated events as high-touch engagement opportunities. Sponsors started contacting us to get involved as we grew.
  8. 8. And we grew. Transformed into an organization with 20,000+ Chinese and international members. 100+ events per year.
  9. 9. ConnectionsEducationInformation Components of a successful event:
  10. 10. We did our homework. Pay special attention to understand your target audience. Cater to attendee needs by providing insights on the topics your audience wants to learn about.
  11. 11. We thought through event details. Understand how attendees, sponsors, and speakers are part of the event experience. Personalization creates a lasting impact on ROI and brand perception. Agenda Ticketing Location Event Sessions Onsite Logistics Products
  12. 12. We thought about pre- and post-event engagement. Ensure pre-event emails and related advertising are content rich, but not overwhelming. Embrace smart follow-up communications and personal outreach.
  13. 13. Chambers too can create tight knit communities for different member groups.
  14. 14. Every community is different and continually changing. What are your chambers strengths? What other resources does your chamber provide? How can you leverage those resources?
  15. 15. What are entrepreneurs looking for in chamber membership? Networking events Assistance promoting their services in the local community Professional development opportunities
  16. 16. How did we discover this information? We created an Entrepreneur Committee to evaluate the costs and benefits of this member segment. Look at member lists and create programming to engage different needs Re-evaluate methods of driving value including internal processes for membership applications and renewals
  17. 17. We also leveraged technology to get member feedback and ease quality engagement. Designed programming geared specifically for entrepreneurs Increased our marketing and outreach to increase turnout at events Transformed our outward facing membership processes to be more efficient
  18. 18. Entrepreneur Events Networking and roundtables for CEOs to exchange best practices Opportunities that directly involved the Board of Governors Trainings and professional development for entrepreneurs and their staff
  19. 19. Courtesy of AmCham China
  20. 20. Courtesy of AmCham China
  21. 21. Courtesy of AmCham China
  22. 22. How do you create a membership tier that matches entrepreneurs’ needs without pushing their budgets? Listen and collect feedback from across the member segment Preserve a simple membership tier structure Ensure membership benefits are clear and differentiated appropriately
  23. 23. Membership Structure OTHER CORPORATE (Entrepreneur Membership) Companies with global revenue of less than US $1 million Members allowed: 2 (1 primary member, plus 1 additional member) LARGE CORPORATE Companies with global revenue of US $50 million or more Members allowed: 10 (1 primary member, plus 9 additional members) SMALL CORPORATE Companies with global revenue of US $1-50 million Members allowed: 3 (1 primary member, plus 2 additional members )
  24. 24. Since these discussions, we continued to focus on community engagement as it remains critical to our success.
  25. 25. Technology is amplifying community engagement. Creating efficiencies Streamlined marketing and onsite operations Easy collection of data and information for post-event follow-up Smooth attendee experiences Fast check-in Efficient information delivery and access to event materials Expanding community growth Increased connections and enriched relationships Engagement via mobile apps and push notifications
  26. 26. The Value of Data With the accumulation of data and information you can extract additional value from your community. The Value of Quality Engagement Highly engaged communities actively work with a shared purpose toward common goals.
  27. 27. Email: US: +1-703-338-2771 China: +86-139-1077-7190
  28. 28. Founded in 2013, EventBank is a leading cloud-based engagement management software company. Event Management Membership Management Email Marketing Payment Processing CRM
  29. 29. MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2016 Event Management Cloud Solution of the Year