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  • ProblemsGenerally speaking the industry is confused what certification are out there and what they are forToo many options and are overwhelmedAngry that the certification didn’t meet the expectationResolutionHave a different mental frame on how to think about certifications
  • Competency Based Certifications – These certifications are focused at evaluating your experience to validate that you are indeed an architect. Much like many other certifications in the industry (e.g., PMP). These are much different to others that determine what you know instead of how you applied the knowledge.Industry / Specialized Certifications – Driven from a predetermined set of concerns such as the federal government or a specific industry is where these derive from. While these certifications are critical in that vertical, often times they do not transfer well across verticals given the difference in drivers and motivations of these very specific bodies of knowledge.Foundational Certifications – Provides the essential skills for EA’s. These certifications are different from the other two in the respect that they validate that you’re an architect while foundational certifications validate that you know a specific methods, models and/or tools. These certifications are essential to EA’s as they populate the EA’s toolbox. For example, without an overall enterprise architecture framework how would we be truly effective as EA’s?Applied – Divided into two primary areas, Academic and Vendor Tailored they either support a certification or provide a certification highly tailored. These are in a supporting function to Competency Based Certifications.Supporting Certifications and Learning's – These certifications make a well rounded enterprise architect. These are often referred to or leveraged in the day in the life of an EA.
  • Enterprise Architecture Certifications Distilled

    1. 1. Enterprise Architecture CertificationsMike Walker, mikewalk@microsoft.comOpen Group Webcast - Enterprise ArchitectureCertifications DistilledMay 2, 2012
    2. 2. Presentation form…
    3. 3. The Inspiration… architecture
    4. 4. The Inspiration
    5. 5. The Inspiration…Modern, international transportation signs &
    6. 6. About MePractitionerActively engaged with customersStrategic engagementsInvolvedArchitecture communityStandardsCertifiedOpen CA Distinguished Chief Architect
    7. 7. Agenda
    8. 8. CertificationOverview & Benefits
    9. 9. Overviewskills & competencies focusedcertification landscapeOpen Group & IASA
    10. 10. What does the Industry Say? * http://www.linkedin.com/groups/What-is-best-EA-method-36781.S.96493286 ** http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/contract.aspx?page=1&sortby=0&orderby=0&q=togaf&id=0&lid=2618 *** The Open Group **** Gartner 2012
    11. 11. EA Certifications
    12. 12. Industry Confusion
    13. 13. There must be abetter way.
    14. 14. Creating the mental frame
    15. 15. Architecture Certification Landscape
    16. 16. Architecture Certification LandscapeThese certifications are Driven from a Provides the essential Specialized based on afocused on validating predetermined set of supporting skills for set of drivers from theyour experience. industry or business EAs to be successful. Academic or Vendor concerns (ex. federal community. government)
    17. 17. Enterprise Architect Certification Reference Guide Competency Based Certifications Supporting Open CA Academic Institutions Penn State Industry / Specialized Certifications RMIT FEAF DODAF Kent State TEAF MODAF Applied & Tailored Foundational Certifications Accenture Zachman TOGAF IBM SEI Architecture & Trade Off Analysis ArchiMate Oracle IASA Foundation CITS CISCO Related Leanings MBA Risk Management ITIL Solution Architecture PMO Agile / SDLC
    18. 18. Outcomes drive each pathOutcome Outcome Outcome OutcomeValidate your Learn & be credible in Tune your architecture Providing generalize orarchitecture skills an industry skills supplemental learning through academia or vendors
    19. 19. Competency Based Certifications Overview The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) program is an independent global certification program for qualifying the skills, knowledge and experience of IT, Business and Enterprise Architects. Accepted and applicable worldwide, Open CA boasts more than 3,300 certified professionals from 160 companies in more than 60 countries worldwide. The program requires applicants to demonstrate skills and experience against a set of conformance requirements through written applications and peer interviews. There are no training courses to attend, and no written exams to complete. • Open CA Site • The Open Group Certified Architect Program Distilled • Experiences taking the Open CA Level 3 certification • Conformance Requirements (Multi- Level) • Sample Certification Packages • Sample Certification Agreement Level 2 • How you can become Open CA certified and how your organization Level 1 can become Open CA accredited
    20. 20. Open GroupCertifications
    21. 21. OverviewBroad Coverageacross competency and skillsFit-for-Purposefor the needs of an architectEcosystemsupporting certifications Open CA CITS TOGAF ArchiMate
    22. 22. Open CA Open CA CITS TOGAF ArchiMateThree LevelsCertified, Master & Distinguished Level 3Evaluatedby your industry peersRigorous Level 2& fair process Level 1More information: http://www.mikethearchitect.com/2011/08/the-open-group-certified-architect-open-ca-program-distilled.html
    23. 23. Open CA CITS TOGAF ArchiMate
    24. 24. Call to Action
    25. 25. Call to ActionAsk & Learnabout certificationsMentorand be a mentorCertifyyourself on the best path for you
    26. 26. Resources Open Group certification site: http://www3.opengroup.org/certifications Open CA certification site: http://www.opengroup.org/openca/cert/ TOGAF certification site: http://www.opengroup.org/togaf9/cert/ General Certification analysis, review and news: http://www.mikethearchitect.com/certification/ Enterprise Architecture Certifications Distilled: http://bit.ly/tmSVdF Open CA Program Distilled: http://bit.ly/nrKlp8
    27. 27. Thank You!Mike Walker, mikewalk@microsoft.comwww.MikeTheArchitect.com