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What is the right reference manager for you?


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A list of requirements for reference managers for scholarly publications.

Published in: Education, Business
  • Found this really useful summary of requirements for ref mgt.
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What is the right reference manager for you?

  1. 1. What is the right reference manager for you? Martin Fenner
  2. 2. Reference managers essential for reading and writing scholarly
  3. 3. But which one?
  4. 4. features to look for when evaluating a reference manager
  5. 5. Search search online bibliographic databases
  6. 6. Direct search Search from reference Database Bookmarklet Import PubMed databases RIS Google Scholar journal pages Endnote Web of Science other web pages BibTex Scopus Direct import from web page
  7. 7. Share share references between different computers and/ or users
  8. 8. Share essential to write paper as WWW Sync Share full online version of with online version private groups reference manager? between computers public groups Is there an API? PDF files for intergration with other
  9. 9. Store store scholarly references on your computer
  10. 10. Store Platform Format Organisation Windows journal articles in groups Linux book chapters by date Macintosh meeting abstracts by author iPhone blog posts, etc. by keyword
  11. 11. Read import, read and search fulltext PDF files of references
  12. 12. should be automated to allow import of many PDF files Read Import Search Read extract metadata fulltext search integrated viewer match with online of all references annotation database follow discussion Link to citing papers, Researchbloggin,
  13. 13. Write insert citations into manuscript and create bibliography
  14. 14. Write Platform Architecture Citation style Windows plugin or copy/paste? available styles Linux document shareable? user-editable? Macintosh Do coauthors have to use the same reference
  15. 15. Use use regularly to read and write scholarly papers
  16. 16. most important: Use which reference manager do your Cost User interface Support free to use easy to learn and use handbook / help pages personal license fast routine tasks support forums institutional license pleasant user direct customer support experience bug fixes and updates
  17. 17. Questions you should ask after your evaluation Is there one best reference manager for everybody? Is there one best reference manager for your particular requirements? Do you need more than one reference manager to satisfy all your