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Convert More Customers with Video + Social


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To keep customers coming back for more, you need to provide a variety of engaging content through your blog, social channels, press releases and more. View Jeff Barrett's "Convert More Customers With Video + Social" webinar presented by Cision and Social Fresh Conference.

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Convert More Customers with Video + Social

  1. 1. / #cisionwebinar Convert More Customers with VIDEO + SOCIAL
  2. 2. /2 JASON KEATH Social Fresh Conference @jasonkeath ● Keynote speaker, marketing consultant ● CEO and Founder of Social Fresh Conference ● Longest running social marketing conference ● Next conference is Aug. 18-21 in Orlando ● Speakers include: Spotify, Red Cross, Economist, Weather Channel, Alaska Air, Twitter, HubSpot, Citrix, and more. >>
  3. 3. /3 JEFF BARRETT Status Creative @Barrettall ● CEO of Status Creative - a PR firm that specializes in leveraging new media and organic content. ● Shorty Award Winner (Best Business Blogger, 2015) ● Business Insider's #1 Ad Executive ● Forbes' Top 50 in Social Media and dances like Drake
  4. 4. /4 SOCIAL TRENDS in 2016 THE COMMON THEME IS VIDEO ● Periscope ● Blab ● Snapchat ● Facebook video ● Video ads on FB, Twitter, Instagram Consumers and marketers are more interested in non-TV video more than ever. This is a medium that is more emotional and helps build trust.
  5. 5. /5 WHY VIDEO? WHY NOW? 1. BANDWIDTH The infrastructure is strong enough to support easy viewing of video content: live, streaming, autoplay 2. MOBILE The mobile device is now the #1 computer. It allows easier creation and consumption of video than ever before. Software and hardware. 3. CONTENT SATURATION Video allows marketers to stand out in a new digital world where consumers are clicking less and more skeptical than ever.
  6. 6. /6 TRUST CONTENT n. Media that allows you to spend more time and more meaningful moments with an audience.
  7. 7. /7 If you’re not using video first You’re last
  8. 8. /8 Seven Steps To Creating Great Content
  9. 9. /9 SEVEN STEPS ENGAGEMENT 1. Don’t stress about quality 2. Understand what motivates audience to share 3. Create consistency, get viewers in a routine NETWORK 1. Build base of influencers to share your content at any time 2. Create a motivation for them to share content TIMING 1. No six-week lead time. Capitalize on conversation of the moment 2. Create content in advance with specific emotion
  10. 10. /10 How CyreneQ makes $10,000 per Snapchat Story And why it’s worth every penny
  11. 11. /11 Creating Content People Want to Share
  12. 12. /12 3 STEPS FOR SHAREABLE CONTENT WHAT DOES THE MEDIA WANT TO SHARE? You’re going to need conventional media, understand what their motivation is, talk to editors and producers. DON’T TRY TO CREATE A MOMENT Don’t swim upstream. Create content that rides the wave of a trending conversation. WHY CONSUMERS WANT TO SHARE? If you know what motivates your audience, you’ll know how to inspire your audience.
  13. 13. /13 Oh...Snap. Live from The White House
  14. 14. /14 You need influencers Influencers don’t need you
  15. 15. /15 DOs AND DON’Ts DO PROVIDE VALUE This can be social capital, exposure, monetary incentives or unique access to brand. DON’T ASSUME THEY WILL DO ANYTHING FOR FREE OR PAY TO GO SOMEWHERE Don’t make the mistake that a party invite is enough. If an influencer has to pay to go somewhere they will probably pass. DO FOCUS ON MID-TIER INFLUENCERS Tyler Oakley is the best! Not every campaign needs him. Find the 50K Instagrammer or Snapchatter that perfectly fits your demographic.
  16. 16. /16 Creating value So influencers will share your content
  17. 17. /17 1. SOCIAL CAPITAL - Raise their profile 2. TRAVEL - Take them somewhere cool for free 3. ACCESS - Very unique access to brand or celebrity 4. CAREER - Boost their career profile 5. MONEY - Pay them cash money 6. KEEP BUILDING - Chances are you won't need to work with an influencer all the time, every time. Stay in touch, provide value even when not working, keep the relationship moving. They will have other suitors. Remember that. 7. MAKE IT FIT - Influencers are careful what they share to their audience. Let them own how they create content so it fits their brand. Organic content can create up to 73% purchase intent when done effectively with a network. HOW TO MOTIVATE INFLUENCERS
  18. 18. /18 It’s all about………… TIMING
  19. 19. /19 MEASURING VIDEO SUCCESS 1. PROCESS How much of your video makes it to market? How long does it take you to produce video? Is there a major bottleneck you can solve? 2. ENGAGEMENT Views, followers and engagement. Adjust to your goals and platforms. On Blab you might want to measure total tweets/total viewers. On Snapchat, asking for screenshots is a great engagement metric. 3. CONVERSION Always decide on a conversion point. Weather it is sharing your video, qualified email leads, or hard sales numbers. Use unique hashtags, tracking links, and coupon codes.
  20. 20. /20 CISION About Cision Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today’s communications, social media and content marketing professionals. By offering the industry’s most comprehensive PR and social software, rich analytics and a Global Insights team, Cision enables clients to improve their marketing and strengthen data-driven decision making. @Cision
  21. 21. /21 SOCIAL FRESH CONFERENCE About Social Fresh Social Fresh is where social marketers go to get inspired. As the longest running social marketing conference, Social Fresh brings together the industry’s top thought leaders and practitioners. Their annual conference spotlights the current best practices in social and gives guidance on the future of the industry, all in a single track focused on actionable results. Social Fresh hosts the weekly podcast series, the Social Toolkit, and publishes the daily social marketing industry newsletter, @socialfresh
  22. 22. /22 JEFF BARRETT About Jeff Barrett Jeff Barrett is a Shorty Award Winner (Best Business Blogger, 2015), Business Insider's #1 Ad Executive, Forbes' Top 50 in Social Media and dances like Drake. He is the CEO of Status Creative - a PR firm that specializes in leveraging new media and organic content. @Barrettall
  23. 23. / #cisionwebinar Q&A