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Should You Go for Smartphones at School?


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Presentation at Ed-Media + Innovate Learning Conference, Amsterdam, June 2018

Published in: Education
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Should You Go for Smartphones at School?

  1. 1. Should You Go for Smartphones at School? Martin Ebner Walther Nagler Maria Grandl Maria Haas Martin Schön
  2. 2. General Research Questions: Which trends can be seen towards: •  Ownership of technological devices •  Communication behavior •  Usage of e-learning platforms (secondary school level) •  Usage of online applications for learning and private purposes
  3. 3. Study over 11 years (n=8667): Term 2007/2008 n=578 Term 2008/2009 n=821 Term 2009/2010 n=757 Term 2010/2011 n=702 Term 2011/2012 n=632 Term 2012/2013 n=715 Term 2013/2014 n=789 Term 2014/2015 n=968 Term 2015/2016 n=889 Term 2016/2017 n=944 Term 2017/2018 n=872
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  10. 10. Special Focus On: IT-Competences at Secondary School Level
  11. 11. Does an “IT-friendly” environment and computer science lessons at secondary school level: • promotes IT and coding skills? • has effects on the use of social media applications? Should computer science lessons at secondary school level be expanded? How the Use of Modern Media in Class Influences IT-Competences
  12. 12. In Austria all computer science lessons are obligatory covered by 2 hours per week at the 9th grade only Students describing lessons learned •  boring •  too short •  touch typing •  Microsoft Status quo in Austria
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  16. 16. Discussion and Conclusion •  statistical connection between IT-promoting activities at schools and later IT skills is given •  no connection between a proper computer science education and an increase of social media usage Schools that are principally open minded towards the usage of IT and smartphones, that provide a good infrastructure, and that especially have coding skills integrated in their lessons, constantly help raising and strengthening IT competence of their students.
  17. 17. Graz University of Technology Martin Ebner Educational Technology