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This week in mcfp january 14 2011 (1) (2)

  1. 1. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 ___________________________________________________________ Today is the anniversary of the official end of the Revolutionary War, the 227thanniversary of our nation as sovereign power. On January 14, 1784, the Continental Congress met atAnnapolis, Maryland, and ratified the Treaty of Paris. That act fulfilled the Declaration of Independenceand established the United States. As we look back in the more recent past, we are reminded of thebrave men and women who 20 years ago were challenged to wage the “mother of all battles.” The airwar and Operation Desert Storm began at 2:38 a.m. local time, January 17, 1991. We remember theirservice and their sacrifice.Have a good week and take care.Your MC&FP TeamPlease note: Some hyperlinks in this text are lengthy, sometimes extending more than one line. For best results,cut and past the entire link into your Web browser.From DoDEA DoDEA Students, Staff to “Remember, Celebrate, Act” On January 17, 2011, America will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr., federal holiday. This is a perfect milestone to honor Dr. Kings legacy through service, even if you have never done so in the past. The MLK Day of Service is recognized every third Monday in January and is the only federal holiday that is recognized as a national day of service – "a day on, not a day off." Visit the “DoDEA Celebrates” tribute to Dr. King at: Institute Calls for „National Teacher of the Year‟ Nominees DoDEA has an ongoing relationship with the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History in recognizing a DoDEA teacher who demonstrates excellence in teaching American History. This year, Gilder-Lehrman offers the opportunity for a DoDEA elementary school teacher to win a cash award of $1,000 and a classroom archive of materials as well as the potential to win the National Teacher of the Year Award recognition and a $10,000 award. Middle and high school teachers are awarded on alternate years. Teachers nominated perform on an exemplary level teaching social studies where there is a major focus on American history (including state and local history). For more in depth information on the award and the organization, see: Providing policy, tools, and resources to further enhance the quality of life of service members and their families.
  2. 2. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 Is there a magic answer to the challenges facing American Education today? Mr. Charles Adams, one of many “stars” from the thought provoking film, Waiting for Superman, and Head of School for the Seed School in Washington, D.C. shares his views in The Chat Room. See the Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth Military OneSource January Webinars Offer Tips on Healthy Habits, Finances The following Webinars are scheduled for the rest of the month: - New Years Strategies for Success on Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. (EST) In this seminar, a health coach from the Healthy Habits Health Coaching program will share helpful tips and information about setting goals, overcoming potential barriers to success, using available resources and applying these strategies. - Dealing with Debt on Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. (EST) In this Webinar, the Federal Trade Commission helps you learn how to build a better budget, deal with debt and know your rights when it comes to debt collection. - Couples and Money on Jan. 20 at 10 a.m. and Jan. 24 at 7 p.m.(EST) You‟ll have the opportunity to assess how you and your partner handle money issues, explore your financial values, identify money “hot spots” and learn tips for avoiding money conflicts. - Developing Responsibility and Independence: Skills You Can Teach Children on Jan. 28 at 11 a.m. and Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. (EST) This session offers parents strategies for teaching their children to be dependable and accountable for their actions. Participants will be able to define responsibility and independence, identify areas of responsibility, strategize techniques for removing the barriers to responsible behavior and increase their confidence in their ability to raise responsible and independent children. See for more information or call Military OneSource at (800) 342-9647. “Forging the Partnership” Conference Planning Continues Planning continues for the upcoming interagency family resilience conference. Have you marked your calendars and plan to join us at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, April 27- 29, 2011? The conference will offer more than 200 presentations including: keynotes, research presentations, workshops, interacts and computer workshops. Topic areas will address early childhood, school-age, teens, parent/family, health, and community capacity building. In addition, the conference will include more than 80 program showcases and more than 40 research posters. Plans are under way for a town hall meeting with the Services‟ senior enlisted advisors and a religious ministry town hall meeting on resilience.Page 2
  3. 3. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011From the Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs Easter Seals of Greater Washington-Baltimore Region Meets with Special Needs Leaders Dr. Maria Barkmeier, Isabel Hodge and Rebecca Lombardi met with representatives from the Easter Seals of Greater Washington-Baltimore Region, on January 7, 2011. The Easter Seals delivers a variety of services to individuals with disabilities through their 550 centers nationwide. Defense Department staff learned about key service areas, in particular, beneficial services available to military families with special needs, such as respite care, early education and child development programs. The staff also received a tour of the Easter Seals Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Inter-Generational Center.From the Family Advocacy Program Office Federal Interagency Group on Child Abuse and Neglect Meets David Lloyd, Director of OSD Family Advocacy Program, attended the quarterly meeting of the federal interagency working group on child abuse and neglect. DoD is participating in two of the initiatives discussed: the federal anti-bullying campaign and home visiting-based prevention of child abuse and neglect.From the Office of Morale, Welfare and Recreation DoD Designates New Leadership at the Armed Forces Retirement Home The Office of Military Community and Family Policy announced today the designation of Steve McManus as the acting chief operating officer of the Armed Forces Retirement Home, effective January 16th. McManus replaces Tim Cox, who resigned to take a position in the private sector; his resignation is effective Jan. 15th. See the Office of Communication Safe Sleep Communications Campaign Begins One of the most important decisions a new parent makes is where and how he or she places a baby to sleep. To help parents gain an understanding of one of the most significant challenges to raising a child, Military Family and Community Policy launched an information campaign this week called "Putting Baby Safely to Sleep." The objective of this campaign is to promote awareness of the features of safe sleep environments for infants among expectant and new parents. This ultimate goal is the reducing the number of preventable child deaths related to unsafe sleep practices and environments. Military Family and Community Policy will host a variety of information events and outreach efforts between now and April, including conferences, webinars, blogs, podcasts, audio/video productions, product development, etc. A library of professionally-vetted resources on safe sleep can be found on Military OneSource, and more information will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and distributed through a variety of military radio, TV, print and Internet channels.Page 3
  4. 4. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011From Resale Joseph Jeu Selected as Next DeCA Director Joseph H. Jeu, a member of the Senior Executive Service, has been selected as the new director and CEO of the Defense Commissary Agency. His appointment was effective Jan. 3. Jeu comes to DeCA from the U.S. General Services Administration, where he was the assistant commissioner for general supplies and services for the Federal Acquisition Service. As DeCA director, Jeu succeeds Philip E. Sakowitz Jr., who retired in June 2010. In the interim, Thomas E. Milks, the agencys chief operating officer, served as its acting director. See AAFES Advises “Resolve to help Troops Stay Connected, Supplied in the New Year” Any American can give the gift of connection now and throughout the New Year to troops far from home with „All Service‟ phone and gift cards. Both cards are available through the online catalog . Individual cards range from $10 to $500. Individuals and organizations can purchase up to 100 cards with just a click of the mouse or quick phone call. Interested in sending a gift or calling cards? Call the Exchange at (800) 527-2345 or visit Commissary On-Site Sale Events. There are no on-site sales scheduled for the month of January at Guard and Reserve locations. For more information, visit the News From the American Forces Press Service – DoD Teachers Take on Mission in Afghanistan Judy Ryan has taught English as a second language in five countries over the past 15 years, but this is her first year teaching in a war zone. Ryan, a Department of Defense Education Activity teacher, is on a one-year deployment to Afghanistan to teach English to Afghans. She‟s stationed on Camp Morehead in eastern Afghanistan, surrounded by an Afghan commando training base, from which she draws many of her students. See From – Base exchange rewards those who Made the Grade Military children, especially those with deployed parents, face unique stresses that often result in higher rates of school absenteeism and failure, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Keeping these unique challenges in mind, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service established an exclusive educational rewards program that continues to receive high marks from students and parents alike. Now in its tenth year, the "You Made the Grade" program recognizes students who achieve a "B" average or better with a benefits-filled booklet. Offers include a free Burger King kids meal, Subway 6-inch combo, video rental and $2 off any new release DVD at the Power Zone, and others. Students who make the grade can also register for a drawing to win a savings bond worth up to $5,000 by filling out and mailing an included entry form. See 4
  5. 5. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 From – Text4baby: It’s for you, Mom! Women who sign up for the service by texting BABY (or BEBE in Spanish) to the number 511411 receive free text messages each week that are timed to their due date or their baby‟s date of birth. Text messages give moms important reminders about doctor‟s appointments and vaccines; share tips on nutrition, sleep, and other... important topics; and provide referrals to prenatal and infant services. See’s-for-you-mom/ From the American Forces Press Service – ‘Medical Home’ Concept Improves Care, Controls Costs Wouldn‟t it be fantastic to get the old-fashioned kind of health care, in which the doctor knew you and your family and kept track of your medical condition, but with the additional convenience and access to health care information that modern technology provides? That‟s exactly what the TRICARE health insurance program is striving to provide as it rolls out the new patient-centered “medical home” concept to an increasing number of its beneficiaries, Navy Rear Adm. (Dr.) Christine S. Hunter, the top TRICARE officer, told American Forces Press Service. Civilian medicine has embraced the medical home concept, which introduces a team approach to health care and establishes a consistent, long-term relationship between patients and a provider team, Hunter explained. See From the Family Matters blog – Groups Turn Day Off Into Day of Service For more than 15 years, MLK Day has been recognized as a day of service, an opportunity for communities and individuals to give back. Each year on this day, thousands of nonprofit service groups lead community projects, pitching in to help with everything from serving meals to beautifying schools. Many others choose to honor this day by giving back to military members and veterans and their families. The Family Matters blog highlights a few of the groups mobilizing Jan. 17 in support of the military. See of the Week Nutrition Tip of the Week -– Trying to lose a few pounds? Want some help learning how to do it wisely? Check out to start losing weight today. Information on making healthy and nutritious food choices – check out the Commissary‟s Web site at Parenting Tip of the Week – Improve your child’s STEM education This month, President Obama signed the America COMPETES Act, which authorizes various programs to strengthen research and education in the United States related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Whether available at your childs school, your nearest installation, or through extracurricular activities, take advantage of opportunities to enhance your childs STEM education. You can also help your children develop an interest in STEM subjects at home; the Department of Education has created guides with fun activities for you and your children. Visit for more information. Let‟s Move/Childhood Obesity Tip of the Week – Eating on the Go Its actually easier than you think to make good choices at a fast-food restaurant, the mall, or even the school cafeteria. Most cafeterias and fast-food places offer healthy choices that are also tasty, likePage 5
  6. 6. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 grilled chicken or salads. Be mindful of portion sizes and high fat add-ons, like dressings, sauces or cheese. Pointers that can help you make wise choices when eating out: Go for balance – Choose meals that contain a balance of lean proteins (like fish, chicken, or beans if youre a vegetarian), fruits and vegetables (fries and potato chips dont qualify as veggies!), and whole-grains (like whole wheat bread and brown rice). Thats why a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato is a better choice than a cheeseburger on a white bun. Watch portion sizes – The portion sizes of American foods have increased over the past few decades so that we are now eating way more than we need. The average size of a hamburger in the 1950s was just 1.5 ounces, compared with todays hamburgers, which weigh in at 8 ounces or more. Drink water or low-fat milk – Regular sodas, juices, and energy drinks usually contain "empty" calories that you dont need – not to mention other stuff, like caffeine. Teens Health Info – Financial Tip of the Week – Cutting Costs at the Grocery Store Looking for some ways to cut your family‟s food expenses? Here a few tips to extend your family‟s food budget and put some extra cash in your wallet. First, make and use a grocery list – People tend to buy less when they know exactly what they need and what they are planning to buy. Second, check your garbage – If you find yourself throwing a lot of food away each week because it has gone bad, you need to adjust your habits. Have a leftover night once a week to clean out those items that would otherwise go bad. Do not be afraid to clip coupons – they may only offer 50 cents here or 75 cents there, but can up fast when you are buying a good portion of your items with coupons. Opt for the store brands – Outside of a few items of personal preference, there is often little to no difference between the name brand and store brand box of cake mix, canned vegetables, or bread. More info: University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Military OneSource Tip of the Week – Quick Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft Identity theft can cost you money and ruin your credit. When someone steals your identity, they may be able to access your accounts, apply for loans under your name, and apply for and use credit cards under your name. Here are some steps you can take to help you protect your personal information:Page 6
  7. 7. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 Review your credit report every year – All Americans are eligible for a free credit report once a year from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Order yours online at or by calling (877) 322-8228. If you live overseas, you can order your credit report by mail. Download the request form at Never leave a purse or wallet in the car – Also keep your wallet or purse in a safe place at work, such as a locked drawer. Dont carry more credit cards than you absolutely need – Keep cards you rarely use locked up in a safe place at home. Dont carry your Social Security number or birth certificate with you – Keep these documents in a safe place until you actually need them. A safe deposit box or a locked safe in your home is a good place for these important documents. Guard your mail from theft – Put outgoing mail, such as credit card payments, in a post office collection box. Be careful about giving personal information over the phone – Even if the caller claims to represent a legitimate financial institution, ask if you can call them back to make sure they are who they say they are. Dont take a number from the caller. Instead, look up and call the number of the financial institution the caller claims to represent. Protect your personal information on the Internet – Shop only on sites that use secure technology, which prevents unauthorized parties from seeing your purchase information. Properly store or dispose of canceled checks, bank or credit card statements, and other documents with your personal information. Shred them or rip them up if youre throwing them out. Store them in a safe place if youre keeping them. Passwords – Make sure that your credit card, bank, and phone accounts are protected by passwords that cant be guessed easily. Avoid using information that is easily available, such as your date of birth, phone number, or your mothers maiden name. Contact Info –Keep a list of account and contact information for all of your credit cards, bank accounts, and investment accounts in a secure place. This will allow you to contact creditors or financial institutions quickly in the case of fraud. Your Family Center can give you information and support on many issues that affect service members and their families. And Military OneSource, a free 24/7 service from DoD, available to all active-duty, Guard, and Reserve members and their families, provides information and referrals plus face-to-face counseling. Call (800) 342-9647 or access 7
  8. 8. This Week in MC&FP January 14, 2011 Spouse Tip of the Week –Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Contrary to popular belief, this is a question you may need to ask yourself at several different ages and stages of life: before you get out of school, before you get married, after you have children, and before you retire. It‟s not an easy question to answer. Why? In a mobile military lifestyle, it‟s a question that is confounded by multiple moves, including moving to communities that don‟t have the type of employment opportunities you have been used to. And it‟s a question that continually challenges the direction you took in earlier stages of your life, before community service work, before you got that wonderful mentor who opened doors and taught you how to network, and before you got more education, training and work experience. Wherever you are in the “Work A Day World” pipeline, Military OneSource Career and Education Counselors are here to help. By calling (800) 342-9647, you can request no-cost career counseling services, career and education information and resources that will help you with: Career Exploration Interest Inventories and Skill Assessments Choosing a School and Program of Study MyCAA Financial Assistance for Education and Training Additional Sources of Financial Assistance for Education and Training Licenses and Credentials for Portable Careers Job Market and Salary Information Job Search, Resume, Job Application and Interview Assistance Job Banks, Job Fairs and Job Portals with current Job Openings Military Friendly Employers Child Care and Transportation Options & Referrals Federal Employment If you can name it, Military OneSource can help!Celebrating Military Youth Saves Week – February 20 -27, 2011What a great New Years Resolution: Becoming Financially Fit! This year, youth with the help andsupport of their installation youth program staff and personal financial managers around the world willmake a difference in their financial future. Youth, along with their family and friends, will beencouraged to take the saver‟s pledge; save money, spend wisely, plan for college, and share what theyknow. It‟s a great way to inspire everyone, especially our youth, to improve their economic fitnessthrough healthy financial behavior. February 20-27, 2011 ####Page 8