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Force 14 issue #17


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The latest from the desk of the Reserve Force Master Chief.

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Force 14 issue #17

  1. 1. FORCE 14 – 16 August 2013 From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief: I don’t agree with every article that is written in the Navy Times, but I find myself agreeing to one particular story in the 19th August edition. On page 3 you will find in bold letters, “Transitioning to the Reserve”, it goes on to state that it has never been easier to transition to the Reserves from Active duty and back again. We are indeed one Navy and ensuring that Sailors can continue to serve has been the goal of this office for quite some time and now because of the work of our Reserve Sailors and Leaders, the transition between active and reserve component has been made much easier. If you would like more information about transitions, please look at NAVADMIN 198/13 listed below, thank you to all that have made this goal a reality! FORCM Out and about: Saturday, August 17. NOSC Nashville TN Sunday, August 18. NOSCs Cincinnati and Columbus OH Wednesday, August 28. CPO Live Chat at CNRFC Norfolk VA Our Sailors Out and about: Friday, August 23, 10:00 a.m. Two Reserves Sailors invited to attend a luncheon with the Redskins, both are assigned to Naval Air Facility Washington DC, they are: - PSSN Abel O Mboo - Selected Reservist on Active Duty for Training orders here at Naval Air Facility Washington working in our Reserve Pay Department and has been onboard for most of 2013. PSSN Mboo is in charge of reviewing 3,200 pay records to ensure they are in compliance with Commander Navy Reserve Force Command policy as well as assisting the department with scheduling drills for 3,200 reservists. -EN3 Dina A. Ibarra - Selected Reservist on Active Duty for Training orders here at Naval Air Facility Washington working in our Training Department and has been onboard since late last year. EN3 Ibarra is responsible for inputting training in the Fleet Training Management and Planning System for 3,200 reservists on a monthly basis. Training includes General Military Training, Command Indoctrination, Officer Leadership Courses, Senior Enlisted Leadership Courses and Petty Officer Select Leadership Courses. An Engineman working in an admin world; she's flawless. Save the Date The Force Master Chief, Navy Reserve Change of Office will be held at 1000 on October 18th , 2013 at the Navy Memorial (Washington, D.C.).
  2. 2. FORCE 14 – 16 August 2013 History Note. On 16 August 1863, US Navy captured blockade runner & 2 steamers. During the Civil War, USS Rhode Island, commanded by Commander Trenchard, seized the blockade running British steamer Cronstadt north of Mar of War Cay, Abaco, Bahama Islands, with a cargo of turpentine, cotton and tobacco. Also on this date, USS De Soto, commanded by Captain W. M. Walker, captured steamer Alice Vivian in the Gulf of Mexico with a cargo of cotton while USS Gertrude, commanded by Acting Master Cressy, captured steamer Warrior bound from Havana to Mobile with a cargo of coffee, cigars, and dry goods. NAVADMIN MESSAGE. Recent NAVADMINs released: NAVADMIN 195/13 – Change to Navy-Wide Advancement Examination Answer Sheet Form NAVADMIN 197/13 – Reenlistment Bonus Eligibility for Drilling Selected Reserve Personnel NAVADMIN 198/13 – Update on Continuum of Service Initiatives Remember, You Matter, Make a positive impact in someone's life today!