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This week in mcfp 08 oct 2010


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This week in mcfp 08 oct 2010

  1. 1. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 ___________________________________________________________ Monday, October 11th we’ll celebrate Columbus Day, a day set aside to commemorate the October 12, 1492, landfall of Christopher Columbus in the New World – a place we now call home. Other countries across the Americas join us in celebrating the day. And if you live in Hawaii, you are also celebrating “Discover’s Day,” in honor of all discoverers, including the Pacific and Polynesian navigators. And while we look back at an important event that took place more than five centuries ago, let’s take a moment to remember our servicemen and women, far from home and family, who keep us safe. Have a good week and take care. Your MC&FP Team Please note: Some hyperlinks in this text are lengthy, sometimes extending more than one line. For best results, cut and past the entire link into your Web browser. From the DUSD Yesterday, we said farewell to an MC&FP champion and leader, Ms. Vee Penrod. She accepted the position of acting deputy under secretary for Military Community and Family Policy at a time of great transition and provided stellar leadership and mission focus when it was needed the most. She stayed on as acting principal director to provide stability and support upon my arrival. This week on Wednesday, Oct. 6th, she began her new assignment as deputy under secretary for Military Personnel Policy. In the short period of time that she served in leadership here, her leadership style, focus and energy helped us meet our mission of taking care of our military community. We will miss her sense of purpose as much as we’ll miss her sense of humor. We’re fortunate that she won’t be far away from us and look forward to continued collaboration in the days to come. Thank you and good luck! From DoDEA DoDEA Schools Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month This effort to educate the American public about issues related to disability and employment actually began in 1945, when Congress enacted a law declaring the first week in October each year "National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week." In 1962, the word "physically" was removed to acknowledge the employment needs and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities. In 1988, Congress expanded the week to a month and changed the name to Providing policy, tools, and resources to further enhance the quality of life of service members and their families.
  2. 2. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 "National Disability Employment Awareness Month." For more information, visit September „Safe Schools Newsletter‟ Ready for Reading The current edition includes tips on back to school security, communicating with parents about security, and helping children make ethical choices online. See State Department Advisory Stark Reminder of Need for Vigilance The recent advisory issued by the State Department for Americans living and traveling in Europe is a stark reminder of the obligations to be vigilant about the ever-present danger of terrorism. Each DoDEA school has emergency plans coordinated with local commands should an event occur that puts our students, employees, or facilities at risk. The safety, security and well-being of our children and our school communities around the world are our top priority. All employees are cooperating with commanders around the world as they continually assess the security environment. District Safety and Security Officers routinely coordinate with school, bus transportation, and command officials to review anti-terrorism procedures and measures and ensure principals, school employees, students and parents are aware of emergency plans and what to do if a crisis occurs. Wiesbaden High School Student Produces Suicide Prevention PSA More than 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year. And there are 30 to 50 percent more attempted suicides than actual deaths. A student from Wiesbaden High School in Germany recently produced a Public Service Announcement on suicide titled, “Shoulder to Shoulder.” See From the Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth JC Penney Offers Military Families Reduced Prices in Portrait Studios JC Penney portrait studios are offering two discounts for military families. The first, offered through October 31st includes a free sitting, 50 percent off on all photos and two free 8 x 10 photos – one for the family and one that JC Penney will send directly to the servicemember in theater. See The second discount, through June 30, 2011, provides for a free sitting, a free 8 x 10 photo, and 50 percent off the total portrait purchase (no minimum order). See for more information. “Forging the Partnership” Conference Planners Call for Proposals Thinking about presenting at the DoD/USDA 2011 Family Resilience Conference? Proposals for workshops, computer labs, research posters, and program showcase exhibits are due Wednesday, November 3, 2010. If you haven’t done so yet, mark your calendar now to be in Chicago on April 27 - 29, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency. Page 2
  3. 3. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 The interagency conference, Forging the Partnership, will bring together professionals from DoD and USDA and will build connections, competency and the capacity of our agencies and programs. The conference will feature keynote speakers, current youth and family research presenters, interactive workshops and computer labs. For more information, see From the Office of Morale, Welfare and Recreation U.S. Armed Forces Men and Women Compete in Basketball Championships The U.S. Armed Forces Men and Women’s Basketball teams competed in the CISM Military World Basketball Championships held in Seoul, Korea, September 8-18, 2010. This was the 50th time the event has been held for the men and the first time for the women. The U.S. men’s team placed sixth out of 13 teams with South Korea taking the Gold, Lithuania the Silver, and Brazil the Bronze medal. The U.S. women’s team fared better and took home the Bronze medal in the event with YN2 Syreeta Bromfield and 1LT Monica Mason being named to the All Tournament team. The women’s Gold medal went to China and the Silver to Kazakhstan. Congratulations to all the competitors! From Resale • DECA is delivering the benefit at the following Guard and reserve locations. For more information visit – Oct 8-9 Army National Guard Scottsbluff, Neb. – Oct 8-9 Air National Guard Portland, Ore. In the News From the White House – Presidential Proclamations Child Health Day The health and well being of a child is one of our most challenging, yet important, responsibilities, and we have an obligation to ensure that all our children can live, learn, and play in safe and healthy environments. On Child Health Day, we reaffirm the critical importance of the quality health care, nutritious foods, clean air and water, and safe communities our kids need to grow into strong and active adults. See day National Disability Employment Awareness Month As Americans, we understand employment and economic security are critical to fulfilling our hopes and aspirations. We also know we are stronger when our country and economy can benefit from the skills and talents of all our citizens. No individual in our Nation should face unnecessary barriers to success, and no American with a disability should be limited in his or her Page 3
  4. 4. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 desire to work. During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we renew our focus on improving employment opportunities and career pathways that lead to good jobs and sound economic futures for people with disabilities. See office/2010/10/01/presidential-proclamation-national-disability-employment-awareness-month From the American Forces Press Service – Domestic Violence Awareness Month The Defense Department is observing National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by reminding the military community about resources and programs to help in preventing or stopping domestic violence. President Barack Obama issued a National Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamation Oct. 1, emphasizing the U.S. government’s commitment to reducing its prevalence, supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice. See From the Family Matters Blog – Domestic Abuse: Don’t Suffer in Silence “Several years ago, I interviewed a noncommissioned officer for the base paper where I was stationed. He very bravely had agreed to talk about his experiences with domestic abuse in hopes of raising awareness of the problem. He told me how his temper would flare up at his wife and how he would get physically aggressive with her. His anger would rage out of control, he told me, and it was difficult to suppress.” See From the American Forces Press Service – Efforts to End Domestic Abuse Whether a withering comment or a fist raised in anger, the Defense Department is working to put an end to all levels of domestic abuse within the military, a defense official said today. “We want [our families] to be strong and healthy, and we’re committed to helping you in every way we can to deal with the pressures and stresses of service, particularly those associated with overseas contingencies,” David Lloyd, director of the DOD’s family advocacy program, said in an interview with American Forces Press Service. See From the Family Matters Blog – Readers Urged to Protect Identities “In the fall of 2007, I was planning a trip to Disney World when I found out that I needed to be in New York for business that same week. So I canceled my Disney World reservations and made new reservations and went to New York. To keep my business expenses separate, I took a rarely used credit card with me to New York. Because I didn't use that card very often, I didn't think it was necessary to go online and check my charges. I just waited for the bill to come. That was a mistake.” See From the Fort Belvoir Eagle – Fort Belvoir community celebrates educational grant DoDEA Acting Director, Marilee Fitzgerald, spoke at Fort Belvoir Elementary School's "Operation Patriotic STEM" festivities on Saturday, October 2. The school received one of the DoDEA Educational Partnership grants aimed at enhancing student learning opportunities, student achievement, and educator professional development at military-connected public schools. The grant will support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – “STEM” – initiatives for the students. For more information, see Page 4
  5. 5. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 articles/fort_belvoir_community_celebrates_educational_grant/ Tips of the Week Nutrition Tip of the Week – Are you getting enough Vitamin C in your diet? Why do we ask? It's important for body growth, tissue repair, and wound healing. Good sources include citrus fruits and juices, kiwi fruits, strawberries, guava, papaya and cantaloupe. For more information on making healthy and nutritious food choices, check out the Commissary’s Web site at Parenting Tip of the Week – Resources for Families with Special Needs More than 100,000 military families have members with special needs. These include spouses, children, or dependent parents who require special medical or educational services. These family members have a diagnosed physical, intellectual or emotional condition. MilitaryHOMEFRONT offers several valuable resources for military families with members with special needs, including a Special Needs Parent Toolkit. For more information, visit the Exceptional Family Member Program home page at .500.570. • Let‟s Move/Childhood Obesity Tip of the Week – Remove Calorie-rich temptations Although everything can be enjoyed in moderation, reducing the calorie-rich temptations of high-fat and high-sugar, or salty snacks can also help your children develop healthy eating habits. Instead only allow your children to eat them sometimes, so that they truly will be treats! Here are examples of easy-to-prepare, low-fat and low-sugar treats that are 100 calories or less: A medium-size apple A medium-size banana 1 cup blueberries 1 cup grapes 1 cup carrots, broccoli, or bell peppers with 2 tbsp. hummus See Financial Tip of the Week – Five Major Money Mistakes to Avoid Examine your financial habits carefully, and then determine whether or not you are making any of these five major money mistakes. Spending too much. Spending too much isn't just about exceeding your income (although that is a big part of it). Spending too much also encompasses getting things that you think you can afford, but that you might not need. Focus on value, looking at what you can afford, and what will deliver what you need for the lowest cost. Live within your means, avoiding debt when possible, and keeping your debt to a minimum when you borrow. Not taking advantage of compound interest. One of the keys to building wealth effectively is taking advantage of compound interest. This means that you need to start saving early, whether Page 5
  6. 6. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 it's for an emergency fund or for retirement. Build a habit of saving -- and investing -- early, and you will have more time for compound interest to work for you, helping you toward a more financially secure future. Inadequate protection for your assets. Assess your needs (you may need a financial professional to help), and make sure your assets are adequately protected. That way, you experience less financial devastation in the event that something unexpected happens. Remember: insurance is purchased to secure replacement of lost income should something happen to your money-earning status. Neglect of estate planning issues. No one likes to think about the necessity of estate planning, especially the part that involves the will. Without a will, power of attorney, health care proxy, and other aspects of future planning, you are not in control of your finances. Disunity in money issues in marriage. One of the most important things you can do for your money is to be on the same page with your life partner. In order to be financially successful as a family unit, you need to have common money goals to work for, and be on the same page with money. Many couples have a “spender” and/or a “saver;” speak honestly to your spouse to determine which one you may be and work together to meet your common goals. Military OneSource Tip of the Week – Quick Tips for Single Servicemembers Coming home after a deployment can feel great, but it's also a time of adjustment. These tips can help: Tell your friends and relatives how you'd like to celebrate your return. If you want to keep it low-key, gently tell them that you're not ready for a large gathering yet. Avoid a tight social schedule for the first few weeks. Instead of trying to see everyone right away, give yourself time to relax and return to life at your own pace. Establish your new living situation as soon as you feel ready. If you need to find new housing after deployment, doing it soon can help you feel more settled. Expect to feel out of sorts for a while. Loneliness, fatigue, anger, and sadness are normal parts of re-adjustment. Talk about how you're feeling and encourage friends and family to do the same. People may wonder what you've gone through, but may hesitate to ask you. Be patient with yourself and with others. Remember that those who are close to you are also adjusting to having you home. Limit your use of alcohol. Overuse of alcohol can increase feelings of depression and loneliness. Watch your spending. It's tempting to celebrate your return with a shopping spree, but it's important to stay within your means. Page 6
  7. 7. This Week in MC&FP October 8, 2010 Know when to seek help. If you're feeling signs of stress, physical or emotional, it's important to seek expert help – the earlier the better. Your Family Support Center can give you information and support on many issues that affect service members and their families. And Military OneSource, a free 24/7 service from DoD, available to all active-duty, Guard, and Reserve members and their families, provides information and referrals plus face-to-face counseling. Call (800) 342-9647 or access Spouse Tip – Six Lifelong Transferable Competencies In his “Six Universal Competencies for Career Success,” Frank Leibold, Ph.D., of the National Career Development Association, says that to succeed today one must: Satisfy the changing customer's or client's needs. Your customer may be either external or internal and your output either a product or service. Most times customer satisfaction will require a process of innovation through team-oriented collaboration. Become a creative, effective and efficient problem solver using critical thinking skills to meet the customer's need in a response time that provides a sustainable competitive advantage through added comparative value and service. Have a global perspective with cultural understanding and sensitivity. It’s essential In order to perform effectively in an increasingly multicultural society. Be motivated and persistent for the right reasons; realizing that you can increase your motivation substantially to face unforeseen future challenges. The root of all effective motivation is a healthy amount of self-esteem. Manage and take responsibility for one’s own career, including multiple and varied job assignments with an international perspective, to help develop the needed competencies. A formal career plan, along with feedback from candid and trusted friends for realism, and a mentor to assist you in navigating career moves is also critical. Live a balanced and healthy life with time devoted to family and outside work activities, a skill that is now recognized as essential to life and career success. #### Page 7