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Force 14 issue #16


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This Reserve Force Weekly, Force 14 issue 16, discusses entering phase two of CPO 365.

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Force 14 issue #16

  1. 1. FORCE 14 – 2 August 2013 From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief: This is the time of year where young hard charging First Class Petty Officers find out if they will continue their journey with the Navy as Chief Select’s or if they will remain hard charging First Class’s. Regardless of the result, both groups will have challenges. For the Chief Select’s, the challenge is to complete all of the phase II training as well as a Capstone event. For the First Class’s the challenge is to complete phase II with the same determination and drive they will need in order to achieve their goal of becoming a Chief Petty Officer. The great thing that CPO 365 offers is the opportunity for both groups to succeed, here is the important thing to remember - it is all about attitude! Having the right attitude will enable you to succeed. How’s your attitude? Regardless if you make Chief or not, you are still a vital part to the success of our Navy Reserve and we need you in order to complete our mission so stay strong, stay ready and stay positive! Our Sailors Out and about: 1 Aug NOSC Portland, OR Sailors spoke at the East Portland Rotary lunch meeting in Portland, OR. 1 Aug NOSC Boise, ID SEL raised money as an advocate for the muscular dystrophy association (MDA). Goal was $3,200 in tax deductible donations. 2 Aug NOSC Buffalo, NY conducted a Young Marines day at NOSC with training and Utility Boat ride. Save the Date The Force Master Chief, Navy Reserve Change of Office will be held at 1000 on October 18th , 2013 at the Navy Memorial (Washington, D.C.). History Note. On this day in 1943, a Japanese destroyer rams an American PT (patrol torpedo) boat, No. 109, slicing it in two. The destruction is so massive other American PT boats in the area assume the crew is dead. Two crewmen were, in fact, killed, but 11 survived, including LT John F. Kennedy. Japanese aircraft had been on a PT boat hunt in the Solomon Islands, bombing the PT base at Rendova Island. It was essential to the Japanese that several of their destroyers make it to the southern tip of Kolombangara Island to get war supplies to forces there. But the torpedo capacity of the American PTs was a potential threat. Despite the base bombing at Rendova, PTs set out to intercept those Japanese destroyers. In the midst of battle, Japan's Amaqiri hit PT-109, leaving 11 crewmen floundering in the Pacific.
  2. 2. FORCE 14 – 2 August 2013 After five hours of clinging to debris from the decimated PT boat, the crew made it to a coral island. LT Kennedy decided to swim out to sea again, hoping to flag down a passing American boat. None came. LT Kennedy began to swim back to shore, but strong currents, and his chronic back condition, made his return difficult. Upon reaching the island again, he fell ill. After he recovered, the PT- 109 crew swam to a larger island, what they believed was Nauru Island, but was in fact Cross Island. They met up with two natives from the island, who agreed to take a message south. LT Kennedy carved the distress message into a coconut shell: "Nauru Is. Native knows posit. He can pilot. 11 alive need small boat." The message reached LT Arthur Evans, who was watching the Coast of Gomu Island, located next to an island occupied by the Japanese. LT Kennedy and his crew were paddled to Gomu. A PT boat then took them back to Rendova. LT Kennedy was ultimately awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, for gallantry in action. The coconut shell used to deliver his message found a place in history — and in the Oval Office. NAVADMIN MESSAGE. Recent NAVADMINs released: NAVADMIN 184/13 – FY13 Advanced Education Voucher Selection Board Results NAVADMIN 185/13 – FY14 Graduate Education Voucher Program NAVADMIN 186/13 – Selectees for Academic Year 2013-2014 Enlisted Cyber Master’s Degree Program at Naval Postgraduate School NAVADMIN 187/13 – Additional Guidance for Transition Goals, Plans and Success NAVADMIN 188/13 – Repeal of Family Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance Automatic Enrollment for Military Members Married to Military Members NAVADMIN 189/13 – Coast Guard Birthday Message NAVADMIN 190/13 – Active Duty Permanent Promotions to Grades of Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, and Chief Warrant Officers in the Line and Staff Corps NAVADMIN 191/13 – Navy Reserve Permanent Promotions to Grades of Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, and Chief Warrant Officers in the Line and Staff Corps Remember, You Matter, Make a positive impact in someone's life today!