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Force 14 issue #13


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This Reserve Force Weekly, Force 14 issue 13, provides a letter from MCPON on sexual assault.

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Force 14 issue #13

  1. 1. FORCE 14 – 24 May 2013From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief:Good Day Shipmates,This excerpt is from the MCPON, while it is addressed to our Chiefs Mess, MCPONhad asked that everyone get the word as this is an issue that affects us all. Pleaseread it, help get the word out that Sexual Assault will NOT be tolerated in our Navyor in our homes! We all have a voice and together we can work to prevent SexualAssault from occurring in our Commands and in our Navy!“Chief Petty Officers,The Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) and I, along with other senior militaryleaders, met with the President to discuss the topic of sexual assault last week. Ihave spent a great deal of time reflecting on what the President and other leadersdiscussed during the meeting and what we as Chief Petty Officers might be able todo to get to the left of this terrible issue.When we are functioning at our best, we are family. And when that bond isviolated because of something like sexual assault, we are broken. I still find ithard to understand why someone would be willing to lay down their life for theirshipmate and then turn around and violate that shipmate in such a horrible way.During my nearly 30 years of service the one thing that has always stood out tome is that whenever the Chiefs Mess makes the decision to get after something wealways make a difference. I know that many of you are already engaged in sexualassault prevention programs and training, and are committed to stamping this out.However, I believe we have an opportunity to do something together as acollective Navy-wide CPO Mess.I certainly dont have all the answers, but I am confident in your ability to leadand connect with our Sailors. Leading Sailors and influencing them to do thatwhich is good and decent is in our DNA.Im going to ask you to do something, but it will only work if everyone is onboardand willing to do this together.We talk to our Sailors daily. We are on the deckplates with each of them. At aminimum, Id like each of us to talk to one Sailor per week about sexual assaultprevention. As part of the conversation, stress how sexual harassment, assaults,and overall sexist behavior do not align with our core values. Solicit ideas aboutsexual assault prevention. I also ask that each Sailor you talk with makes acommitment to you. The commitment being that they will have a conversationabout sexual assault prevention with one of their shipmates, and so on. It is whatsome people would call paying it forward.People deeply desire to serve our country and they should be able to serve withthe dignity and respect that you and I know our Sailors share. If there areconcerns that need to be heard, give it to your CMC who will feed to theirFORCM/FLTCM and the information will get back to me.”MCPON(AW/NAC) MIKE STEVENS
  2. 2. FORCE 14 – 24 May 2013Our Sailors Out and about (May):24 May - NOSC Ventura County, CA will honor local WWII, Korea, Vietnam, andGulf War Veterans at Sunrise Assisted Living, Studio City, CA. CommandingOfficer, CAPT Ron Oswald, will be the guest speaker, supporting VeteranRecognition.24-25 May - NOSC Greenville, SC staff will participate in the Greenville Scottishgames.25 May - NOSC Kansas City, MO Honor Guard will provide Color Guard support tothe Kansas City Royals professional baseball team during their regular seasonmatch against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.25 May - NOSC Buffalo, NY will participate in Niagara Falls Memorial DayCeremony.25-27 May - NOSC Pittsburgh, PA will participate in various Memorial Day events.25-27 May - NOSC Lehigh Valley, PA participating in Memorial Day Event honoringall veterans at Bethlehem Steel Stacks.Save the DateThe annual Navy Reserve Command Master Chief/Senior Enlisted Training will beheld from October 15-18, 2013 (Washington Navy Yard, D.C.). Details to follow….The Force Master Chief, Navy Reserve Change of Office will be held at 1000 onOctober 18th, 2013 at the Navy Memorial (Washington, D.C.).Have a Safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!