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2011 05 02 this week in mc&fp may 2, 2011 (1)


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2011 05 02 this week in mc&fp may 2, 2011 (1)

  1. 1. This Week in MC&FP May 2, 2011 ___________________________________ After many months of planning, the 2011 DoD-USDA Family Resilience ConferenceForging the Partnership, is complete. We hope you were able to join the nearly 2,000 attendees viastreaming media – we saw and appreciated your tweets and Facebook comments. Thank you to all whohelped make this important conference such a success!This edition of “This Week” is an abbreviated version; we’ll see you again on Friday, May 6th.Have a good week and take care. Please note: Some hyperlinks in this text are lengthy, sometimes extending more than one line. For bestresults, cut and paste the entire link into your Web browser.From DoDEA• Three DoDEA Students Named National Merit Scholarship Finalists Three Department of Defense Education Activity students were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation The three finalists are: Cody J. Pumper, Guam High School, in Guam; Benjamin A. Bigelow, Brussels American School, in Belgium; and Maria A. Perry, SHAPE American High School, in Belgium. See• Webinar Highlights Importance of School, Family Collaboration DoDEAs Educational Partnership Chief, Kathy Facon, presented information in a Webinar hosted by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury focused on supporting military children in school settings. The Webinar addressed systemic issues and highlighted the importance of school and family collaboration in supporting children. See the Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth“Forging the Partnership” – Now a wonderful memory Thanks for participating! It’s over. The long awaited and much enjoyed DoD/USDA Family Resilience Conference is now history. Providing policy, tools, and resources to further enhance the quality of life of service members and their families.
  2. 2. This Week in MC&FP May 2, 2011 We met new people. We learned much. And we forged new partnerships. Let us know what you liked and what you didn’t. You can tweet or email at The conference planners would appreciate your feedback. Were you a presenter? Please remember to send a copy of your presentation as requested (you were provided a form with instructions at the time of your presentation). Don’t have the form? Just send an email to On approximately May 15th, the conference proceedings will be published online. Watch for conference highlights and catch those parts you missed at• Military OneSource Webinars – May Schedule Focuses on Military Spouse Employment Webinars are Web-based training sessions using teleconference audio and the Internet to deliver an interactive seminar. All posted times are listed in Eastern Daylight Savings Time. For more information, see o The Spouse Career Center: Your Success Is Our Mission Friday, May 20, 201, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time Achieving your career and educational goals when you move frequently can be a challenge. Whether youre changing jobs because of PCS or starting a new career, we can help you and your family prepare for the changes ahead. Let Military OneSource help smooth the way with information about portable work options, flexible college options, licensing, and where to find job postings. Join us for an overview of the Military OneSource Spouse Career Center services. Learn about who we serve, the assistance we can provide, and the benefits of working with a Spouse Career Center consultant as you move ahead in your education and career goals. o Business Opportunity, Employment, and Work-at-Home Scams Thursday, May 26, 2011, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time Make money in your bathrobe! Earn $100,000 a year in your spare time! Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. In this webinar, Federal Trade Commission attorney Carol Kando-Pineda shows you how to recognize scams that promise to find you a job, promise you’ll make money, but end up costing you instead. o On the Hunt: Exploring Employment Opportunities Through USA Jobs Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time As a military spouse, you often find yourself living on or near installations that employ federal civil servants. You, too, could be one and land a federally appropriated or non-appropriated job through USA Jobs, the official job site for the United States Federal Government. Using your Military Spouse Preference to get your foot in the door of Federal Civil Service Employment,Page 2
  3. 3. This Week in MC&FP May 2, 2011 you could be eligible for priority placement and/or military spouse preference. Portability is of key importance. If you work for the government, you might be able to transfer from your present position to a position at your spouses new duty station. Join as we discuss navigating and exploring your employment opportunities at USA Jobs contains listings for all available government jobs. You can submit your resume and apply online. For more information on these and other upcoming Webinars, see the Resale and NAF Policy Office• Commissary On-Site Sale Events The Guard/Reserve On-site Sales Program provides the commissary benefit to deserving Guard/Reserve members and their families who live in areas that aren’t close to an existing commissary store. These sales are not only for the Guard and Reserve – theyre for any authorized shopper. Currently, there are no on-site sales for online ordering. For more information, visit In the next few weeks, DeCA will deliver the benefit: May 6-7 Guard and Reserve Walla Walla, Wash. May 7 Guard and Reserve Green Bay, Wisc. May 13 Guard and Reserve Government Island, Alameda, Calif. May 13-14 Army National Guard Camp Roberts, Calif. May 14-15 Guard and Reserve Colchester, Vermont May 20-21 Guard and Reserve Brandon, Mississippi May 20-21 Utah National Guard Cedar City, Utah May 28 Guard and Reserve Augusta, MaineIn the News• From the American Forces Press Service – First Lady Aims to Improve Military Families Lives First Lady Michelle Obama stood tall behind a podium in the White House’s East Room, her husband close at hand, as she addressed a packed audience of high-ranking military and government officials. Although it was a high-powered crowd, the first lady wasn’t there for the officials or for the star-studded brass. She was there to speak for military families. See• From the American Forces Press Service – Parents Help Children Prepare for Deployment When Erin Hirvela was 2, her parents, Air Force Master Sgts. Gus and Danielle Hirvela, enlisted Sesame Street’s Elmo to help their daughter understand why her daddy was going away for a while. For service members and their families, preparing for an upcoming deployment is another of the many challenges unique to military life. “When parents are having a conversation about their deployment with their child, they should be as genuine as they can, but filter their communicationPage 3
  4. 4. This Week in MC&FP May 2, 2011 to the degree that’s appropriate for the age of their child,” said Kristy Hagar, a child psychologist who has been working with children, adolescents, and young adults for 18 years. See• From the American Forces Press Service – DoD, USDA Announce Family Support Partnership The Defense and Agriculture departments formally recognized a 25-year working relationship yesterday as well as a budding partnership aimed at improving military families’ lives. Robert L. Gordon III, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and policy, and Cathie E. Woteki, USDA’s chief scientist and undersecretary for research, education and economics, signed a proclamation in recognition of the DOD and USDA Extension-Military Partnership during the opening session of their joint 2011 Family Resilience Conference here. See• From the USDA – USDA, DoD Officially Launch Military Extension Partnership The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) officially launched the USDA/DoD Military Extension Partnership today to support military service members and their families in their communities. A proclamation announcing the partnership was signed today at the 2011 USDA/DoD Family Resilience Conference in Chicago, Ill. See• From the American Forces Press Service – Enlisted Leaders Focus on Families Building resilience in families and ensuring they have access to effective support programs are just a few of the steps the services are taking to ensure a high quality of life for troops and their families, the services’ senior enlisted leaders said during a town hall meeting here yesterday. “At the end of the day, we as a nation don’t do well promoting resiliency … that ability to bounce back,” Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III said. “If we can instill [resilience] in our soldiers and in families … we believe we’re going to have a stronger force, and we need a stronger force to get through these challenges.” See• From the American Forces Press Service – Gordon Cites Need for Expanded Family Support The Defense Department is working to expand and integrate its network of military and civilian helping professionals to ensure military families receive the support and care they need for years to come, the DOD official who oversees family programs said here today. “History has shown that by combining our resources, we can meet any challenge, in any circumstance. … It’s our greatest strength,” Robert L. Gordon III, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy, said. See• From the Family Matters Blog – Top Enlisted Leaders Talk Family Issues The top enlisted leaders from each service led a packed town hall meeting yesterday to discuss their family-focused programs and to field questions from family support professionals attending the 2011 Family Resilience Conference in Chicago. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Rick D. West, Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Carlton W. Kent, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Roy and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Michael P. Leavitt talked about thePage 4
  5. 5. This Week in MC&FP May 2, 2011 importance of leadership in family support efforts and the need for easy-to-access and effective family programs. Their wives also attended the meeting, with the exception of West’s wife …. See• From the Family Matters Blog – Blogger Interviews Conference Attendees Earlier today, I asked several people attending the 2011 Family Resilience Conference to share the highlights of their conference experience so far. I spoke to servicemembers as well as civilian family support experts from the Defense and Agriculture departments. See• From the Family Matters Blog – Chaplains Discuss Spirituality, Resilience Today, I had the opportunity to talk with two military chaplains following their panel on “Connecting Spirituality and Family Resiliency” at the 2011 Family Resilience Conference in Chicago. In this video, Army Maj. Quentin Collins of the National Guard and Navy Capt. Jack Lea discuss the importance of spirituality to a person’s overall well-being and the positive impact it can have on a family’s resilience. See of the WeekThe “Tips of the Week” authors were busy supporting the Forging the Partnership conference lastweek. “Tips” will return in the next edition, Friday, May 6th. ####Page 5